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The place was dead silent.

Nearly everyone had bulging eyes and dropped jaws.

They could never imagine that [Princess] would actually disregard the Emperor’s authority and make Yasa eat his fill! Although no one saw Yaeger taking action, they all unanimously agreed that she had done it.

After all, is there anything this black-hearted princess dared not to do and anyone that she dared not to offend

The eerie silence lasted over a second before it was interrupted by a shrill.


Everyone looked to the sound only to see Rehn trembling all over with a pale expression and his eyes absolutely widened to the point of bleeding.

His mouth was also widened and slightly trembled.

No one could understand his current feelings.

It was already humiliating enough for the prodigy of his clan to be naked and kneeling in public.

But now, he had even eaten feces.

It was likely that from this moment onwards, their [Sword Clan] would be branded as excrement eaters by everyone else.

This was absolutely shameful, immensely humiliating!

It would be impossible to wash that shame away even if 100 years had passed.

Rehn’s body temperature had plummeted and his gaze was now much dimmer.

It was over.

[Sword Clan] was completely ruined.

Even if there was an actual extraordinary individual that appeared in the clan, they would still be associated with the stench of feces.

As long as they remained in the Jade Empire, they would never live a peaceful life.

‘All her fault.

That’s right, it’s all her fault.

If this damned woman did not ever appear, Yasa would not end up like this.

[Sword Clan] also wouldn’t be associated with eating feces by the public.

It’s all her fault!!!’

Suddenly, Rehn’s eyes regained their clarity and there seemed to be flames burning within.

“W̲h̲o̲r̲e̲!” He stared at Yaeger intently while the anger in his heart had erupted like a volcano that was uncontrollable.

“Ding! Rehn’s Favorability towards you is lowered by 30,000 points.

You are now mortal enemies with him.”

“Ding! Yasa’s Favorability towards you is reduced by 30,000 points.”

The system’s voice was heard at this time, yet it was ignored by Yaeger.

Since she was already mortal enemies with Yasa, she couldn’t care less if Rehn was added in as well.

“Cough cough!” On the other side, Yasa stood up in difficulty while his face was still stained with a viscous yellow-black mixture.

He coughed uncontrollably due to the horrible sensation of having feces being stuck in his throat.

The moment he spat out a small portion of that feces, the rest of them had slid down his throat.

He felt immensely nauseous and instantly vomited madly.

There was now an extremely unpleasant stench at the scene.

Seeing the shameful display of his nephew, Rehn’s anger only became more intense.

He shifted his gaze and glared at Yaeger while aura madly surged within his body.

“W̲h̲o̲r̲e̲, I’m going to kill you!” Saying those words, he drew his sword and approached her.

With every step, his terrifying murderous intent seemed to strengthen a little more.

The surrounding nosy spectators instantly evacuated the scene.

They had no intentions to be involved as well.

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“Hiss, that’s a Level 39 NPC!” Some players noticed Rehn’s level and uncontrollably exhaled deeply.

Most of the NPCs in Jade City were only about Level 20 while Level 30 NPCs were rare.

Now that a Level 39 NPC had appeared, it was enough to shock these players.

“Hahahahahahaha, the Black-hearted Princess really made a powerful enemy this time.

Let’s see how she will end up!” Some people seemed to have experienced something joyful and they laughed so hard to the point of bursting out in tears.

“The ones who commit evil are doomed to destruction!”


“Speaking of which, will she drop any equipment if she is killed by an NPC” Someone asked suddenly.

The moment that question was heard, all the players’ eyes were suddenly brightened.

The official answer was: yes!

Once a player dies, there is a certain chance that they might drop their equipment!

Whether they were murdered or they jumped off a cliff; no matter how they died, there was always a chance that they might lose their equipment!

Instantly, all these players felt a fire burning in their hearts.

If this NPC had successfully murdered the [Princess] and she dropped something, they would become absolutely rich!

