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Light flashed as she tapped on an Epic Random Equipment Crate.

Then, a pair of items appeared in front of her.

Yaeger could finally see it clearly after the light had dissipated.

It was a pair of spaulders (shoulder pads)—They were painted black with looming strange patterns engraved on it.

She reached out her slender white finger and touched it, detailed information about it was instantly displayed.

Shoulder equipment: [Shadow Spaulders] (Ranger only)

Level: Epic Level 8 (upgradeable)

Attribute: Dark

Level Restriction: 27

Armor: 60

Durability: 99

20 Agility

20 Endurance

Special effect 1: The cooldown of the skill [Shadow Strike] is halved and the damage is increased by 50%.

Special effect 2: All consumption of dark attribute skills are reduced by 30%.

Special effect 3: Your stealth skills cannot be seen through normal detection skills.

Description: I don’t know where I picked up this pair of Spaulders.

I suppose I’ll just use it.

The corners of Yaeger’s eyes twitched after reading the description.

It was unquestionable that these Spaulders were the perfect equipment for a Ranger.

Yet, isn’t that description written in a half-hearted way

She shook her head and elected to stop caring about these random things.

Then, she opened her inventory panel and replaced them with her Shadow Spaulders.

Her attributes had changed immediately and her overall strength had increased again.

Although this level of improvement was not insignificant to her, it wasn’t that obvious of a change as well.

After all, based on her current abilities, it would be easy for her to completely dominate most NPCs and all players in this game.

Metaphorically speaking, even if her overall strength had increased from 100 to 101, she was still overpowered in their eyes anyway.

The only difference was that the latter would make her hurt her enemies more.

Meanwhile, when compared to the slight increase in overall strength, she was much more excited about those 3 Special Effects.

She had a lot of AOE skills but very few single-target skills.

Now, if she used [Shadow Strike] and supplemented it with various complementary effects, her lethality would be drastically increased.

However, this skill used to have quite a long cooldown.

But now, not only did its damage increase by 50%, the cooldown was also reduced by half.

With those improvements— she could use it more times within a single day, making it a much more practical skill to include in her arsenal.

Furthermore, having all consumption of dark attribute skills reduced by 30% and the enhancement of her stealth abilities were all excellent Special Effects to her.

“I won’t be afraid to engage in a direct confrontation.

Also, I will be capable of doing cheeky sneaky attacks.

These Spaulders are great.”

Yaeger nodded in satisfaction.

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When she opened the Equipment Ranking Chart, she saw [Shadow Spaulders] included on the list.

Then, she opened her inventory panel and saw an equipment lottery ticket.

“Let’s see if I can get something nice for free.” Using the lottery ticket, a roulette wheel appeared out of nowhere.

It was considerably smaller when compared to the Great Destiny Roulette and Chaos Roulette.

A large amount of Equipment Crates could be seen on it—most of which were Common and Uncommon ones.

There were also Rare and Epic ones, but they were rare and nearly impossible to attain.

1 minute after the roulette started spinning.

“Hehehe, it feels great to get free things!” It was impossible to get anything good for any average person.

However, when it came to this immensely lucky person, she could practically get an Epic Crate within the flick of an arm.

The roulette disappeared and an Epic Crate appeared in front of her.

“Another one! One is enough to make me happy.

But the more, the merrier!”

Yaeger did not wish to draw too much attention while she was inside the Novice Village, so she didn’t continue to draw the lottery.

However, there was no longer a need for her to keep a low profile after everyone knew that she possessed an Artifact.

Of course, if it weren’t for the fact that he had killed the Swift Black Dragon and gained 2 Epic Crates, she would be unwilling to use these tickets.

After all, there was no guarantee that she could actually attain the good things.

More importantly, Yaeger’s overall strength was much stronger than any players on Level 30 at this point, after attaining [Flower of the Tall Peak] and [Sunscorch].

In this place where players were generally around Level 20 to 30, there was really no difference if she had any more or less Epic equipment on her hands.

Furthermore, the equipment that she managed to draw were low-leveled, she would need to replace them with something else soon enough.

Hence, it would be nothing but a waste.

