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Yaeger decisively expended her [Sphere] while facing the sudden attack.

She completely blocked the impact and then gracefully landed on the ground.

On the other hand, Yasa and Rehn were not as elegant as they both unceremoniously slammed onto the ground.

They only regained their balance after taking dozens of steps back.

They felt shocked and angry.

Yet, they instantly trembled the moment they identified that person and yelled out simultaneously,

“Double Ax [Lili]!”

“It is me.” The petite girl who stood up straight like a javelin retracted her hands and spoke indifferently.

Her blond hair was tied into double ponytails, she was wearing a white skirt and the same white-colored small boot.

Her cute little face currently had a chilling expression.

Yaeger felt stunned after seeing Lili’s presence.

When she thought of Lili, she recalled the horrible beating that she had done to Lili in the [Bronze Trials] and [Tower of Heroes].

Then, she could only imagine the harmonious tentacles when she had committed those beatings.

The combination of tentacles and binds bloomed like flowers!

‘Should I apologize to her’ Yaeger retracted her aura and thought in her heart.

“You guys are causing a very bad influence, don’t make me angry.” Lili supported her left elbow with her right hand while her dinky little finger was tapping her cheek.

She wasn’t wearing her combat armor today and didn’t carry her iconic double ax.

She looked very cute.

Rehn and Yasa felt their eyelids jumping involuntarily after hearing these words.

They then temporarily suppressed the hatred and anger in their hearts.

Because they clearly understood how terrifying this adorable girl actually was.

They would definitely die a miserable death if they had enraged her! Most of the onlookers also subconsciously shrank their necks while breaking out in cold sweats.

They could never imagine that violent, brutal, domineering, and tyrannical Double Ax Lili would suddenly show up in this place.

Didn’t she always stay in the inner city district and would usually never come out!

The scene quickly quieted down which made the players feel ominous.

‘Who really is this cute little girl’

On one hand, they felt terribly lame since this person had instantly stopped the fight the moment she appeared on the scene, dashing all their hopes of trying to earn any extra loot.

On the other hand, they were completely fascinated by the cuteness of this little girl.

Moreover, some players even had heart-shaped eyes.

‘She’s so cute.

I really want to bring her home!’

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At this moment, a player who could not read the room had walked out from the crowd.

“Little sister, you are so cute.

Do you want to play with this brother I have a lollipop~ Cha cha!”

He showed a lecherous smile and examined Lili from top to bottom.

He spoke as he approached quickly.

“Where did this vermin come from” The latter slowly tilted her head and pushed with her tiny hand, blasting out a powerful shockwave.

The next moment, everyone could see that this player was launched into a wall far away like a cannonball.

With a bang, there was now a meat paste smeared onto that thick wall.

Immediately after, that meat paste instantly turned into light particles and dissipated.

Absolute silence permeated the air after everyone witnessed such a horrifying scene.

Many of them trembled as cold sweat poured down their backs.

Especially when it came to some players, they had never expected that an NPC would outright murder a player!

“Holy moly, the NPC murdered someone!” Someone shouted with a terrifying shriek.

They all originally thought that the black-hearted Princess was the only terrifying existence in this game.

But now, there was actually an NPC that would outright kill a player at the slightest provocation.

They were justified in feeling immense shock.

“S̲h̲i̲t̲, this is against the rules! How can the NPC kill players!”

“We can’t entertain ourselves by antagonizing them anymore!”

“Quit making a fuss, our NPC in 101 Novice Village already killed players before.” Someone whispered.

“What a terrible little loli!”

“Not only do we have to be wary of [Princess], we have to even watch out for NPCs now!”

“How can we play this stupid game!”

The players were absolutely in an uproar and they made a massive ruckus.

“It’s so noisy.

Do you believe that I’ll kill all of you” Lili tilted her head and said expressionlessly.

As soon as those words came out, the scene instantly became silent.

Everyone was utterly silent and dared not to even exhale loudly.

“Tell me, why are you people fighting here” Lili asked after suppressing the scene.

Just as Yaeger was about to speak, Rehn got ahead of her.

“This damned woman is humiliating our Yasa publicly!”

He pointed at Yaeger with an enraged expression.

“Is that so” Lili looked at Yaeger.

“No, he’s just fulfilling the conditions of a bet.” Yaeger shook her head slightly.

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“That’s what she said.” Lili retracted her gaze and looked at Rehn once again.

“She’s b̲u̲l̲l̲s̲h̲i̲t̲t̲i̲n̲g! His Majesty has already declared her results as invalid.

The bet doesn’t count at all! She is going against imperial orders!”

Rehn showed the proclamation.

Lili nodded after reading it.

“I see.

I suppose this is an altercation caused by the results of the Tower of Heroes’ event.

Since the results have been canceled by His Majesty, then this bet is definitely invalidated.

You should not make him continue to fulfill the conditions of the bet.

In conclusion, it is your fault.”

She glanced at Yaeger after speaking.

“I have an objection.”

“Your royal highness, seventh princess, you’re here as well”

“I’ve been here all the time!”

“Your royal highness, seventh princess, what objections do you have”

Lili asked.

“Yasa has been fulfilling the clauses of that bet before the lowly slave’s results has been invalidated.

What fault does the lowly slave have”

Kastina folded her arms.

“Is that so” Lili looked at Rehn.

Rehn nodded after slight deliberation and then spoke, “I’ll disregard what happened earlier before.

But when I made my way here and read-aloud His Majesty’s proclamation, this damned woman still went against the orders and did something against Yasa.

She made him… Made him…”

At this point, Rehn truly could not say it out loud.

It was too embarrassing!

“Made him do what” Lili was curious.

Yasa’s expression instantly darkened and trembled all over.

After settling down, a wave of unending humiliation kept on ravaging his heart and mentally tortured him.

‘Shut up, shut up, shut up! Stop asking, stop asking!!!’

“Made Yasa… eat that thing!” Rehn pointed at the platter not far away, residues of the yellow-black mixture still remained on it.

Lili followed his fingers and looked over, and felt so disgusted that she nearly puked.

She then instantly turned her gaze and looked at Yaeger.

“Are his claims correct”

“Not true.

He is slandering me.

I obviously saw Yasa plunging into that plate of stuff by himself.

Moreover, I saw him opening his mouth wide and plunged into it enthusiastically.

Everyone present on the scene can testify for me.”

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Yaeger’s expression did not change at the slightest.

Hearing this, everyone was completely stunned by her brazen shamelessness.

“Nonsense, it’s clearly you… it’s clearly you who did it.

You pushed me… Pushed me into it!” Yasa roared in hysteria.

His expression was darkened and his eyes were completely bloodshot.

“W̲h̲o̲r̲e̲, you dare to still deny it in front of the deputy chief of the Royal Knights.

You truly don’t know what it means to die!” Rehn gritted his teeth.

The Royal Knights were individuals with the greatest combat power within the Empire.

They had a great deal of authority to enforce the law in the imperial capital.

“That’s right, she did it!” At this moment, someone spoke in the crowd.

Then, many people started testifying against Yaeger.

“That’s right, I’ve seen it with my own eyes!”

“It is definitely done by the Black-hearted Princess!”

“We all saw it!”

“It’s her, it’s her, it’s her!” Yasa’s servant shouted.

“Everybody shut up.” Lili narrowed her eyes and spoke indifferently.

The scene was quiet once again.

“Now that there are so many people who testified against you, what else do you have to say”

Kastina was about to say something but she was interrupted by the wave of Yaeger’s arm.

She only glanced at everyone and spoke grimly,

“All of you, which one of you actually have seen me doing anything”


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