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Just as Yaeger spoke, that vague massive palm was already completely manifested.

This was the strongest singular attack that she could muster by shaping it into a palm.

Looking at the palm that is about to land, the Swift Black Dragon felt utterly desperate.

This terrifying attack was not something that it could endure at all! It would die! It would absolutely die! It felt unwilling, very unwilling! It felt angry, absolutely enraged!

The Swift Black Dragon suddenly raised his head and let out an extremely sharp roar.

There was an obvious hint of resentment mixed within its roar, as well as an incomprehensible message.

In the sky, Yaeger naturally could not tell what the Swift Black Dragon’s roar meant.

With a grim look in her eyes, she instantly moved her body and fell like a meteor!

Below her, the Swift Black Dragon watched as the barely materializing large palm quickly descended.

It felt like the sky was about to shatter and the resulting terrifying force of nature would completely engulf it.

“Roar!” The Swift Black Dragon desperately opened its mouth and shot a large energy ball to that palm.

Regrettably, its attack was completely dissipated by the descending impact force, before it could even touch the palm.

By now, it felt utterly hopeless while a hint of spite was seen in its eyes.

‘Since I’m dying, you will come with me as well!’

Yaeger’s palm finally fell down.

The Swift Black Dragon felt like a massive mountain had descended on its head, causing an inexplicable amount of pressure on its entire being.

A pop was heard.

The Swift Black Dragon exploded like a watermelon, as if brilliant red peach blossoms had bloomed.

The big palm did not stop in spite of that as it continued its descent.


The Swift Black Dragon’s robust body instantly splattered into pieces as it was pressed into the floor.

If someone looked down with a birds-eye view, they would discover that a large and deep terrifying palm was printed on the rock-solid floor.

Blood splattered all over the floor, making the palm print seem ominous after staining it red.

Yaeger levitated onto the floor and stood at the edges of the palm prints, taking a deep breath.

At this moment, her face was pale and her condition was not good.

It was obvious that she had overexerted her strength.

That palm attack just now was undoubtedly a strike using her full power.

“Its lethality seems to be much stronger compared to when I used it in the [Bronze Trials].

I feel like my current combat strength is a little too strong.”

Yaeger muttered as she looked at her own palm.


“Ding! You killed a Master Elite Magic Beast.

Rewards: 1 diluted [Dragon’s Bloodline], 2 Epic Random Equipment Crate, 15 [Black Dragon Scales], 10 [Sharp Barbs], 10 High-Grade Mana Recovery Potions, 1,000 gold coins.”

The system announcement was heard.

“Two Epic crates.

Sister System, you really love me after all!” Meanwhile, Yaeger pretended not to see those 1,000 gold coins.

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Fearing that the gold coins would be revoked again if she complained about it.

After all, no matter how little they were, these gold coins were still money.

“The diluted [Dragon’s Bloodline] should be worth a good amount of money.”

Aside from playing the roulette before starting the game for the first time, it was quite difficult to attain bloodline items.

Moreover, the drop rate for them is very low as well.

In her previous life, Yaeger had a low-grade bloodline until the day she died.

Hence, she had little knowledge regarding bloodlines, and she didn’t care about it either.

After all, she was poor back then.

It would be rare to see someone who was knowledgeable in various luxury items while they were also in poverty.

“Wait a minute, Yunuen’s bloodline is too inferior.

I can use this to improve hers as well.” Suddenly, Yaeger recalled the young girl who stood on that rooftop and said that she wanted to work for her.

“I’ll consider it a gift for her after her recovery.” While speaking, she smiled sweetly and seemed immensely beautiful.


At this moment, there was a tremor on the ground and a sound could be heard far away.

Yaeger looked at the source of the noise and instantly felt goosebumps and chills down the spine.

Because she could see over 100 Swift Black Dragons rushing towards her!

Upon closer inspection, she realized that these Swift Black Dragons were only one-third the size of that previous Master Elite Swift Black Dragon.

They had an average Level of 15.

“I almost got scared to death, I thought that a bunch of elite monsters were about to come over.” She chuckled lightly, she finally realized what the Swift Black Dragon’s final roar meant.

“That stupid Dragon probably thought that I will be completely drained after that palm attack.

So, he summoned these reptiles and tried to kill me with mere numbers.

Hehe, absolutely stupid.” As she spoke, she took out a High-grade Mana recovery potion, raised her head, and gulped it down.

“Since you’re all courting death, then don’t blame me for acting cruelly.”

Tossing the bottle away, Yaeger raised her delicate hands and [Berserk Thunder] appeared with a flash.

A one-sided massacre had officially begun.

In the café.

“Isn’t this sword a little ridiculous” At this time, S.K.Y.

and Wild Arrogance were checking out Yeager’s [Dragon Abyss Sword: Sunscorch].

This was the number 1 weapon in the Linhnan server, its Level alone was already higher than [Purple Sky Crossbow – Berserk Thunder].

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Looking at the attributes, it was too good to be true.

It definitely deserved the first place!

“Not just a little bit, but it’s utterly ridiculous!” S.K.Y.

corrected him.

A hint of shock and also greed could be seen in his eyes.

“[Princess] is truly terrifying!” Wild Arrogance nodded as he looked at the Equipment Ranking Chart.

Both [Sunscorch] and [Berserk Thunder] were masterpieces.

A single one of them was enough to cause a player… No, it was already enough to significantly improve an entire team.

Yet, [Princess] herself owned both of them!

Not only that, she also possessed other Epic equipment that were also included in the list.

She was an actual walking treasure trove! Furthermore, she still had an Unique crate that wasn’t opened yet.

Nowadays, [Princess] was akin to a walking golden goose.

Everyone would want a taste of it.

While the [Death of Love] Guild was the most eager bunch of people to do it.

Of course, there were other large guilds in the Linhnan server that were also just as interested as [Death of Love]—when it came to the possessions owned by [Princess].

“This sword, it seems a little interesting.” S.K.Y.

suddenly said after finishing reading the information about [Sunscorch].

“What’s wrong” Wild Arrogance looked at him and asked.

“The second Special Effect isn’t simple.” S.K.Y.

pointed out with his slender finger.

Wild Arrogance looked over.

Special Effect 2: When you trigger [Sword Intent], there is a 1% chance to trigger the cooldown of any of your skills or Special Effects.

Wild Arrogance frowned after reading it, faintly feeling that something was wrong.

Yet, he could not figure out the exact problem within that moment.

“Tell me, it could trigger the cooldown of any effects, isn’t it a little too overpowered” S.K.Y.


Hearing this, Wild Arrogance instantly came to realization and finally realized the problem.

“S.K.Y., tell me, do you think there’s a cooldown period for her sword formation”

“Probably yes.

When it comes to the skills in this game, it seems like the stronger it is, the longer its cooldown period,” S.K.Y.


“What if, and I mean what if, [Princess] triggered this Special Effect after we have grinded away her sword formation Then wouldn’t we waste five thousand cannon fodders in vain”

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“Hehe, how could that be There’s only a three percent chance to activate.

How could she activate that in a siege that might be over within the blink of an eye Do you think that she’s a Lucksack” S.K.Y.

smiled like a kid.

“That’s true.” Wild Arrogance shrugged.

Under the cliff.

“Achoo!” Who is cursing at me behind my back!” Yaeger rubbed her nose.

“Could it be that the insolent peasants are scheming against me again”

The space in front of her were saturated mountains of corpses and rivers of blood.

It was a grueling sight to see.

“Forget it, come what may, I’ll handle it.” Yaeger shook her head and decided not to bother about those things.


At this moment, the system announcement was heard again.


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