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The scene was quiet.

Many people were intimidated by Yaeger’s aura.

Although some of them were not frightened by her, they still had no intention to instigate any conflicts with her.

On the other side, Rehn and the others who heard her shout instantly stopped and turned around stiffly.

Their expressions were extremely unnatural.

Now, the people finally realized that [Sword Clan] was planning to flee but they were caught red-handed by [Princess].

They were utterly embarrassed at this point!

“We’re about to find the person in charge to verify if she cheated!” Rehn pointed at Yaeger and spoke without a hint of deceit.

Some people were definitely stunned by how thick-skinned he was.

However, his words once again reminded certain people that they were able to do this as well! Indeed, [Princess] would never be claimed the greatest prodigy within the Empire if the government officials refused to acknowledge her accomplishments.

‘A mere foreigner is not qualified to become the greatest prodigy of our Empire!’ This was what most people felt like.

“Verify it, we must verify it!”

“Fairness, we demand fairness!”

“Cheaters deserve a painful death!”

“Cheaters don’t deserve to be human!”

The momentum picked up once again and the crowd became rowdy once again, it was absolutely chaotic.

Rehn only smirked as a reaction and felt amused in his heart.

‘As expected of the sheeple, they are absolutely brainless! However, we will be truly troubled if you people had brains!’

In any era, it was a common practice for people to cause a ruckus.

Since as the saying goes: a crying child gets the milk.

Rehn was absolutely confident that once he had caused enough trouble, the government officials would definitely assume that [Princess] was a cheater to resolve this outrage.

‘It can’t be helped since you have no power or authority, and you’re an outsider as well!’

No matter what, he would never allow Yasa to fulfill the penalties of losing that bet.

It was because this was no longer only Yasa’s concern since the entire [Sword Clan] was involved as well! No clan would be able to afford to receive the immense shame of having one of their members eat feces in public.

Yaeger frowned slightly and her expression grew colder.

She already expected that the [Sword Clan] would weasel their way out of this, but the reactions of these involved spectators truly disgusted her.

‘Why don’t I just kill a few of them to set an example’ At this moment, setting an example was the best solution for her.

Yaeger obviously knew what she should do since she was considered the Demon King that had terrorized the Novice Villages.

Flames rose from [Sunscorch], a wave of heat manifested with Yaeger as its origin and quickly spread out the surrounding areas in a circular shape.

When she was about to take action and eliminate a few of those annoying vermin, a voice was heard.

“Everybody, shut up!”

It was the seventh princess.

The scene gradually quieted down.

They could disregard anyone’s words in this place except for the seventh princess.

Because she currently represented the entire royal family.

After a few seconds, the scene finally fell silent.

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“Are there holes in your brains Or maybe are you all actually idiots Cheating in the Tower of Heroes This tower has existed before your ancestor’s ancestor’s ancestor had existed.

Our Empire has researched it for thousands of years and never figured out anything.

But a person who just came to Jade City is actually able to cheat in it Think about it with your less-developed brains, is that possible!”

Kastina’s words were powerful.

More importantly, she was reasonable.

Could [Princess] alone do something that an entire Empire had failed to achieve

How could that be possible!

“Your royal highness, seventh princess, there are exceptions in anything…” Rehn opened his mouth but was interrupted before he could finish.

“I said that she didn’t cheat, I mean what I said.” Kastina said arrogantly.

Then, she instantly switched the topic.

“Yasa, it’s time for you to pay the fifty million gold coins that you owe.

As for the remaining penalties, of course, you must fulfill them.”

Hearing this, Yasa’s face turned pale and he trembled uncontrollably.

“Your royal highness, seventh princess, please show mercy!” Rehn said quickly.

“It’s already clearly written in black and white.

Moreover, Yasa is the one who insisted on officially registering this bet.

So, it has an absolute legal binding force.”

Kastina held the bet agreement and spoke calmly.

“Pfft!” At this moment, someone laughed uncontrollably.

If the official agreement did not exist, this affair would be easily glossed over after feeling some embarrassment.

Yet, Yasa deliberately chose to ruin himself by doing this.

In that case, he had no one else to blame but himself.

“Your royal highness, seventh princess, we are the [Sword Clan] that is the guardian of the royal family.

We have bled and sacrificed our lives for the Empire.

You can’t make us suffer humiliation because of an outsider!”

Rehn clenched his fists and shouted hysterically.

“That’s right, you can’t do this to our clan!” Yasa also shouted.

Soon after, members of the [Sword Clan] also exclaimed one by one.

“Your clan is indeed valorous.

But our royal family has always been fair and impartial and never favors anyone.

You will definitely be rewarded for your merits.

But you will also be punished if you make any mistakes!”

Kastina spoke righteously and exuded a sense of righteousness.

However, everyone else only felt discontent in their hearts.

‘You absolute liar, you are the scourge of this empire!’

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They would probably believe it if these words were said by another member of the royal family.

However, it was definitely not persuasive when the seventh princess was the person in question.

Moreover, they knew that the seventh princess and [Princess] definitely shared an extraordinary relationship.

She was definitely defending [Princess] by doing this!

Rehn wanted to say more things but he was interjected by Kastina.

“Arrest him!”

The moment she spoke, the two maids beside her focused their gaze and flew out.

They immediately apprehended Yasa.

Yaeger was slightly startled at the scene.

She had never noticed that these two maids were actually such powerful individuals.

“Uncle, save me, I don’t want to eat feces!” Yasa struggled frantically and shouted.

Yet, it was a pity that the two maids had metal clamps for hands, he was completely pinned down.

“Your royal highness, seventh princess!” Rehn’s eyes were absolutely widened as veins popped inside his forehead.

His expression was completely darkened as he was utterly enraged.

“Since the bet agreement has been signed, then you must obey it.

The laws of the Empire will never show any sympathy.”

Kastina looked indifferent while facing Rehn’s fiery rage.

“Very well! Nice of you to not show sympathy!” Rehn laughed angrily and glanced at Yasa, then left with the rest of his clan members.

Yasa breathed a sigh of relief after seeing their departure.

Because he knew that Rehn was going to ask for the emperor’s help.

It was still early in the day.

Thus, he knew that he would be safe if he waited for a little while longer!

“Kastina, the bet agreement didn’t specify that the punishment must be executed at noon, right” Yaeger faintly noticed something after seeing Rehn leaving in a hurry.

“No.” Kastina looked at the agreement and replied.

“Very well then.

I want him to immediately fulfill the conditions of that bet agreement, strip naked and kneel in Jadeleaf Plaza for an hour.

Also, he has to eat three pounds of feces!”

Yaeger sheathed [Sunscorch] and smiled softly.

Everyone felt numbness in their scalps the moment they heard those words and saw her beautiful smile.

They yelled in their hearts, ‘indeed, the more beautiful a woman, the crazier she is.

The wise words said by ancient people are definitely the truth!’

“No! Seventh princess, you can’t listen to her! I have shed my blood for the Empire, I have gained merits for the Empire! You can’t do this to me!”

“So noisy.

Gag him and take him away.” This was how Kastina responded to Yasa’s words.

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“Woooooo!” The next moment, his mouth was stuffed by a piece of cloth with an unknown origin that was vaguely stained red.


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