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After a moment of deliberation, Yaeger agreed to Mylene Tian’s request.

She knew that she would seem a little unkind if she would reject such a simple request.

In Azure Hill Paradise, Mylene Tian jumped in excitement after reading the message, she was extremely elated.

She had found her brother that she hadn’t met for many years, and now she even got herself a beautiful and gentle sister.

She felt so blissful and happy as these things happened to her in short succession, as if she was ascending to heaven.

In Jade City.

Yeager sighed lightly, feeling like she had lost something as she felt emptiness in her heart.

“If I can’t get rid of [Dream Transformation], it will end badly for me.”

Yaeger should be feeling pleased after transferring all her assets and preventing any unnecessary losses.

However, Mylene Tian calling her ‘sister’ had reminded her of the ticking time bomb that was still constantly strapped on her body.

“I must find a way to cancel [Dream Transformation]! I don’t want to become an actual sister!”

Yaeger’s eyes were filled with determination as she clenched her fists.

She would be able to get rid of the ticking time bomb on her if she could gain a chance to use the [Saint Demon Roulette].

“However, let’s just focus on the present issues for now.”

Tomorrow at noon, she will be dueling with Yasa in the fortress arena.

For [Sword Clan], this was not a battle to regain honor.

Instead, it was simply their final desperate attempt in recovering from their losses.

Indeed, it was their obvious way of covering up their mistakes.

It did not matter whether it would work or not, they had to try everything they could.

For Yeager, this was a meaningless duel.

Not long ago, she had already skyrocketed into fame by trampling on [Sword Clan].

Although it had ended up with Richard massively slandering her.

“I suppose I’ll consider it another tribulation.” Yaeger whispered to herself while feeling slight worry.

Despite knowing that she had gone through the eleventh floor, Yasa still decided to challenge her to duel.

Hence, he was either stupid or he had something to rely on.

The answer was obviously the latter.

No matter how shameful they had become, [Sword Clan] was still a massive clan that had a certain amount of resources.

Perhaps, they actually had an idea on how to deal with her.

Yaeger pursed her plump lips as she felt increasingly worried in her heart.

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“No way, I must improve my strength while I still have time.” No matter when and where, the best way to ensure one’s own safety was to be strong enough.

According to her original plan, she had to gather all ingredients to create [Berserk Drug] within these 2 days and hand it to Yunuen Lin.

Unfortunately, it simply didn’t work out.

“It’s never a good thing when I have to deal with extra troubles.” She gently shook her head.

“I have less than one day left.

Quite difficult for me to level up.”

The experience required for her next 5 levels were so much that she could barely level up once every day if she focused on killing ordinary monsters.

“I have no choice but to go there ahead of time.” Yaeger opened the in-game map and looked at a black spot that is located on the top right of the Jade City.

That black spot was only 50 kilometers away from Jade City.

Although it seemed like a black spot, it was actually marked as a bottomless cliff.

It was definitely an exaggeration to call it ‘bottomless’.

In fact, in her previous life, there was actually a foolishly brave player that made his way to the bottom.

Yet, he paid the price by staying there forever.

It was because he could not go back up, it was too deep.

Eventually, he had to delete his account and start all over again.

Before he deleted the account, this foolish player had been broadcasting his daily life in the pit.

At one day, he had discovered a cave and went inside without any hesitation.

Then, he died.

An Elite Magic Beast resided within.

After the player was resurrected, he immediately tried to escape.

In the end, he had lost all of his levels through dying repeatedly but could never find a way to climb up the pit.

“It’s an Elite Magic Beast.

I suppose I can gain two levels from it.” Other people might not be able to climb up from the bottom of the cliff, but Yaeger could.

Now, killing this Elite Magic Beast would be the most cost-effective action for her to take.

Of course, because there was no relevant information about it, she had no idea how strong this Elite Magic Beast actually was.

“Regardless, I can do a strategic retreat if I can’t defeat it.”

