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The gauntlet fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

Everyone was almost dumbfounded as they witnessed the scene.

“Li… Lili, you saw it, right She used that energy and kicked my gauntlet back over here!”

Yasa shouted excitedly while laughing wildly in his heart.

‘Burp Hahahaha! You w̲h̲o̲r̲e̲, you are seeking your own death!’

Some of the spectators were dumbfounded.

‘Did her brain short-circuit She actually dares to expose herself in front of Lili, isn’t she courting death’

Some of the other spectators—the players—felt ecstatic.

‘[Black-hearted Princess] is going to die this time for sure!’

‘That cute loli is not easy to deal with at all.

She will definitely die a painful death for deceiving her!’

Rehn’s hand trembled as he felt joy in his heart.

Although knowing that [Sword Clan] could no longer recover from that tarnished status, he could at least mend his injured pride if he could get her killed.

Most of the people on the scene were truly eager to see how [Princess] would die.

“I saw nothing.” However, Lili’s response was like a pail of ice water that was poured onto their heads.

“How could this be! Everyone saw it just now!! How could you not see it” Yasa screamed hysterically as his widened eyes were about to fall out.

“Lili, how could you shamelessly lie like that!” Rehn roared.

“She is so good-looking that I got a little mesmerized just now.” Lili only responded indifferently.

These words definitely convinced the NPCs.


‘[Princess] definitely has an appearance that is unparalleled in beauty.

But you’re a girl, how could you be mesmerized by her!’

“You… very good!” Rehn was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

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He could obviously tell that Lili was deliberately defending her!

The ‘unbiased judgment’ that she showed just now was actually false and she was definitely playing favorites!

‘Damn you, Lili!’

Yasa resisted the urge to pull out his sword and slice Lili as his hands trembled violently.

It was because he clearly knew there was only one result if he actually attacked Lili—a painful death for him.

The players only felt that Black-hearted Princess was too terrifying since she managed to seduce that powerful NPC who had just shown up!

Furthermore, she had done it without anyone’s notice!

“You people seem to have said just now that she used a mystical energy to kick that gauntlet away.

Is it something like this”

Lili turned her head to look at the gauntlet, then gently kicked out with her delicate foot.

Immediately after, the armored gauntlet on the ground instantly launched away and slammed on the wall far away at breakneck speeds.

“Even a Black Iron adventurer can do something like this.”

Hearing those words.

All the Black Iron adventurers on the scene simultaneously shook their heads.

‘How could we possibly do such a thing!’

Many Bronze-ranked adventurers felt twitching in the corners of their eyes.

‘We can’t do that either!’

“You people can’t do it because you all are too weak.”

As if she had read their minds, Lili uttered those heart-wrenching words indifferently.

The sounds of fragile hearts shattering and falling to the ground were heard.

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“Yasa, are you saying that she, with the ability of a Bronze-ranked, controlled you only with her aura and then forced you to eat feces” Lili asked again.

Yasa was about to answer but was interrupted.

“Do you mean to say that you are a Platinum-ranked that is actually weaker than a Bronze-ranked Are you a useless Platinum-ranked”

Lili glanced at Yasa with contempt.

Her gaze had stung Yasa’s heart and tore his nerves apart.

“No… That’s not true… I…”

“If that’s not true, then prove it.

She did not do anything against you back then.

Instead, you had actually lost your footing and fell into it.

Am I right”

Lili said with an expressionless face.

Hearing this, everyone felt like their brains had been smashed by a hammer.

Some of them actually agreed with the statement.

Since there was quite a gap in strength between a Bronze-ranked and Platinum-ranked individual, it was obvious that the trivial abilities of [Princess] would do nothing to Yasa.

However, the players completely disagreed with that statement because they clearly knew what kind of a person [Black-hearted Princess] was.

Especially the ones who came from 101 Novice Village, who had impressions of her etched deep into their hearts.

Yasa was speechless.

If he had refuted it—he would admit to being a useless being; if he didn’t—It would mean that he deliberately chose to eat feces.

At this point, Rehn was so angry that he was about to explode.

Just before he had reached that threshold, Lili said, “I will allow your duel to happen.

Tomorrow at noon, come to the arena in the fortress.

If there’s nothing else, I’ll be leaving.

This is my second warning.

Armed combat in Jade City is strictly prohibited.

Violators will be killed without mercy.”

After speaking, she touched the ground with the tip of her toes and she instantly flashed away.

She instantly disappeared from everyone’s field of vision within the blink of an eye.

“W̲h̲o̲r̲e̲, you better write your last will and testament while you still have time!”

Yasa suppressed the overwhelming killing intent inside him and left after saying those harsh words.

The people of [Sword Clan] also followed closely along.

They left very quickly.

Yaeger then retracted her gaze.

She canceled the effects of the [Toxic Set] by removing some of her equipment.

Then, she pulled out Berserk Thunder, turned around, and unleashed it onto the group of players.

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“The thing I hate the most in my life is to be slandered.” She said.

All the players shouted in their hearts: ‘Oh s̲h̲i̲t̲!’

Then, they frantically escaped.

All the players who were hit by the rain of arrows wailed in pain.

Among these players—at least 8 out of 10 of them had their Pain Levels at 100%.

Hence, they definitely felt immense pain.

On the other hand, the NPCs also escaped after seeing Yaeger going on a rampage.

However, they all stayed behind and spectated on the side after realizing that she was only attacking the rest of the outsiders.

“Next time, if I feel upset again, I will kill you all.” After venting her frustrations, Yaeger unequipped her purple crossbow and spoke calmly.

By now, those players had run far away and they could not hear anything that she said.

“Lowly slave, you know Lili” Kastina was already accustomed to Yaeger’s propensity to attack at the slightest provocation.

She was even a little envious of those people since they were blown into shreds by [Princess].

How wonderful!

Sadly, those players did not have such an exotic thought process when compared to her.

Instead, they all escaped frantically and were absolutely terrified.

Since they were already Level 10, they would pay a hefty price if they died even once.

Moreover, no one would wish to experience the horrors of dying again after they had experienced it for the first time.

Some of them even felt regret after adjusting the Pain Level to 100%.

Doing it for a 10% experience bonus was not worth it!

Yaeger stretched and looked at Kastina.

“I don’t know her.”

“Why do I feel like you two are already acquainted with each other” It was the first time for Kastina to see Lili acting so favorably towards one person.

“It’s probably because I’m too beautiful.” Yaeger flicked her black and smooth hair while speaking casually.

After she had completed the [Bronze Trial], Lili’s Favorability towards her had increased by 20,000 points, the same as what happened to Alicia back then.

Lili was obviously friendly towards her.

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Previously, Lili also winked playfully at Yeager as a way to show her goodwill.

Kastina originally wanted to call her out for lying.

However, she realized that Yaeger was actually immensely beautiful.

Unable to refute!

So, she simply looked at Yaeger with a perverted gaze.

“Tomorrow noon” Lili had arranged the duel to happen at noon because she wanted to give Yaeger more time to prepare.

That was what Yeager assumed.

“Lowly slave, you just can’t lose tomorrow’s duel.”

“But of course.”

“Hmph, it would be best if that happens!” After speaking, Kastina turned around and prepared to leave.

Then, Yaeger suddenly said, “Kastina, have you heard of Enri”


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