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“Enri” Kastina turned around and tilted her head slightly.

“I haven’t heard of that.”

“Then have you heard of the partnership system” Yaeger spoke.

“What is a partnership system” Kastina looked puzzled.

She had no idea what Enri or partnership system is.

However, she felt a hint of relief after realizing that [Princess] was an outsider.

“The partnership system refers to people contributing to the business capital and earning money together.

The more you contribute, the more dividends you get.” Yaeger explained.

Kastina instantly came to a realization.

“Lowly slave, are you trying to become business partners with me”


As long as you can trust me.”

“You are my only opponent, so I can somewhat trust you.” Kastina said.

There was already a good and trusting relationship between her and Yaeger.

As long as nothing had happened to change her perception, she would continue doing that.

“To be honest with you, in a few more days, hundreds of thousands more outsiders will settle into the city.”

Kastina’s eyes widened as a response.

“Didn’t you say that as an excuse to trick those businessmen into signing the contract”

Yaeger shook her head: “What I said is true.

Those outsiders will eventually come to the city within the next few days.

When that happens, the goods in the city will be in short supply.

We will be able to make a lot of money if we could monopolize just some of it.

However, it requires a lot of capital investment to happen.”

By now, she was already noticed by the Emperor and was even branded as a cheater.

Since her reputation was tarnished, it would affect her future business ventures.

Although some businessmen would only care about making money and have no bottom-line or principles to speak of—but since they were doing business inside the Emperor’s territory, they would know to avoid certain people that they couldn’t afford to work with.

By now, it was likely that many of her business partners were prepared to terminate their contracts with her.

Furthermore, Yaeger had disobeyed the royal decree and forced Yasa to eat feces.

That definitely was akin to her slapping the Emperor on the face.

Hence, it was obvious that Richard would take action against her.

But now, since the Jade Empire was dealing with its fair share of internal and external troubles, Richard would obviously not bother to personally deal with Yaeger.

He would probably just dispatch other people to teach her a lesson.

‘If I want to do anything I please in the Jade Empire, I must first remove Richard—the domineering presence in this place—and help Alicia ascend to the throne.

It seems like I’ll have no choice but to enter the maze in the near future.’

As long as Alicia’s curse could be lifted, all the current problems that she was facing inside the Jade Empire would no longer be a concern.

This was the source of Yaeger’s confidence.

She had no desire to think about anything that she deemed to be too complicated.

After reaching Level 30, she would go to the maze and attain the tool that could lift Alicia’s curse.

Then, Alicia would become the star of the show.

“Lowly slave, how much can I get in return if I partner with you”

Kastina’s voice brought Yaeger back to her senses.

“Five to ten times.” She said.

Hearing this, Kastina’s eyes instantly lit up.

“That’s so much!”

She was definitely not the kind of person that would be swayed by money.

Yet, she would still change her stance if the amount of money involved was higher than a certain amount.

“Lowly slave, I will invest twenty-five million first.

I will increase the amount if I gain a decent amount of revenue from it!”

Regardless, she would not be too distressed about it if the business failed since it was easy money for her.

Hence, Kastina acted incredibly generously by giving all the banknotes in her possession to Yaeger.

“Kastina, if there is a day where your father is going to take action against me.

Who would you side with” Yaeger didn’t take the banknotes.

Instead, she asked with a solemn expression.

Earning Favorability might turn out to be useful to her but it still wouldn’t solve all problems.

If Kastina had sided with Richard, all the Favorability that Yaeger earned from her would mean absolutely nothing regardless.

“Isn’t that obvious I will definitely not support that old man.” Kastina seemed displeased.

She had 15 siblings—each of them were treated well.

Yet, she was the only one that was treated unfavorably.

She was practically left alone to her own devices and would only be occasionally summoned to an audience when he remembered her existence.

“Then that’s good enough.” As long as Kastina would not side with Richard, Yaeger would not be worried about suffering heavy losses.

It was because the next thing she planned to do was to transfer all those contracts to Kastina, allowing her to take control.

With that, Yaeger would be able to hide behind the scenes and control the prices of the goods in the Jade Empire, obtaining massive profits.

Moreover, she would not be worried about Richard taking action against her and causing unnecessary losses.

Unless he was cruel enough to treat her own daughter harshly.

After spending some time, Yaeger managed to transfer all of her contracts to Kastina.

“Lowly slave, are you really so confident in transferring all these contracts to me” Kastina still felt disbelief as she looked at the pile of documents on the floor.

“I trust you.” Yaeger spoke.

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‘I trust you, I trust you, I trust you…’ These words echoed repeatedly in Kastina’s mind, she started feeling the sensation of indescribable happiness in her heart.

“Ding! Kastina’s Favorability for you increased by 1000 points.”

Yaeger’s mouth twitched slightly as she heard the system announcement.

‘I will earn thousands of points when I beat you up.

But now, I only earned one thousand points after entrusting all of my wealth to you!’

She felt a little speechless.

At this moment, the system announcement was heard again.

“Ding! Lili’s Favorability for you increased by 10,000 points.”

“Ding! Richard’s Favorability for you decreased by 2,000 points.”

“Ding! Alicia’s Favorability for you increased by 2,000 points.”


Ding Ding Ding!

The system announcement kept ringing.

“It’s so noisy!” Yaeger checked the text messages after turning off the voice announcement and realized the Favorability of all affluent people in the city towards her had changed.

The vast majority were negative.

“Richard’s favorability has dropped by two thousand, doesn’t mean anything at all.

Just as expected, he doesn’t have the time to deal with me for the time being.”

“Lili hasn’t changed her relationship status with me yet.

It seems like I’ll have to keep working on it.”

“Alicia… She’s really constantly paying attention to me.”

Yaeger smirked.

Alicia was the person that Yaeger could rely on the most.

Although she was unable to do anything as she pleased and get away with it, she knew that she could at least easily resolve most of the problems coming her way since Alicia was supporting her.

Moreover, she even suspected that Lili was actually Alicia’s subordinate.

It was because the timing she appeared was simply too coincidental.

Yaeger opened the game interface after reading all these messages.

Then, she realized that her sister—Mylene Tian—had joined the guild.

There were several unread messages in her mailbox.

She opened it and checked it out.

Rakshasa: Princess, Princess.

Are you okay I’m so worried about you!

Mylene Tian: Princess, I am here.

Would you mind if I gave you a quiet hug (We’ll be acquainted in no time!)

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Nangong Lin: Princess, Yunuen’s family has been settled in a safe location.

This time, I guarantee that the plan will be foolproof!

Sachiel Luo: Princess, let’s go shopping together after everything is settled, okay

Yunuen Lin: I secretly went online and checked… Princess, there are no other words that need to be said.

I’ll skip the gratuitous words.

I will try to recover as soon as I can, and keep on fighting hard!

Yaeger felt warmth in her heart after reading the messages.

‘These girls are so nice!’

Yaeger replied to Rakshasa first to avoid worrying her.

Then, she replied to Nangong Lin, Sachiel Luo, and Yunuen Lin one by one.

Lastly, she replied to her own sister.

Yaeger: Welcome, Mylene.

We will be in a team from now onwards.

I’ll give you a virtual hug.

Then, she received an instant response.

Mylene Tian: So shy… Princess, I have something to ask of you.

Yaeger: Tell me.

Mylene Tian: That… It’s just that…

Yaeger: What do you mean

Mylene Tian: Princess, can I call you sister

Yaeger was temporarily dazed after reading the message.

Then, she immediately reacted.

‘What sister I am your brother!’


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