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“Yasa, a legend!”

“Yasa, a legend!”

“Yasa, a legend!”

A uniformed chant was heard in the scene.

Meanwhile, Kastina propped up her chin with one hand and let out a confused expression on her pretty face.

She did not believe that Yasa was strong enough to do that.


‘The lowly slave said that she would at least reach the tenth level, I suppose that’s plausible.

But I don’t think it’s possible for her to complete the eleventh level.’

Level Restrictions were in place for the first 10 floors of the Tower of Heroes.

Things would be easier since the challengers would handle threats with the same level.

However, everything would be different once they reached the eleventh floor.

Since even the weakest Floor Master would have a Platinum rank!

It was proper to assume that the true trial for heroes only began after they reached the eleventh floor.

Since Yaeger was only Bronze-ranked, she would never be able to defeat a Platinum-ranked Floor Master under normal circumstances!

“Moreover, the Floor Master of the eleventh floor is that person.” Kastina stared at the Tower of Heroes and mumbled to herself.

Now, the crowd gradually settled down.

Someone suddenly said, “I can’t imagine that Yasa will actually defeat the Great Warrior, absolutely unbelievable.”

“Great Warrior Who is that” Someone asked.

“You don’t even know the Great Warrior Which backwater village did you just come out from The Great Warrior is Kahardor, who felled a flying dragon with a sword!”

“Hiss~! It’s actually him!”

“That’s right, one of the top ten individuals within the Empire, Great Warrior Kahardor!”

“Yasa already defeated that person right after entering the Platinum rank, his future prospects are truly limitless!”

“Although the spirit body on the eleventh floor was left behind by Kahardor over thirty years ago, he was already a Platinum-ranked powerhouse by then.

He could easily defeat someone that surpassed his rank!”

“Then, doesn’t this mean that Yasa is likely to surpass the Great Warrior in the future!” Someone exclaimed.


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“Could Yasa actually be stronger than the absolute prodigy in the [Shield Clan] of the Sky Empire You should know that woman is lauded as an absolute prodigy that only appears once in a thousand years!”


Yasa already has the potential to reach the Mythical rank at such a young age, someone like him only appears once in ten thousand years.

Naturally, he will be much better than that woman!”

Someone spoke disdainfully with a prideful expression on his face.

“There’s finally a true prodigy in our Empire again!”

“[Sword Clan] is about to ascend to the skies!”

“Yasa, You are now the pride of our Empire!”

“Yasa, the Eagle of the Empire! Future Legend!”

“Yasa, I want to make many babies with you!”

Within the moment, the crowd was excited.

Many of them somehow felt an unknown sense of pride within their hearts.

When the [Shield Clan] had forcefully canceled their marriage arrangement back then, [Sword Clan] was forced to stomach their frustrations.

Now, their perceived image as a coward in everyone’s hearts was now slowly shifting into a tall and indomitable figure.

[Sword Clan] will definitely rise!


As a clan with a [Legend] in their ranks, it was difficult for them to not ascend in status!

“Yasa, you will have to completely wash away all the humiliations that we suffered!” The people in [Sword Clan] shouted uncontrollably.

They had become the national laughing stock after having the marriage arrangement forcefully canceled by [Shield Clan].

They had been having a difficult time all these years.

But now, Yasa had appeared out of nowhere and became the most brilliant character within the empire.

The entire clan was now immensely prideful and excited for their future!

“My nephew Yasa! You shall defend the glory of our Empire! Long live the Jade Empire!” Rehn was in tears as he was incredibly emotional.

Hearing this, everyone now remembered that [Sword Clan] was the anointed guardian of the Empire’s royal family.

Many people immediately blushed.

They now realized that they had been ridiculing this family back then! They were ashamed! Absolutely ashamed!

At the same time.

They were prideful.

Extremely proud! Because Yasa was now considered the pride of the Empire! His glory would spread all over the continent! As children of the Empire, how could they not be prideful and excited

“Yasa, Pride of the Empire!”

