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“Did any of us see…” A player spoke halfway but instantly covered his mouth.

Mindlessly arguing after being scolded was something that only an idiot would do.

Luckily, no one had noticed him since everyone was paying attention to Yaeger.

The scene was silent once again.

Everyone here was absolutely convinced that Yaeger forced Yasa into eating those feces.

However, they had no evidence at all! It was because no one present actually saw Yaeger doing it!

Even people with perceptive gazes could only sense a vague gust of aura appearing in a split second.

It was impossible for them to tell what it was.

Hence, it was even harder for them to determine that it came from Yaeger.

“You all obviously didn’t see me do it, yet you would testify against me without hesitation.

This is definitely slander.

You people are simply… Despicable and shameless, vulgar and disgraceful!” Yaeger scolded angrily.

Everyone was annoyed when they heard her words.

Yet, they could not refute her claims at all because that was the truth.

Nobody could determine that [Princess] had done it, yet they still accused her of it.

It was unquestionable that they were slandering her.

Although, all of them knew that they were not making false accusations at all.


“You… You are extremely shameless!” Yasa pointed at Yaeger and shouted hysterically, “You did it but you wouldn’t admit to it, are you still human!”

“I didn’t do it, that’s all.

Young hero Yasa, You should know that slandering me like this is not the right thing to do.

Everyone here clearly saw that you pounced into that tasty meal with a large grin on your face.

Everyone can obviously tell that you are eager to do it.” Yaeger said expressionlessly.

The corners of Kastina’s mouth twitched slightly, she wanted to laugh but was embarrassed to do so.

“Accusing her without any shred of evidence is not the right thing to do.” Lili glared at everyone with the chilling gaze and eventually landed her gaze on Yasa.

“Do you have anything else to say”

At this moment, Yasa was so angry that his lungs were about to explode.

The spite and murderous intent he had for Yaeger was so intense that even all that water in this world could not wash it away.

“It’s her, it’s definitely her, she used some strange methods and controlled my body!” Squeezing out a grim voice from his mouth, he stared daggers at Yaeger.

“I want evidence and witnesses, not your mere assumptions.” Lili said impatiently.

Yasa retracted his gaze and then gestured to his servant with his eyes, who understood the message and stepped forward.

Then, he spoke courteously, “Deputy Chief, I can testify!”

“Speak.” Lili said.

“This woman… She used a mystical energy to control young master Yasa and forcefully pushed him into it, making him eat… Eat…”


The servant hesitated, not knowing what to say.

Then, he suddenly had a flash of inspiration.

“He made young master Yasa eat that tasty meal!”

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There was a burst of laughter as soon as he spoke.

Yasa’s face was as dark as a pail of ink, feeling the intense desire to slice his servant into half using his sword.

Meanwhile, Rehn was trembling all over while clenching his fist.

He was ferociously staring at Yaeger, like a beast.

‘Damn w̲h̲o̲r̲e̲! It’s all your fault!’

The killing intent in his heart overflowed and he could not help but feel the urge to execute Yaeger on the spot.

“What kind of power is it What characteristics does it have” Lili asked.

“It’s… It’s… It’s a kind of mystical power, the kind that’s very rare…” The servant seemed nervous, he had no idea what it was at all since he did not see it with his own eyes!

“Go on.” Lili said impatiently.

“I… I can’t tell!” Seeing her glare that was as cold as ice, the servant instantly felt like he was seen through and shouted frantically.

“Are you trying to purposely fool me” Lili stretched out her slender white hand and flicked her fingers at him.

Immediately after, a strong gust of aura smacked the servant like a cannonball.


The surrounding air vibrated intensely as the servant was instantly sent flying and blood spewed everywhere.

In the place where he stood previously, there were now many shockwaves that were spreading outwards.

Yaeger could also do the same thing.

However, she would not deal as much damage.

“It’s still the same as in my previous life, I can’t see Lili’s level at all.” Yaeger whispered.

When an NPC reached a certain level, a player would not be able to determine their level using conventional methods.

Chris, from Adventurers’ Guild—was one of those people.

Same goes for Lili.

“I’m not an easy person to deal with, don’t try to fool me.” Lili spoke indifferently while retracting her hand.

Yasa and Rehn were utterly enraged when they saw the servant being sent flying.

Yet, they did not dare to do anything about it.

After all, there was nothing that they could do at this point in time.

“Since there are no witnesses and evidence, this ordeal will be concluded.” Lili said lazily.

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“How can you do this!” Rehn and Yasa shouted at the same time.


They had already lost face.

Especially Yasa—who had even lost the right to be regarded as a human.

They would never let Yaeger off this easily.

The hope and reputation of their clan was completely ruined by now.

If they couldn’t vent their anger, spite, and killing intent—they would definitely grow insane!

“If I say so, it will remain so.” Lili asserted.

Rehn and Yasa both had complexions so dark that they could be polished into ink; Numerous veins were exposed as they tightly clenched their fists like crawling green worms.

“I want to duel her!” Yasa took off the armored gauntlet on his left hand and threw it in front of Yaeger.

“W̲h̲o̲r̲e̲, do you dare to accept it”

Since he could not defeat Lili, he made the decision to bypass her and to challenge Yaeger straightaway.

A person who would avoid conflict in public view would be considered a coward in the Empire.

They would be ridiculed by everyone in this world!

No matter if Yaeger had cheated or used her own abilities to go past the eleventh floor.

Yasa still wanted to kill her—so much so that he was willing to use the forbidden methods of his clan!

Yaeger stayed silent as she looked at the armored gauntlet on the ground.

It was within her expectations that [Sword Clan] would keep on pestering her.

In fact, since the beginning, she was never bothered about [Sword Clan] at all.

Back then, [Shield Clan] from Sky Empire forcefully annulled the marriage arrangement but the Jade Empire who was utterly humiliated did not do anything at all.

Hence, it was easy to conclude that [Shield Clan] actually held little importance in the eyes of the Emperor.

Perhaps, they were only perceived as a dog.

Furthermore, they were probably only a free-range dog.

The Emperor had acted in their favor just now simply because Yaeger was considered as a mere outsider, someone that he would bully without a doubt.


‘An insect that fears the strong and bullies the weak!’ That was the evaluation that Yaeger had towards the Emperor.

‘It is better for Alicia to sit on that seat than you!’

A chilling glow flashed in her beautiful eyes.

Initially, Yaeger had no intentions to take any drastic actions towards Richard because they had no grudges at all.

But now, he had instantly branded her a cheater through an announcement.

Moreover, he had even canceled all of her rewards.

An absolute bully!

Since she was not capable enough to deal with Richard for now, she could only beat up the dog that he reared in order to vent the frustrations that accumulated in her heart!

“What is it Are you afraid” Yasa shouted with a grim face.

Lili looked at Yaeger and winked playfully at her.

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“Since you wish to continue embarrassing yourself, I will naturally see it through until the end.”

Then, Yaeger gently kicked out.

Even though she clearly did not hit the armored gauntlet on the floor, it still flew out and heavily smashed into Yasa’s chest plate and a dull thud was heard.


“Also, stop recklessly throwing things that are stained with the scent of feces around the place.

It’s so disgusting.”


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