Artifacts, Epic equipment, Epic equipment crates, and Unique equipment crates.

It was already enough to make everyone descend into madness if any one of these items had dropped.

Of course, it would depend on their personal abilities to see if they were able to snatch it.

Many people were enthusiastic and they felt extremely excited in her heart.

In their opinion, the Level 25 [Princess] would definitely die since her opponent was a Level 39 NPC! After all, they had a gap of 14 Levels!

Moreover, that NPC seemed to have good equipment as well.

Thus, it was very difficult for her to rely on her equipment to close the gap in strength!

The Artifact that she possessed would only allow her to last a little longer when she was fighting against a higher leveled NPC!

“I’m afraid that you people don’t know what it means to die.” The people that Yaeger hated the most were those who were making lots of comments while she was fighting.

She would immediately kill those people if she was displeased by their presence!

“Lowly slave…” Kastina felt a little worried.

Yet, those worries had instantly dissipated after she remembered that Yaeger had defeated Great Warrior Kahardor that was Platinum-ranked while the former only possessed a Bronze rank.

Then, she stepped aside.

She was unable to intervene in this battle, and she had no intentions to do so anyway.

Also, it was unquestionable that she was standing on Yaeger’s side in this ordeal.

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Emperor Richard supported [Sword Clan].

While the seventh princess, Kastina, supported the [Princess].

Even the most ordinary person would clearly realize that the relationship between this father and daughter was definitely not good.

In truth, that was actually the case.

When Kastina was very young, Richard had already arranged her future marriage with the seventeenth prince of the Sky Empire.

He had completely treated her as a sacrifice meant to improve the relations of both empires.

Fortunately, [Shield Clan] from the Sky Empire forcefully canceled a marriage more than a decade ago and made Richard feel utterly humiliated.

In a fit of rage, he also canceled Kastina’s marriage arrangement as retaliation.

“The royal family is always the most ruthless.” Yaeger sighed softly while battle intent surged in her heart.

She had learned a lot from the previous battle with Kahardor.

Now, she only needed to learn to integrate her findings with actual combat.

Rehn who was Level 39 definitely had the qualifications to assist her in training.

“W̲h̲o̲r̲e̲, I’m going to kill you!” By now, Yasa had already recovered and he stared at Yaeger with bloodshot eyes.

He spoke in a grim tone of voice which also carried the pungent stench of feces.

“One against two Very well.

Although it is disgusting to fight a person that just ate feces, I don’t mind sending you off since you are deliberately seeking your own death.”

Yaeger pulled out [Sunscorch].

Flames instantly spewed and a wave of heat had emanated.

Yasa was now much cleaner after being tidied up by his servants and put on equipment on his body.

Yet, that nasty smell still emanated from him.

Rehn attacked from the left, Yasa from the right.

At this point, they no longer cared about other people’s perceptions.

They were bullying the weak and abusing their numbers, so what!

At this moment, Yasa only wished to hack Yaeger into pieces and to use her skull as his chamber pot!

‘I will kill you! I’ll kill you! Kill you!’

His consciousness was already completely engulfed by madness and killing intent.

He would never feel any relief if he could not kill Yaeger!

“Die!” After shouting the word, Yasa charged like a powerful gust of wind.

“W̲h̲o̲r̲e̲!” Rehn moved as well and he also charged at breakneck speeds.

“Come at me.” Yaeger narrowed her eyes as her aura went berserk and formed 9 barely materializing tails after leaving her body.

The massive battle was imminent!

“Combat is strictly prohibited in Jade City.

Any violators will be killed without mercy.” At this moment, an indifferent voice was suddenly heard.

Immediately after, a petite figure appeared between the 3 people that were about to clash like a phantom and pushed out with her pair of beautiful little hands that were as delicate as jade lotus stalks.

Then, 2 incredibly powerful gusts of aura formed into a massive barrier and forcefully pushed Yaeger and the rest of them into the air!


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