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By now, there were only a few people in the café.

Only soft music was heard within.

The three of them did not speak.

The woman with silver hair who seemed like a young person due to her appearance and figure was named Vera Blanche.

Her nationality and age were unknown.

She was nicknamed [E-Fairy].

She looked at the phone while fetching a sandwich from the plate.

She nibbled on it like a squirrel.

She seemed adorable.

However, it was likely that nobody would feel that way if they knew that this was the twelfth sandwich that she had eaten in this place.

The middle-aged man folded his arms and stayed silent.

He was named Luca Hans, his nickname was [Gargoyle].

He was about 45 years old with a large stature and he hailed from Germany.

He wore a black vest that showed off his solid muscles and alluring body hair.

“Jin is so slow.” The young man in a blue suit—Bunke—took a sip of latte and spoke in displeasure.

“He’s quite slow.” The strong man—Luca—nodded lightly and spoke with a hoarse voice.

“I suppose he fell into a jar of kimchi.” The petite woman—Vera—finished a sandwich, took a sip of cappuccino and said.

“Hehe, I suppose.” Bunke smiled and then instantly frowned.

“The water used in this cup of coffee doesn’t seem clean, uh… After tasting, I think it is boiled water that is retrieved from the bathroom’s water faucet.

The boiling water killed most of the germs, but…”

Before he could finish his analysis, Vera had sprayed him with a mouthful of coffee.

“Shut up, Bogan!” She had been enjoying her meal but now she felt a little nauseous.

She would have disregarded it if Bunke was merely joking.

However, he could actually distinguish the elements in liquids, and sometimes he could even trace it to the source.

Bunker’s ability was [Ant].

Not just any ordinary ant—he had an extraordinary sense of smell, touch, and strength.

He had once torn a living human being in half and lifted a rhino with one hand.

His strength had already exceeded the limits of a human being.

“You are courting death!” Hearing the words—’Bogan’—Bunke’s eyes widened like crazy and his fists crackled after tightly clenching.

He was about to kill Vera on the spot.

There was a reason why he became absolutely livid.

Bunke’s family were considered to be sinners by England, they were exiled to Australia because of it.

Being called a ‘Bogan’ was a stigma that he had to bear for his entire life.

No matter how successful he would become, it was still impossible for him to remove this branding.

After all, that was the truth of the matter, it could never be changed.

A swift punch tore through the air.

Vera remained unmoved as her silver hair fluttered around from the violent winds—revealing her delicate and adorable face.

At this moment, her face was still expressionless.


Just as the casserole-sized fist was about to slam into Vera’s face, a palm stopped it.

They collided and created a muffled sound.

Bunke only felt like his fist had slammed into a thick city wall, it couldn’t deal the slightest damage.

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“Luca!” He tilted his head and stared daggers at the strong middle-aged man.

“Go outside if you want to fight, don’t bother anyone else in here.” Luca said calmly.

“You got physical at the slightest disagreement, you men are definitely barbaric.

Even apes are more elegant and docile than you people.” Vera smirked as she mocked them.

Veins popped up his forehead and his eyes became bloodshot, while his tightly clenched fists started crackling weirdly.

“I’m going to kill you!” The moment he shouted, the crisp voice of chiming bells were heard in the café.

Someone came in.

A total of three people.

“Just stop it, do you wish to be sent to a lockup and taste prison food” The person leading the group looked at Bunke and frowned.

This person was tall and he wore a black suit.

There was an effeminate face under his bangs.

It was none other than the ‘Jin’ that they previously talked about.

His full name was Jin Junmin.

A spy from Daewoo (Korea).

He was also the initiator behind this hunting operation.

Behind him, there was a strong bald man who had a skin tone that was as black as coal.

There was also another young man who seemed to be from Cathay.

Bunke slowly retracted his hands when he saw Jin Junmin and took a deep breath to settle down.

Since he came to Cathay to earn money, he had no intentions to be kicked out of the operation before it even began.

“I’ll let you off this time.

I’ll definitely kill you if it happens again!”

“A dog that bites will never bark.” Vera said indifferently.

The young man beside Jin Junmin felt a little depressed after hearing their conversation.

‘You two speak better Chinese than me!’

He was of Chinese descent.

“Steven Zhou, I see that you’re here too.” Bunke looked at the young man and spoke disdainfully.

Steven Zhou was an Australian with Chinese origins as his family had emigrated there in the 90s.

“As a descendant of the Yellow River, you would actually come and act against your kinsmen.

How interesting.” Bunke sneered before he could respond.

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Steven Zhou raised his eyebrow and spoke in displeasure, “I am an Australian, not a so-called descendent of the Yellow River.

Stop associating me with random identities that have nothing to do with me!”

“Enough, that’s enough.

We should all sit down.

We are here to make a fortune, not to fight.” Jin Junmin instantly acted as the mediator after realizing that the two of them were about to fight.

Steven Zhou slowly loosened his clenched fists while letting out a fake smile on his face.

The group of people sat down.

Jin Junmin said, “First of all, thank you all for coming.”

“Cut the crap.” Luca spoke impatiently.

“Hahaha.” Jin Junmin laughed awkwardly while grumbling in his heart.

‘This damned guy is nothing but a meathead.’

“For starters, let me introduce everyone.

This is Orpheum, the [Tank].” Jin Junmin introduced the black man beside him.

“This is Steven Zhou, nicknamed [Eightfold Fist].

As for me, although everyone knows me already, I’ll still introduce myself.

I am Jin Junmin, [Wind Fighter].”

Then, he introduced Steven Zhou and himself.

Finally, He introduced Bunke and the rest of them.

“As we all know, our prey, [Princess], is a master-ranked or A-ranked martial expert.

Her whereabouts are also hard to find.

This time around, I have invited all of you here to successfully kill [Princess] and retrieve her head.” Jin Junmin got straight to the point.

“According to reliable information, we have already determined the general whereabouts of [Princess].”

He pointed to a spot in the map of Roc City, where a large red circle could be seen.

It encompassed the dilapidated building and Rosen Hotel.

“Miss Vera, please use your hacker skills and invade Roc City’s security system and find any clues left behind by [Princess].

Then, shrink the approximate circle.

Mister Bunke, please seek out any remaining scents left behind by [Princess] in the dilapidated building.

Based on your abilities, I believe that you can definitely do it.

As for the rest, be on standby with me and we’ll wait for the good news.”

After speaking, Jin Junmin let out a sinister smile while feeling extremely pleased in his heart.

He felt like the ‘little goal’ (100 million) that he wanted was already within his grasp.

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At this time.

In the game.

Yaeger was still walking up while stepping on the scattered rocks.

She had no clue that there were people trying to take action against her in real life.


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