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Going a little back in time.

As if it was a tornado, the news about Yasa clearing the eleventh floor had ravaged the entire Jade City.

Everyone within the area, regardless of age, gender, and status were all discussing the future legend!

“Have you heard about Yasa…”

Similar remarks were used as conversation starters within every single corner of the city.

Soon enough, the entire city’s atmosphere became cheerful.

From the lowest commoner to the Emperor himself, every single person was all filled with excitement.

It had been a long time since a potential legend had appeared within their country!

All these years, the Jade Empire was growing increasingly inferior to the Sky Empire due to their decline of strength.

The second reason was the lack of talent, which led to the Jade Empire being repeatedly humiliated by the Sky Empire in various international events.

Hence, their image could only plummet again and again!

To this day, people still remember the so-called friendly exchange event where the Sky Empire had sent a group of prodigies to the Jade Empire and then utterly humiliated all the prodigies from the latter.

How shameful, how humiliating! But now.

They finally felt the hope in reestablishing themselves once again.

Which was Yasa, the pride of the Empire! A future legend!

One second, two seconds, three seconds…Eight seconds passed as time flowed.

Outside the tower.

“Hahahahaha, It’s actually that damned woman!” The moment someone was ejected from that magic formation and landed on the ground, People of [Sword Clan] noticed that the red dot on the eighth floor that was displayed on the stone stele had instantly disappeared and they laughed loudly.

“As a common mortal, you already did great by reaching the eighth floor.” Rehn looked indifferent while feeling prideful.

“Sadly, you are still insignificant when compared to Yasa!”

“Our Yasa is the one chosen by the divines, who else can compete with him”


“Yasa, number one in the world!”

“Future legend, unparalleled hero!”

The people from the other affluent clans agreed as well.

However, they were all instantly stunned the moment they clearly recognized the person who was rolling on the ground.

Their minds all blanked out as if they were struck by lightning!

The scene was eerily quiet and embarrassment permeated the area.

Suddenly, it almost seemed like they were getting slapped left right and center.

Countless people felt pain on their faces as embarrassment madly surged from the depths of their souls.

Then, they started feeling incredible shame!

At this moment, their emotions were akin to someone who was flirting with a self-proclaimed cutey on the web and felt the spark of love, only to find that out this so-called cutey was actually a strong and robust old lady! Could they not be ashamed, could they not be angered

Kastina opened her small mouth and blinked, unable to process the information.

“As expected of the eighth Floor Master, he’s so terrifying!” That person stood up and patted the dust on his clothes then spoke in realization.

He was tall and handsome and looked about 18 years old.

Aside from the widely recognized pride of the Empire, Eagle of the Empire, and future legend—Yasa, who else could it be

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Yasa frowned and eventually came to a realization after noticing that everyone surrounding him was deathly quiet.

‘They must be intimidated by my results.

Hehe, I suppose so.

It’s been several years since someone made it up to the eighth floor after all.’

He fluttered the hair on his head and let out a confident smile.

“I didn’t perform optimally today and only reached the eighth floor, please don’t laugh at me.”

Him saying those words was akin to a genius telling an idiot that he had flunked his exams.

Indeed, he was simply boasting and only showed his superiority.

Sadly, he had no capital to boast this time around.

Because the results he attained were truly laughable.

The scene was still eerily quiet.

These people’s eyes and lips were trembling and stared at Yasa in absolute anger.

The prouder they felt at the beginning, the more shameful they felt now.

On the other side, members of the [Sword Clan] blushed in anger, trembled all over, and sweated constantly.

They were screaming in their hearts, ‘a dream, I must be dreaming a horrible nightmare!’

No one dared to accept reality since it was too cruel and too embarrassing!

Rehn’s eyes widened to the point of exploding as he felt blood churning within his stomach.

His face had changed colors, from red to black.

He really wanted to slam his head against a brick wall right now and wake up from his dreams.

The surrounding people from the other factions slowly backed off.

They all felt disgusted and grossed out after recalling how they patronized the [Sword Clan] just now.

Bang bang bang!

“Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! I’m going to die from laughing!” Just as everyone else was clueless about how they should approach Yasa and [Sword Clan], Kastina uncontrollably laughed hysterically and smashed the table with her fists not far away.

Yasa instantly frowned after seeing the seventh princess ungraceful laugh and seemed disdainful.

‘Does a royal member like her really deserve our protection’

He shook his head lightly and cast away those thoughts.

Then, he walked to [Sword Clan] with a brisk pace and spoke proudly, “uncle, I have finally surpassed Kahn and became the best prodigy of the clan.

No, I am already the greatest prodigy within the new generation!”

Hearing these words, Rehn spat out a mouthful of blood and nearly fainted.

“Ya… Young master Yasa.

You are not the best this time!” At this moment, Yasa’s servant could no longer endure the ominous feeling that permeated the scene and decided to tell him the truth.


At the same time, the magic formation of the Tower of Heroes flashed.

Everyone, including Yasa, looked over.

They only saw a girl with unparalleled beauty walking out in graceful steps.

She was indeed Yaeger.

“What are you people looking at Never saw a pretty girl before” Yaeger landed on the ground gracefully and spoke indifferently after glancing at everyone else.

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‘You are not the best this time!’ Yasa felt chills down his spine after recalling what his servant had said just now.

Since he was not the best, then it was obvious that this woman took the position!

At this moment, Yasa suddenly remembered the bet he previously participated in and recalled the ominous atmosphere that permeated the scene just now.

“Cheater… Cheater.

It’s impossible that you will do better than me! There must be something wrong!” Yasa trembled all over his body and even spoke with a trembling voice.

“That’s right, you must be cheating! You must have cheated!”

He pointed at Yaeger and shouted.

Hearing this, some people might think that Yasa was unwilling to admit defeat, but more people actually believed him.

This foreigner cheated! Even if there was no cheating involved, she still cheated!

As a mere outsider, how could she be lauded as the greatest prodigy within the Empire! They could never afford to lose this one! They would definitely become a laughingstock to other countries!




Many people shouted in unison.

Then, it spread like a virus and more people joined in the shouting.

The scene gradually became chaotic.

Rehn returned to his senses and instantly tugged Yasa’s sleeves, hinting with his eyes, ‘hurry up and go!’

The latter understood and started to sneakily leave the scene by tipping his toes.

He was already utterly embarrassed.

If he still remained here, he feared that he might even lose the right to be considered as a human being!

“Noisy!” Suddenly, flames swelled on the scene and a heatwave washed over the area.

“Do you believe that I’ll kill all of you” Yaeger held [Sunscorch] in her hands with an indifferent expression.

She turned her gaze and glanced at Yasa’s group.

“Young hero, please stay.

We haven’t settled our score yet.”


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