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By now, there were hundreds and thousands of players that were above Level 10 in Jade City.

Aside from a minority of them who reached that level by spending lots of money, the remainder were all capable players who deserved their successes.

If half of them could be recruited, then that guild’s strength and influence would definitely skyrocket.

“A lot of people are applying.” Wild Arrogance laughed as he noticed the constantly flashing notification alerts in his guild interface.


and him were currently having a good time drinking tea in a café.

“That is natural.

It’s a no-brainer that it will be this successful since you promised so many great benefits.”


took a sip of tea and smiled.

At present, the threshold for an individual to be included in personal tax schemes in Cathay was a monthly income of 5,000 yuan.

At the highest estimate, nearly 120 million people would need to pay taxes.

In truth, the average monthly salary in most regions only ranged between 3,000 to 4,000 yuan.

In developed areas, at most, the figure would be around 7,000 to 8,000 yuan.

Thus, there were actually not many people that had a monthly income higher than 10,000 yuan.

Someone with a monthly income of 30,000 or 50,000 yuan was already considered to be an elite.

Meanwhile, people who had a monthly income of hundreds of thousands were simply a rarity in this world.

The reality was actually drastically different from the users on certain social media sites—who claimed that the average human would earn an average of 100,000 per month and up to seven figures.

Since Wild Arrogance had offered 10,000 gold coins monthly and also various employee benefits, the absolute majority of players would be attracted by it.

Aside from earning money, they would also improve their social status.

After all, anyone will gain a much higher social prestige if they were recruited into a Fortune 500 company.

Interpersonal relationships were actually utilitarian in nature.

Although people might say that all careers were equally important, the reality was that a strict social strata was enforced in this world.

There was always a difference between people with high and low social status.

Most of the words people would say were just sugarcoated lies.

They were noble and inspiring, but meaningless.

Absolutely nothing would change.

“Although the quantity is large, we still need more quality as well.” Wild Arrogance frowned deeply as he watched the increasing number of applications trickling in.

It was because there were many Level 5 and 6 players, and even Level 1 players applying for membership.

“Those stupid idiots, are they illiterate”

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It clearly stated that the minimum requirement were Level 10 players!

“Hehe, that’s normal.

These dumbasses are lesser beings that always think about getting a free lunch.

They thought that someone will proactively hand them benefits if they extend their hands.

They are absolutely stupid.” S.K.Y.

smirked in a mocking manner.

“These annoying flies.” Wild Arrogance looked impatient—his guild needed elites, not a bunch of vermin.

These low-level players were not even qualified to become cannon fodder!

“You can just tweak the conditions for application.” S.K.Y.


Hearing this, Wild Arrogance instantly patted his thighs and then limited the membership applications to players that were Level 10 and above.

“S.K.Y., do you think twenty thousand people are enough to deal with [Princess]”

Wild Arrogance had already spent a lot of money to expand the guild’s capacity to 20,000 people.

“Twenty thousand people isn’t foolproof.” S.K.Y.


It would take at least 5,000 cannon fodders to exhaust her sword formation.

Another 5,000 people to block the resurrection points.

Hence, there would be only 10,000 people to serve as the main attacking force.

In consideration of her terrifying potential and crazy effects of the Artifacts in her possession,

10,000 people would be barely enough!

“Then let’s recruit twenty thousand of them since we’ll have to evaluate them further anyway.

Ten thousand people as our main force is already enough.

We can just spend gold coins and rear the rest of the cannon fodder in our guild.

After including the members in S.K.Y.

‘s and Vanessa Yang’s guild, the total number of people would exceed 30,000.

Wild Arrogance was sure that [Princess] would not survive such a large-scale siege.

He would definitely kill her until she lost all her levels, and snatch all the equipment and items that she had!

“Despite flushing out most of the applicants, there are still so many left.

What a surprise.” Wild Arrogance madly laughed.

“We have enough to fill a quota of ten thousand people.

Our conditions are already quite attractive to most middle and lower-class people.

Especially since you will recruit them into a large company, they will naturally jump headfirst into it.

