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A faint light flickered below Yaeger.

The glowing object was a mushroom.

More accurately, something that seemed like a mushroom.

She squatted down and observed carefully, only to instantly realize that this mushroom was identical to a material that she could recall from her memories.

“Indeed, these are [Phantom Mushrooms]!”

[Phantom Mushroom] was a rare material in the game, they could be used to create high-grade Agility Potions.


High-grade Agility Potions were incredibly rare in the earlier stages of the game.

They were nearly impossible to attain.

There was no other reason besides the fact that the materials it needed were rare and it was very difficult to formulate it.

It was nearly impossible to formulate it without a ninth-ranked pharmacist.

“There’s actually a big patch of [Phantom Mushrooms] in this place, massive profit!” Yaeger smiled sweetly, she was happy.

As a Ranger, she would obviously be happy after attaining such a large amount of materials that could be refined into Agility Potions.

It should be known that a bottle of high-grade Agility Potion was enough to increase a player’s Agility by 100 points for 45 minutes!

Since Yeager had nearly 200 points in Agility by now, she could gain an additional one-third of her combat power by drinking one bottle of it!

“Strange, why didn’t anyone discover the [Phantom Mushrooms] here in my past life” After calm deliberation, Yaeger instantly realized that something was amiss.

Although she had no idea where exactly she had landed, it wouldn’t be too far from where she jumped off.

Thus, it was a reasonable assumption to say that these [Phantom Mushrooms] would be discovered by people.

“I heard that [Phantom Mushrooms] will spoil quickly if they are not instantly collected after maturation.

That’s right, the timeline is wrong.

I came to the main city early, I came here early.

When that stupidly brave player came here, these mushrooms had already rotted away.

Or perhaps they were already eaten.”

Yaeger picked up a mushroom and its relevant information was immediately displayed.

Rare Material: [Phantom Mushroom] Status: Mature

Description: [Phantom Mushroom] will only grow in the special environment and prefers darkness.

It tastes good and contains large amounts of special energy.

It emits a faint glow when it’s matured.

After maturity, it will rot completely if it isn’t collected within three days.

Function: used in the formulating high-grade medical elixirs.

It can also be eaten raw.


Note: Eating a lot of it in its raw form might cause unexpected effects.

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“It has indeed matured, I’m so lucky.” Yaeger smiled.

She could not imagine that she would earn extra benefits before she could kill any monsters.

This patch of mushrooms was considered to be a fortune to her.

She quickly collected all of it and started cleaning within 3 minutes.

Nothing was left in her wake.

“I got five hundred of it, the harvest is not bad.” She pondered while holding a mushroom in her hand.

“It is said that I can eat it raw.

Should I try doing it”

She was very curious about the aforementioned ‘unexpected effects’.

“It won’t hurt to try since there’s so many of them anyway.”

With that, Yaeger took a bite of the mushroom.

It had a special texture—it was crisp and smooth to the tongue.

Also, it tasted like chestnuts and carried a hint of milky flavor.

Taking a second bite, she felt a little strange and said uncontrollably, “It tastes like chicken and it’s very crunchy!”

Her third bite was still crunchy and delicious.

But the taste had changed again—spiced beef!


After finishing the mushroom, her mouth twitched lightly.

“A single mushroom has several different flavors, what the hell is wrong with it But it tastes quite good.” While speaking, she took out another [Phantom Mushroom] and ate it.

Within a moment, more than 20 mushrooms were eaten.

“This is bad, it tastes so good that I can’t stop now.”

Before she knew it, Yaeger had already eaten 50 [Phantom Mushrooms].

Suddenly, she felt a sharp pain in the stomach and her body had become limp, she could not exert any strength at all.

“Oh no, food poisoning…”

Yaeger clutched her stomach as her body kept twitching.

Her face was as pale as paper.

“I got scammed.”

If she knew that the Description Panel would also deceive people, she would not have eaten it.

