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(TL: Author emphasized on the “viscous yellow-black sauce-soup etc” in raws so I decided to do the same although I know that it’s a mouthful.

But feel free to change it to whatever you prefer, just want to let you know my reasoning.


As soon as she spoke, a guard not far away approached with a platter in his hand.

Someone looked further into the platter and realized that it was filled with a mixture of solids and liquids.

The solids were pitch black while the liquids were yellowish black, looking like the yellow sauce-soup.

It was obvious that this was freshly made since there was a faint trace of heat radiating from it.

There was an indescribably awful stench that made people nauseous.

“Oh s̲h̲i̲t̲! It turns out that the so-called meal is actually feces!” A player initially assumed that it was some sort of exotic food at first.

But he quickly pinched his nose and shouted after sensing that familiar smell.

At the same time, he was terrified as he realized that an NPC was forced to eat feces in public.

The Black-hearted Princess is truly terrifying! Meanwhile, he was not the only person that felt this way.

All the players present were horrified as they felt chills down their spines.

“You, don’t come here!” Yasa smelled that pungent stench and already realized the contents that were inside that platter.

He instantly screamed uncontrollably while breaking out in hives.

Despite losing all his reputation and integrity, he was still a human being.

But, if he was forced to eat feces in public, he would definitely lose his qualifications to be considered a human being.

The guard ignored Yasa.

He tried his best to stop breathing, bent down, and placed the platter of feces onto the ground.

He then quickly ran away from the scene.

Yaeger had already created a barrier with her aura before that guard arrived, keeping that disgusting stench isolated from her.

“Lowly slave, you are surprisingly a considerate person.” Kastina casually gave her a thumbs up.

“Can’t you just call me by my name” Yeager asked in exasperation.

“Your name is a little strange.

It would feel even weirder if I said it out loud.”

Since the princess was about to call someone else [Princess], how could it not be weird

“I suppose so.” Yaeger nodded and immediately glanced at Yasa.

“Somebody, feed young master Yasa the cakes… Ah, no, feed young master Yasa the feces!”

Everyone on the scene was in an uproar the moment she said those words.

“It’s about to happen, I’m so excited!”

“This is the first time I’ve seen someone eating doodoo!”

“Wow, so disgusting, it’s dirtying my eyes!” A certain person covered her face with their hands and said in disgust.

However, her eyes still stared intently through the gaps of her fingers without blinking at all.

“A demon.

The Black-hearted Princess is definitely a demon!”

“S̲h̲i̲t̲, I’d rather die than mess with her!”

“It’s so cruel!”

Yasa trembled all over after seeing the viscous yellow-black sauce-soup below him.

His face was blue and his lips were pale.

“No, no.

Your royal highness, seventh princess, you can’t do this to me!”

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“You must see through the punishment you agreed on.

I tried to persuade you back then, but unfortunately, you won’t listen.” Kastina spoke indifferently without even glancing at him.

“Your royal highness, seventh princess!” Hearing these words, Yasa was instantly heartbroken.

He realized that the royal family that his clan had devoted towards was actually heartless!

The more he thought about it, anger akin to a world-ending flame ignited in his heart.

‘A royal family like this is not qualified to receive my protection!’

At this moment, a guard pressed onto his head and pushed him down hard.

“Stop, stop! Touch me again and I’ll kill you all!” Seeing that the disgusting viscous yellow-black sauce-soup was gradually getting close to him, Yasa was utterly horrified and yelled hysterically.

At the same time, an explosive force that was akin to an updraft of flames had surged within his body and allowed him to stabilize himself.

Another guard immediately pressed onto his head as well after realizing that Yasa still had the strength to resist.

Under the physical duress of two strong forces, The distance between the yellow soup and Yasa has shortened again.

Soon, they would make intimate contact!

The onlookers dared not to blink as they looked at the scene, fearing that they might miss the most exciting spectacle that they had ever seen.

Getting close.

Getting closer.

Getting closer.

Yasa was about to eat it!

The tension at the scene started increasing, everyone bated their breath.

