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Seeing the rain of arrows approaching him, the Elite Magic Beast instantly did an emergency brake and turned around at breakneck speeds, like a spinning top.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Countless purple energy arrows surged, making vigorous and powerful noises.

Clang clang clang clang!

However, when the rain of arrows clashed with the Elite Magic Beast that spun like a black tornado, metallic noises were heard as they were all deflected away! The energy arrows then disintegrated in mid-air as purple electricity crackled.

Seeing this, Yaeger stopped attacking and put on a solemn expression.

Her previous wave of attack did absolutely nothing to that Elite Magic Beast.

“Those scales are tough.” After speaking, that Elite Magic Beast stopped spinning, grabbed onto the ground with all 4 feet and glanced at her with its blood-red eyes.

As the purple electricity slowly dissipated, the Elite Magic Beast’s appearance was seen.

It looked like a giant black lizard.

Actually no, its head seemed like a dragon but it wasn’t one.

Its body was covered with black scales and its limbs were thick and powerful.

It had a slender body and its tail was filled with glowing red barbs.

Unlike other creatures in this place, its eyes were not degenerated.

This monster had a pair of eyes that could perfectly see in the dark, just like a predator!

The human and beast stared at each other, none of them made a move.

As Yaeger stared at it, she could see the status information about this Elite Magic Beast.

Name: Swift Black Dragon (Master Elite)

Race: Demi Dragon

Level: 20

Health: 130,000

Mana: 5,600

Attack Power: 1,345

Defense: 2,200

Special ability: [Berserk] [Knockback] [Shadow Dash]

Based on its data alone, it was definitely 2 tiers stronger than the Storm Wolf that she had killed before.

“Although it doesn’t have a high level, its stats are absolutely ludicrous.

As expected of a Magic Beast with the Dragon’s bloodline.”

In «Saint Demon World», any beings given the prefix ‘Saint’ or ‘Demon’ were definitely extraordinary existences, while anything with the prefix ‘Dragon’ meant that they were exceptionally tough.

Yaeger sighed softly and then checked out its 3 special abilities.

[Berserk]: When HP is lower than 30%, Attack Speed increases by 100%, Attack Power increases by 150%, Critical Chance increases by 50%, and Critical Damage increases by 100%.


It will last for 3 seconds and then cooldown for 5 minutes.

[Knockback]: Attacks have a chance to knock back the opponent, causing the opponent to be stunned for one second.


[Shadow Dash]: When the skill is activated, Agility increases by 100 points, Movement Speed increases by 150%, and any movement has a chance to trigger [Blade Dance]—causing 200% wind damage for a duration of 2 seconds.


It was practically a heavy tank equipped with powerful afterburners.

This was the evaluation that Yeager made after reading its information.

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Not only did it have high Defense and Attack Power, it was also an Agility-type being.

Absolutely ridiculous!

The Swift Black Dragon had no patience to engage in a staring contest with Yaeger, it Instantly pounced forward—Its sharp claws seemed like 5 dark blades as it slashed towards her body.

Before the attack could land, its sharp presence already made Yaeger feel like her body was about to be sliced apart.

Her eyes narrowed and her left foot stomped on the ground.

Rather than retreating, she actually advanced! Immediately after, she switched her crossbow into a sword.

Flames surged and red light flashed!

The giant claw and [Sunscorch] had clashed and a loud noise was instantly heard.

Then, flame surged and manifested into a flaming blade—it actually sent the Swift Black Dragon through brute force.

This was the Special Effect of [Sunscorch]—[Demonic Flameslash]—Causing 200 Fire Damage and 100 Bleeding Damage for 3 seconds.

Yaeger capitalized on the successful attack.

She discarded [Sunscorch] and [Berserk Thunder] appeared in her hands, then she used [Multi Shot].

The Swift Black Dragon instantly felt a hint of danger as it endured the pain of being burnt and bled.