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As time passed bit by bit, the severe pain she felt did not subside, but increased.

Yaeger felt so painful that she was about to roll around the ground.

Just when she felt an unbearable pain, a green light suddenly glowed in her body and she felt instantly relieved.

“Ding! Your Agility is permanently increased by 50 points.” At the same time, the system’s notification was heard.

“Is this for real!” Yaeger, who could no longer feel any pain, instantly sat up and exclaimed in surprise.

“Since I gained fifty Agility points after eating fifty [Phantom Mushrooms], then wouldn’t I gain five hundred points if I ate five hundred of them”

She opened the character interface and saw that her Agility had indeed increased by 50 points.

Then, she instantly took out another [Phantom Mushroom] and happily took a bite.


“Ueegh!” She intensely vomited.

“It’s so unpalatable, so unpleasant, so disgusting!”

Such a change obviously did not happen because Yaeger’s sense of taste had mutated.

Instead, it was a side effect of consuming too many [Phantom Mushrooms].

After eating too many of them, the body will start rejecting it if she continued.


“It seems that fifty of them is already my limit.” As a veteran with nearly 3 years of experience in this game, Yaeger obviously knew what went wrong.

So, she tossed away the mushroom that she had bitten while feeling regret in her heart.

As long as the remaining mushrooms were placed in a backpack, they would not deteriorate within a month.

So, she did not need to deal with them for now.

“Permanently increasing Agility by fifty points, this reward is simply unbelievable.

Strange, why won’t the crazy players try to eat a large amount of [Phantom Mushrooms]…”

Speaking of this, Yaeger instantly came to realization.

“No matter how crazy they might be, they will not be eaten like snacks since a single mushroom is worth tens of thousands.

That alone eating fifty of them in a row… Ouch, my heart hurts!”

Suddenly, Yaeger realized that she had swallowed mushrooms that were worth over 2 million into her stomach.

She was filled with anguish.

However, upon realizing that her Agility had increased by 50 points, her mental anguish had subsided.

After all, It was nearly impossible for anyone to gain extra Basic Attributes points, even if they could afford it.

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“Haha, I feel so happy.” She had not yet completed her main purpose in coming here, but she had already gained a lot of benefits.

How could she not be happy

“Speaking of it, it’s really boring to stay in this place.” After settling down her mood, Yaeger looked around and found small creatures crawling around the floor.

Their eyes have degenerated and they relied on their sense of smell and touch to make sense of their surroundings.

There were a few things that seemed like trees not far away.

They would automatically attack any creatures that came close to them.


“This is weird, it doesn’t seem like there’s any powerful Magic Beasts nearby.” Yaeger has not encountered any Magic Beasts at all despite already being here for a long time.

“Roar!” Upon mentioning it, it instantly appeared! A strange roar was heard from not far away.

Immediately after, Yaeger saw a silhouette crawling towards her at high speeds.

It had quite a large stature and had a strong sense of oppression.

Yaeger intently looked and realized that it was indeed that Elite Magic Beast.

“I haven’t even tried to find you but you already came on your own.

What an interesting Magic Beast.”

Facing the murderous Elite Magic Beast that was charging her with breakneck speeds, Yaeger put on a calm expression and waved her hand—[Berserk Thunder] instantly appeared with a flash.

At this moment, the Elite Magic Beast accelerated—akin to a large dump truck cruising towards her at full speed.

It would make people feel an indescribable sense of impact.

“Roar!” It opened its mouth and roared, revealing a blatant sense of rage when its bloodshot eyes looked at the place where the patch of mushrooms used to be.

As a result, this Elite Magic Beast displayed a humanlike expression.

Shocked, dumbfounded and immensely angry!

“So noisy, what an annoying reptile.” On the other side, Yaeger felt impatient and fully drew her crossbow string.

“Just die.”


Before she finished speaking, arrows rained all around the area and purple electricity flickered.


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