Since S.K.Y.

came from humble origins, he would naturally know what these people desired.

Indeed, he was the person who advised Wild Arrogance to include those benefits, the outcome they achieved was as good as expected.

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“Unfortunately, there are still not many players that reached Level 10.” Wild Arrogance turned off the interface and spoke in regret.

Of course, the quicker they organized to deal with [Princess], the better.

Yet, there were not many Level 10 players in the entirety of the Linhnan server.

“In a few days, there will be a lot more Level 10 players.

There’s no need to rush.” S.K.Y.

pushed the nonexistent gold-rimmed glasses on his face and said.

“I’m just worried that it will lead to further troubles, you know what I mean.

You know how scary the Black-hearted Princess’ growth is.” said Wild Arrogance.

He was the person that expended the most effort in dealing with [Princess].

Hence, it was normal for him to be this worried.

After all, once he had failed this time, he won’t have another chance to do it.

Now that the Level gap between [Princess] and they were not too high to render their actions useless, it was not difficult to eliminate her by mobilizing a large amount of manpower.

If they waited until [Princess] became 20 to 30 Levels higher than them, it would be very difficult to defeat her through mere numbers.

Wild Arrogance believed in that fact.


had the same opinion as well.

“It’s just a few days, there shouldn’t be any massive changes.” S.K.Y.

took a sip of tea after speaking.

At this moment, someone in the store suddenly shouted.

“Black-hearted Princess obtained another Epic equipment!”

Hearing this, S.K.Y.

spat out the tea in his mouth and sprayed it on Wild Arrogance’s face.

In real life.

[Death of Love] Guild’s recruiting drive by offering massive benefits was akin to a meteorite that crashed into Cathay’s internet sphere.

It caused a massive shockwave that kept on cascading.


“What What! You can play games and earn money!”

“No way! It must be a lie!”

“Ten thousand gold coins equates to ten thousand yuan.

Doesn’t it mean that I am earning the wage of a white-collar job and I don’t need to pay taxes Is there really a golden goose running around the streets like this”

“It doesn’t feel real at all.

I work in an electronics factory, slave away my life working overtime and I only earn five thousand a month.

I can actually earn ten thousand a month just by playing games Then why would I work other jobs”

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“Back then, didn’t people say that there is a girl that earns millions a day just by playing games”

“No one would believe that!”

“Wait a minute, look at this guild leader.

Isn’t he one of the top ten influential youths in Huadu, Taurus Zhang! He is the young master of the Zhang Corporation, he’s as rich as an oil baron!”

“No wonder he looks so familiar!”

“Oh s̲h̲i̲t̲, it’s actually real that they will be hired by a Fortune 500 company!”

“We can actually bring ten thousand yuan into our bank accounts and we are even granted all employee benefits.

This is actually awesome!”

“My monthly salary is ten thousand, but I only take less than a few thousand yuan home after the tax and various insurance schemes are deducted.

I might as well just play video games!”

“I have a degree, I only earn four thousand a month.

Why do I bother studying then”

“Your degree means nothing.

I got a Masters and I only earn about ten thousand a month!”

“Hehe, these days, a billboard falling down to the sidewalk will squish several people with degrees and masters.

It’s nothing impressive to be honest.

I only graduated from elementary and I earn millions every year! Do I seem prideful about that!”

Within that instant, people started discussing if pursuing higher education was worth it.

If Yaeger was present, she would definitely scream angrily: studying isn’t useless, but you people are!

But regardless if she criticized them or not, these idiotic discussions would always happen no matter what.

The controversy about [Death of Love] recruiting members quickly became widespread.

Many people started feeling tempted and felt the urge to instantly play the game.

Meanwhile, the calmer people continued to observe, they were unaffected.

Anyone who had a little independent thought would not easily chase the trend.

In the game.

Yaeger did not know that S.K.Y.

and Taurus Zhang were sprinting towards the path of self-doom.

Currently, she was cautiously approaching the area with that glow of light.

The journey was uneventful to say the least.

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“What is this!” When she clearly saw the growing thing in front of her, she could not help but exclaim in surprise.


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