Leaving the plaza, Yaeger made her way into Crystal Avenue and walked to the guild.

“Before that happens, let’s exchange something first.”

Ring ring~

The crisp sound of wind chimes was heard.

Yaeger stepped into the guild and she immediately attracted a lot of attention.

They felt either surprised, curious, disdain, or spiteful.

Yaeger could not be bothered about them.

She went straight to the guild’s receptionist and traded in her mission points for a [Paraglider].

It was not something that could be bought outside since the guild monopolized it.

It could only be exchanged with mission points, and not bought with money.

Once Yaeger attained the [Paraglider], she got into a Beast Carriage outside the guild and left the city.

It took twenty minutes for her to come close to the cliff.

Activating [Phantom Step] and [Shadow Skulk], she made her way to the cliffside at breakneck speeds.

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It was pitch black when she looked down.

Despite the scorching sun hanging high up in the sky, its ray of light seemed to have been completely engulfed when it reached the pit at the bottom.

It was eerily dark.

At this moment, a bird entered the area of the cliffside and suddenly became out of control.

It suddenly fell down the pit while crying sharply.

“I don’t feel like going down there.” The corners of Yaeger’s eyes twitched slightly, she felt a bad premonition about going down the cliff.

However, she remembered that she had little time left before noon tomorrow.

Hence, she used the [Paraglider] and jumped right into the dark abyss after slight hesitation.

Anyone could safely reach the bottom of the cliff by using the [Paraglider]—This method was discovered after sending groups of foolishly brave players into it.

Flying birds would become out of control and fall while the [Paraglider] was not affected—nobody could understand the reasons behind this phenomenon until the [Night of Advent] had happened.

Yaeger was too lazy to be bothered about this problem.

She was satisfied as long as the [Paraglider] was useful to her.

She had not yet reached the bottom after gliding for a while.

5 minutes later, she was still gliding.

15 minutes passed….

Eventually, she finally landed.

“So deep, so dark.” Her surroundings were pitch black, and not a single ray of light could be seen as she raised her head.

Yaeger could gradually see things after getting accustomed to the darkness.

This was not an ability of the Ranger.

Also, she had no idea whether it was the racial talent from her Celestial Race Bloodline or because she had a Divine Body.

Whatever it might be, she did not care as long as it was useful to her.

There was nothing spectacular about this place, rocks scattered everywhere.

Yaeger extended her aura as she cautiously walked ahead.

She was not convinced that the bottom of this ominous cliff would be an ordinary place.

However, Yaeger still found nothing out of the ordinary after traveling for some time.

“Huh… What is that” There was a faint glow of light in the distance.

Being able to see the source of light in such a black environment meant that it had to be out of the ordinary.

Yaeger cautiously approached while staring at the light.

The aura she emanated had formed a barely materializing [Sphere] that protected her.

While Yaeger was exploring the bottom of the cliff, the game forums were extremely lively.

Trending topics appeared one after the other.

Most of them were about Yaeger.

«Breaking news: A massive event happened within the [Princess Alliance], It is so terrifying!»

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This was a standard clickbait title.

Content: a new member had joined the [Princess Alliance].

«Shocking and groundbreaking! Black-hearted Princess actually did such an immoral and unbearable thing In the public~ So shameful!»

Content: Black-hearted Princess had forced an NPC to eat feces.

«Black-hearted Princess actually did such a thing to the players in Jadeleaf Plaza.

So scary, clap clap clap!»

Content: Black-hearted Princess bullied players once again.

«[Death of Love] Guild is currently accepting new members.

Level 10 above.

Great benefits! Those who bump the thread will be awarded 50 gold coins.»

Content: Anyone who joined [Death of Love] would be awarded 1,000 gold coins.

Those who passed the assessment and became an official member would receive a monthly stipend of 10,000.

In real life, they will be employed by a Fortune 500 company and be granted various employee benefits.

As soon as this post appeared, it exploded in popularity.


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