Upon closer inspection, it realized that a flaming sword was launched in its direction.

Then, it instantly twisted its body in mid-air and barely avoided it.

Although it had avoided the flying sword, it couldn’t avoid the rain of arrows that followed after.

A gust of green aura appeared on top of its head as the Swift Black Dragon was struck by arrows.

It’s poisoned.

Its health points were quickly plummeting.


Suddenly, there was a strange sound in the air.

Immediately after, a storm of purple electricity instantly manifested and enveloped the Swift Black Dragon, ravaging it violently.

Within that moment, The Swift Black Dragon was enjoying the quadruple ailments of being poisoned, burned, bled, and electrified.

That’s not right, there was another one! The fire-red sword had flashed.

The [Sunscorch] that it had avoided suddenly curved around and attacked it from the back.

It pierced its scales and managed to draw blood!

At the same time, Yaeger seized the opportunity and simultaneously used [Rapid Attack], [Precision Strike], and [Multi Shot]—creating a violent explosion.

The Swift Black Dragon’s health points plummeted like crazy.

When Yaeger finished this wave of attack, it had already lost 20% of health.

Moreover, it was also losing a large amount of health points every second because it was poisoned.

Tons and tons of damage!

While the opponent was on the ground and couldn’t get up yet, Yaeger instantly gulped down a bottle of High-Grade Mana recovery potion.

Her Mana points had increased by 500 points after defeating Great Warrior [Kahardor] in the [Tower of Heroes]—Allowing her to unleash her volley of attacks at a much longer duration.

However, the time for her to recover her Mana had also increased.

Thus, it took a few seconds for her to completely recover her Mana despite drinking a High-grade potion.

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The Swift Black Dragon rolled around then instantly stared at Yaeger, displaying a humanlike emotion of solemnness.

Moreover, a sense of awe and fear could be seen in its eyes.

It was the first time that it had encountered such a strong enemy in this place.

If it was just a normal monster, it would have retreated by now.

However, it is not.

It was a noble Dragon (with a distant bloodline).

Thus, the pride that was embedded deep within its bones would not allow it to retreat!

“Roar!” With a loud roar, the power within the Swift Black Dragon had released—causing visible ripples of air that spread out in all directions like a shockwave.

Yaeger unfolded her aura, turning into 10 tentacles that were dancing happily.

It seemed like there were sparks in the air as the human and beast stared at one another.


An abnormal sound was heard.

Immediately after, they both instantly pounced.

Unleashing all their Attack Power at once, they resolved to kill their opponents on the spot!

Under the cliff, the loud noise continued.

The intense fight had lasted for quite some time.

Eventually, the human and beast finally stopped and they were both covered in injuries.

Obviously, the Swift Black Dragon had suffered more injuries than the other party.

After all, its large stature meant that it had no choice but to suffer more damages.

Yaeger was not doing well either, she felt like all her bones were about to be dislocated.

Her health bar had already dropped to 40%.

By now, the Special Effects of her Artifacts were all activated—Her Attack Speed had reached the maximum value and her Critical Chance had reached 100%.

Most of the injuries on the Swift Black Dragon were only caused by Yaeger when she had less than 50% health remaining.

With such a terrifying Attack Speed and Attack Power, the Swift Black Dragon was absolutely shocked.Although its health bar had dropped to 29% at this point in time, it still didn’t feel any fear.

Because, it can finally use its Special Ability—[Berserk]!


Suddenly, the air shook as red light emanated from the Swift Black Dragon’s body.

A terrifying aura surged from his body, as if a sun surrounded by various celestial bodies had gone supernova! The phenomenon was not over yet.

As red light appeared, green light also surged to the skies.

The Swift Black Dragon actually activated both [Berserk] and [Shadow Dash].

This was the strongest attack that it could muster!

“Is it finally here” On the other side, Yaeger’s body was enveloped with the power of wind and a pair of wings manifested on her back.

“You’re about to die.”


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