Someone somehow shouted this phrase at first.

Then, the entire crowd went berserk!

Inside the tower.

After defeating Kahardor, Yaeger was sent to the twelfth floor.

It was a beautiful place with blooming fields of flowers and dazzling scenery.

“I’m so tired.” Yaeger breathed a sigh of relief while sitting on the grass.

It was never a simple thing for her to fight someone above her rank.

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“I don’t know what kind of freak will be on the twelfth floor, it’s best if I replenish my energy first…”

A challenger was allowed to replenish their energy as they pleased before fighting the Floor Master.

But they were forbidden from using any restorative items when the fight had commenced.

“Ding!” When Yaeger pulled out a mana recovery potion, a system alert was suddenly heard.

This was another full server broadcast.

“The player [Princess] had reached the [Hero Ranking] with the ability of a Bronze-ranked and created an unprecedented record.

She is given the title: [Bronze King].

Reward: 2 points for all basic attributes, 1000 points to Potential, 500 points to Mana, and 10,000 gold coins.”

Yaeger was gradually filled with joy after listening to the broadcast.

However, the smiles of all the players on the Linhnan server gradually disappeared.

Moreover, a pungent smell of sourness now permeated the air.

Gradually, it spread to the outside world as well.

All of the players were now afflicted and turned into lemons from the excessive sourness they felt.

Within the game forums, a large wave of players had reported [Princess] for cheating.

However, it was to no avail.

There was no official response.

«Shocking! A player is cheating publicly but the game officials ignored it! Is this the provision of human nature, or the loss of morality Please click…»

Within a moment, the forums were spammed with similar posts.

“I, Yaeger, did not cheat!” Yeager spoke in displeasure after closing the forums.

People nowadays could never stomach someone else doing better than them.

There were too many of these envious dogs to count!

“[Princess] is the one hacking, so does it have anything to do with me, Yaeger”

After speaking, she gulped down a bottle of high-level mana restoration potion.

She waited until her energy was replenished.

Then, she stood up and walked towards a lake that was not far away.

There was a vague woman figure that she could see.

The figure gradually became clearer as she approached.

Then, Yaeger could see her opponent’s level.

Level 50, that message was extremely conspicuous.

“I can’t fight her, I can’t fight her.

Time to run!” She already turned around without hesitation and ran before finishing her words.

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Since she had such a hard time defeating Kahardor who was Level 35, it was unquestionable that she would be trampled if she fought against a Level 50 freak.

‘Since I reached my goal anyway, there’s no reason for me to ask for a beating.’

She had successfully obtained [Dragon Abyss Sword: Sunscorch] and also a lot more benefits, she had exceeded her own goals by large amounts.

“If I have free time after Level 30, I’ll come and challenge it again.”

Yaeger recited the word ‘exit’ in her heart and white light flickered on her body.

“Ding! You have defeated the Floor Master on the eleventh floor, [Kahardor].

You are granted the qualification to leave an energy body behind on the eleventh floor.”

At this time, the system was heard again.

The next moment, two options appeared in front of Yaeger.

Accept the offer.Refuse the offer.

After realizing that she would gain no benefits despite choosing either of the choices, she chose the first choice with slight disappointment.

“Hopefully, this ‘me’ would not become a nightmare for the rest of you.”

Outside the tower.

“Hmph, that woman is surely lucky.

She actually reached the eighth floor.” The people from [Sword Clan] looked at the change of the red dot on that stone stele and spoke in disdain.

“The eighth floor is already her limit.”

“That’s true.

I bet a gold coin that she will be booted out within a minute!”

“I bet ten gold coins!”

“A hundred!”

The atmosphere on the scene was lively.

They were not optimistic about the chances of [Princess], the outsider, at all.

Compared to the prodigy that was native to the Empire, they felt that she was insignificant.

Yes, insignificant!


Suddenly, the magic circle of the tower’s structure had flashed.

Then, a figure was ejected from it and rolled onto the ground.


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