“It will truly be my time to shine when I leave Jade City.”

Jade City could no longer sustain any players that were higher than Level 30.

Thus, she would need to go to new workplaces if she wanted to level up more.

Yaeger opened the Equipment Crate with a smile on her face.

The light dissipated and she saw an object that seemed like a staff.

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“Oh no!” Yaeger could not help but facepalm after seeing the radiant red magic staff that floated in front of her.

It was definitely a disappointment for a Ranger to obtain a spellcaster’s equipment.

“Indeed, I can’t keep on relying on my luck like this.” Yaeger sighed lightly and checked the information of that equipment.

Although it wasn’t useful to her, it would definitely be useful to someone else.

It was definitely usable by the likes of Sachiel Luo—a Magician, and Yunuen Lin—a Priest.

One-handed equipment: [Staff of Tyranny] Grade: Epic Level 7

Level Restriction: 21

Attribute: none

Attack Damage: 300

Durability: 99

100 Strength

50 Endurance

1 Intelligence

1 Mentality

Special effect 1: When you perform a basic attack with the staff, its Critical Chance increases by 50%, there is also a 10% chance to stun the opponent for 2 seconds.

Special effect 2: When you perform a basic attack with the staff, there is a 35% chance to trigger [Whirlwind Staff], causing 120% AOE physical damage.

Special effect 3: When you kill an enemy with a staff, you will enter the [Tyrannical] state—all physical damage increases by 50%, Critical Chance increases by 50%, and Attack Speed increases by 100%.

Lasts 10 seconds.

Description: This is a violent magic staff produced by a psychopathic mage.

It hurts if someone gets hit by it~

After reading, all corners of Yaeger’s eyes and mouth twitched.

She shouted in her heart, ‘what the hell!

Are you sure this isn’t a staff meant for Berserkers!’

“However, this magic stuff seems to be quite compatible with Sachiel Luo and Yunuen Lin.

The former was a bloodthirsty violent Magician, while the latter was a battle healer.

Hence, this staff would be useful to both of them.

“Sachiel Luo already received a boon from Blood Queen and she’s too far away from me.

When I’m capable enough to go to her, I’m afraid she’ll be higher than Level 30 by then.

So, this magic staff with a low-level will be useless to her.

It’s better if I give it to Yunuen.

Once she assimilates the Black Dragon’s Bloodline and got to use this staff, she will definitely kill all low-leveled players and even players with higher level than her with one smack.

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It won’t be an issue for her to protect herself.

Moreover, when she gains a couple more Levels, we’ll be able to go to the maze together.”

After deliberation, Yaeger came to a decision.

That maze which has not been opened for many years might contain many unknown dangers.

It would be better for her to travel with someone else, instead of going alone.

Furthermore, Yunuen Lin was a Priest that could nullify most negative effects.

“I’ll put it on the Equipment Ranking Chart under my name, let’s see if I can get another one.”

With that said, Yaeger listed the [Staff of Tyranny] on the chart.

Yet, it was given a rank but she was not given any equipment lottery tickets in return.

“Of course, The benefits I am given aren’t unlimited.”

Yaeger smiled, she was not bothered about it.

After all, she had earned a lot of benefits after doing that several times.

In real life, inside Roc City.

Inside a luxury sedan.

Clack clack clack clack clack clack clack!

The sound of keys being tapped on the keyboard was heard repeatedly, like a torrential rain.

This was a modified vehicle that only featured a single seat on the back.

Many adjustable brackets surrounded that chair, with many laptops affixed on them.

At this moment, a petite silver-haired woman frantically typed on the keyboard like an octopus.

Mysterious lines of code slowly saturated the screen, as if they were about to come out within any moment.

“It’s done.” In less than a minute, the silver-haired woman—Vera—tapped her slender finger on the ‘Enter’ key.

Then, all the screens had changed and started broadcasting the surveillance footage around her.

On the other side, there was a young man wearing a blue suit who appeared on the rooftop of the dilapidated building.

“RERORERORERO!” He placed a few chunks of cement into his mouth and stirred it with his tongue, creating a weird noise.


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