“I will kill you all, I must kill you all!” Yasa’s face was currently less than 10 centimeters away from that viscous yellow-black sauce-soup.

The pungent smell made him feel nauseous while the hatred in his heart had risen to its absolute zenith.

He despised Yaeger, the royal family, and also these onlookers!

‘Someday I will definitely kill you all!’

He was 5 centimeters away from eating that yellow-black sauce-soup.

Everyone concentrated like never before, their eyes widened as they wished to bear witness to the scene that was grand enough to be recorded in the Empire’s history books.

“Stop it, everyone stop!”

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At this moment, a deafening shout was heard from not far away.

The two guards stopped at the same time and looked in the direction of that voice.

They saw a chubby middle-aged man with an anxious expression, on top of a black Edge Leopard that was galloping over here.

Yasa was so emotional that he wished to shout after hearing that familiar voice.

Yet, he made the decision to keep his mouth shut after noticing the viscous yellow-black sauce-soup right in front of him.

The incoming person was none other than Yasa’s uncle—Rehn.

Yaeger raised her eyebrows and realized that the inevitable had happened!

“Ignore him, let Yasa eat his meal immediately!”

The two guards hesitated first after hearing Yeager’s orders.

Then, they deliberated in their hearts and realized that a great noble had ordered them to stop, while an outsider had told them to continue.

It was a painfully obvious decision to make.


How dare you two disobey the seventh princess’ order!” Yaeger shouted loudly as a response.

Now that they had to weigh the great nobleman against the seventh princess, the two soldiers instantly trembled.

They shouted in their hearts, ‘we must naturally obey the seventh princess!’

But when they were about to make a move, Rehn shouted, “His Majesty proclaimed that Yasa’s bet is invalid and his punishment will be nullified!”

The Emperor or the seventh Princess… Do they need to think about it

The two guards immediately let go and Yasa was freed.

Yaeger frowned slightly and felt dissatisfaction in her heart.

‘It is a matter between us two kids, why would you interfere as the Emperor!’

However, the following words would make her even more dissatisfied, no, absolutely enraged.

“Moreover, the outsider, [Princess] did not participate in the audition according to the rules and privately accepted the trial in the Tower of Heroes.

Furthermore, it is suspected that she might be cheating during the process.

Therefore, the results of her trial event will be invalidated and all her rewards will be canceled! Yasa is now certified as the first place in this event, such is his proclamation!”

The black Edge Leopard leaped across and stopped not far away from Yaeger.

At the same time, Rehn had finished reading the proclamation.

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The players on the scene were all stunned.

Then, their expressions gradually became twisted and they felt ecstasy in their hearts.

‘Black-heated Princess, you deserve it!’

Despite not knowing the specifics about this event, they were already satisfied as long as they knew that [Princess] had suffered a defeat against the NPCs.

‘She deserves it!’

‘Do you think this is still the Novice Village where you can do whatever you want’

‘You are finally taught a lesson!’

“Didn’t expect it, right” Yasa raised his head and grimaced at Yaeger.

“I have the support of His Majesty! You damned foreigner, w̲h̲o̲r̲e̲! Sooner or later, I will have my way with you and make you die in the worst way possible! Hahahahahaha!”

“Burp~Hahahahahaha!” That mesmerizing laughter resounded throughout the area.

By now, Yasa had come up with hundreds of ways to deal with Yaeger.

“Dog Emperor, you forced my hand.” On the other side, Yaeger had not even glanced at him.

Her expression was cold as she slightly moved her plump lips as she uttered inaudible noises.

The moment she spoke, Yasa felt that his body was tightened and petrified, as if he was grabbed by a massive monster.

Then, his upper body uncontrollably dived into the floor.

There was a serving of a fresh and delicious meal on that spot.


At this moment, Yasa retained his previous expression while he was madly laughing.

His mouth was widened to the point of being able to fit in a fist and big as a casserole.

‘Stop it! Stop it! Stop it now!’

He was shouting hysterically in his heart.

But unfortunately.

He couldn’t stop.

He couldn’t struggle anymore.

With a bang.

Yasa finally ate the most unforgettable meal in his life.


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