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“Kastina, can you give me the fifty million right now”

Yaeger suddenly spoke on the exquisite carriage.

They were currently heading to Jadeleaf Plaza while garnering lots of attention.

Many people stayed and spectated on Crystal Avenue, hushed whispers were heard everywhere.

“Lowly slave, are you in such a hurry to spend money”

“Not really.”

“Then why would you ask for the money now” Kastina was slightly puzzled.

“Money is something that only shows its value when you can hold it in your hands.

Otherwise, it will mean nothing but just a string of numbers.” Yaeger spoke.

She had a hunch that something else might change in this matter.

Thus, she wanted to claim that money as soon as possible.

“It’s so troublesome, I really hate troublesome things the most.” Kastina said.

“After I get the full amount, I’ll give you half of it.” Yaeger stared at her and spoke gently.

The next moment.

“Somebody, take this bet agreement and my status token, immediately go to the bank operated by [Sword Clan] and retrieve fifty million.

If you bring me even one less gold coin, I will definitely not kill you all!”

But she would definitely make them half dead.

Kastina did not say that out but her guard captain understood it innately.

He acknowledged his orders after twitching his face and ran off to get the money.

“……” Yaeger only glanced at Kastina and smirked with an unknown purpose.

Seeing this, Kastina blushed and said hurriedly, “Hmph.

I am not a person that will be swayed by money! But… But… There’s really too much money this time!”

“I’m not saying that you are blinded by greed, why would you make all these explanations” Yaeger smirked.

Kastina actually deserved the money anyway.

After all, Yaeger wouldn’t be able to scam this much money without her being the guarantor.

“I just made a casual remark!” Kastina said while feeling guilty.

“By the way, what are the rewards for this event” Yaeger changed the topic.

“About the reward… Let me think… Seems like the first place will get five hundred thousand as the prize money, and also some rare materials.”

“What materials” Yaeger was a lot less enthusiastic about the prize money after easily earning a lot of it from that bet.

Actually, she was a lot more concerned about the materials.

“There are several kinds.

I didn’t remember them all.” Kastina said.

“Just say the ones that you remembered.”

“Lowly slave, you are really annoying.

Sigh, I suppose I’m just unlucky.

The materials, um… There’s [Night Lily] and [Optimus Grass], I can’t remember the rest.”

Yaeger’s eyes widened the moment she heard about [Night Lily].

That was one of the main ingredients for creating [Berserk Drug].

Its function was to neutralize the effects and prevent the drug from being too intense and harming the user’s body.

[Night Lily] usually grew around the Darkwood Cliffs in the Ironhoof Tribe’s area.

Not only was it difficult to collect it, but it’s collectors might also even be attacked by the tribe members.


Now that [Night Lily] was one of the rewards of the events, it had definitely saved Yaeger a lot of time and hassle.

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“Is there a large amount of [Night Lily]” She asked impatiently.

“There’s about twenty or so.

Lowly slave, do you really need this material” Kastina asked curiously.

“I do, and I need a lot.” 20 [Night Lilies] would be able to create 20 [Berserk Drugs] under normal circumstances.

It was a sufficient amount for Yaeger to use for a while.

“I’ll look around for you when I have spare time.”

“You are actually quite a good person.” Yaeger smiled.

Hearing this, Kastina blushed: “Don’t… Don’t misunderstand me! I only feel idle and bored, I never thought about actually helping you! Getting ahead of yourself is not good!”

“Yes, I understand.” Yaeger had a deeper smile on her face.

As they spoke, the convoy had reached in front of the plaza.

The guards opened a path as Yaeger and Kastina disembarked.

They instantly attracted countless gazes.

Some players broke out in cold sweats the moment they saw Yaeger.

Yet, their fearful emotions only calm down after realizing that she was walking while talking with a person that seemed affluent.

Immediately, they felt curious and wanted to check it out.

As the information was spread deliberately by certain people, it was now known to everyone that Yasa was about to be punished in Jadeleaf Plaza.

There were now large amounts of spectators on the scene.

Meanwhile, Yasa was escorted to the center of the plaza like a prisoner.

“No, you people can’t do this to me.

I am the prodigy of [Sword Clan] and I have made contributions to the Empire! I bled for the Empire!”

He instantly shouted the moment his cloth gag was removed, it was very annoying and loud.

“Let us begin.” Kastina said impatiently.

Hearing this, the guards immediately started to remove Yasa’s attire.

“No, you can’t do this!” Since his strength was sealed, Yasa found it difficult to resist.

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Soon after, his attire was completely removed and he looked like a newborn baby.

Yaeger and Kastina stood four meters away.

The former was staring straight ahead, while the latter was mesmerized as she looked at the former’s side profile.

Kastina had no interest to watch Yasa’s predicament since it was too extreme for her tastes.

‘Is it an illusion… The lowly slave seems like she’s even more attractive after coming out of the Tower of Heroes.

So dazzling that she could get people killed.’

Meanwhile, Yaeger was even less interested in these things.

At this stage, players were granted special protection.

Even if they saw other people being completely naked, the important bits would be censored anyway.

“Pfft, so small like a needle!” Although the players could not see the uncensored scene, the NPCs were able to.

Everyone burst into laughter as soon as that remark was heard.

Even some players uncontrollably laughed.

“Judging from the size of that mosaic, it’s definitely the size of a single enoki mushroom!” A Warrior player laughed.

“Tsk tsk tsk, upload some screenshots to the forum and let everyone enjoy it! It’s better to share the love!”

Yaeger was expressionless and felt indifferent as she listened to the vulgar words around her.

She had zero sympathies for Yasa.

Because this punishment was initially proposed by him.

If she was the loser, then who would feel pity for her or sympathize with her Thus, those who play with fire will burn themselves!

A person will never be landed in trouble if they don’t seek trouble.

Hence, Yasa reaped what he sowed!

“You guys, stop looking! I said stop looking!” On the other side, Yasa shouted hysterically and his face was so blushed and started turning black.

At this point, the reputation and integrity he amassed in his entire lifetime were completely ruined.


Two guards pressed onto Yasa’s shoulders and exerted force, making him kneel on the ground.

“Ahhhhh, I’m going to kill all of you!” His reputation was ruined, his dignity was decimated as well.

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Yasa now roared loudly like an injured beast.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t stand up no matter how hard he struggled.

Everyone felt extreme pleasure the moment they saw the scene.

‘So what if he’s a noble He still has to kneel in front of us anyway!’

Moreover, he had to kneel without any shred of dignity!

“You asked for this.

If you didn’t provoke me, you will still be a prideful prodigy.” Yaeger spoke calmly.

By now, the guard captain returned to Kastina’s side and respectfully presented her a small exquisite box.

Opening it, it was filled with golden banknotes.

“Lowly slave, not a single gold coin lesser!” Kastina said excitedly after thoroughly counting it.

“Very well, let’s split the spoils.

No, let’s split the money later.

We must first attend to young master Yasa properly.”

Yaeger snapped her fingers.

“Somebody, serve young master Yasa his meal!”


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