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Yaeger felt like she heard the sound of an incoming wave.

Immediately after, her defensive shield was impacted by the ‘wave’ and started trembling intensely.

‘What a terrifying impact!’

Her protective shield instantly contorted and she was constantly knocked back.

The second wave followed after.

This time around, the impact was actually stronger than the first time! Yaeger struggled to maintain her shield and waited for the impact to dissipate.

However, Kahardor’s attacks seemed to never end as the waves kept on coming! The constantly overlapping impact force finally imploded at this very moment.


The overwhelming impact force destroyed the defensive shield and achieved its goal! Yaeger’s eyes narrowed.

She was about to dodge it before hearing a noise coming from above.

“[Flame Slash]!” It was Kahardor.

He made a jumping attack and directly sliced towards Yaeger’s head.

Being assaulted by two kinds of attacks, she instantly canceled her shield and smirked.

Kahardor was slightly puzzled after seeing her smile.

She was currently in a desperate state, how could she smile

The answer will be revealed immediately.

Yaeger had suddenly disappeared! Indeed, she actually disappeared.

Totally disappeared!

[Thousand Waves] and Kahardor’s jumping slash both missed its mark.



The next moment, Kahardor felt pain in his body and realized that there was a blade protruding out of his stomach after looking down.

It was a bright red sword.

Behind him stood a girl who was unparalleled in beauty.

“I misaimed the stab because I was too hasty.” As she spoke, flames started rising from that sword.

There were now barbeque smells on the scene.

Kahardor was completely stunned and dumbfounded.

He could never imagine that Yaeger who was stuck in a state of desperation just now would suddenly turn the tables within the blink of an eye!

‘How did she do it’

However, now was not the time for him to deliberate about these things.

The intense pain made Kahardor regain his senses, he then heavily stomped on the ground and rushed forward.

Blood spurted wildly and spilled onto the ground.

Yaeger watched intently with an indifferent expression.

Just now, she used [Flash] to avoid Kahardor’s attacks and immediately entered [Shadow Skulk] and then used [Shadow Strike] behind his back.

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When this skill was activated, her Critical Damage would be increased by 150% for 1 second and ignore all the Defense of her opponent.

After doubling her Critical Rate using [Precision Strike], her Critical Damage was now at 300%.

With the additional 30% damage when using [Shadow Skulk], her Damage now reached a terrifying 330%!

At the same time, she also triggered the Special Effect of [Dragon Abyss Sword: Sunscorch], [Demonic Flameslash] which also dealt 330% of its normal damage!

Kahardor lost half his health within a single blow, it was absolutely terrifying.

Of course, this attack also cost a lot.

Just using [Flash] alone had spent 100 Mana.

“Huff… Huff… You…” Kahardor covered the wound with his hand and breathed heavily as he looked at Yaeger with shock.

This was the first time he was injured to this extent.

“The attack just now… Good, very good.

You are indeed very powerful.

But this ends now!”

After speaking, Kahardor fiercely gritted his teeth and widened his eyes, green veins exposed on his forehead as all the muscles in his body suddenly tightened up.

At the same time, his wound that was nearly 3 fingers wide had miraculously stopped bleeding.

Seeing this, Yaeger was absolutely unfazed because she was accustomed to seeing these things already.

“You are seriously injured right now.

My strength is limited as well.

Now, let’s see who can have the last laugh.”

Hearing this, Kahardor remained silent because he didn’t wish to spend any energy on speaking.

The way he harshly treated that wound just now would not last long, as it would actually implode when the time limit has reached and he would cause more harm to himself!

He stared at Yaeger while holding his sword and taking imperceptible steps.

As they stared at each other, a gust of wind blew past.

Suddenly, Kahardor took a powerful step forward and charged like an arrow leaving the bow.

When he entered Yaeger’s 5-meter radius, Yaeger also moved.

The two figures collided and blade light flickered! There were no elaborate and fancy techniques used.

The both of them only madly sliced at each other.

The scene was now filled with sparks and spewing flames!

“Waaagh!” After more than 10 seconds, someone flew out and spewed a mouthful of blood.

It was actually Kahardor who was sent flying.

He fell onto the ground unceremoniously with flames burning on his body.

‘There is something wrong with this young girl’s sword.

Very wrong!’

After dispersing the flames using his sword energy, Kahardor stared at Yaeger with absolute vigilance.

He had suffered a harsh defeat in the confrontation just now.

Not because his opponent had better swordsmanship, but there was something wrong with her weapon!

“The trigger rate of the Special Effects is not bad.” Yaeger glanced at the sword in her hand and spoke in satisfaction.

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When the two were slashing against each other, she was at an obvious disadvantage in terms of swordsmanship.

However, she had used Special Effects to compensate for her lack of technique!

The third special effect of [Dragon Abyss Sword: Sunscorch]: There was a 10% chance to trigger [Demonic Flameslash] during attacks.

Since Yeager was able to release that skill once in every few attacks, it tormented Kahardor and caused him to lose a lot of health.

“I seem to be a little stronger now.” Before the battle was concluded, Yaeger already figured out her limits.

She was completely capable of defeating a Level 35 Warrior if she had access to her sword and crossbow!

On the other side, Kahardor realized that his wound was showing signs of tearing and knew that he could no longer drag this on.

He instantly attacked again and tried to defeat Yaeger before his wound tore once again!

Yet, it was often for people to make mistakes when they were in a hurry.

Kahardor was no exception.

He instantly felt a bad premonition the moment he charged towards Yaeger.

As if affirming Kahardor’s bad premonition, over a dozen tentacles suddenly appeared without any warning and tangled him up.

“Have you ever tasted death by a thousand cuts”

Yaeger smiled sweetly with [Sunscorch] in her hands and simultaneously activated [Precision Strike], [Rapid Attack], and [Multi Slash].

In the blink of an eye, blade flashes enveloped the entire area and painful screams were constantly heard!

Outside the tower.

The challengers of this event had all entered the tower.

However, there were only 2 challengers who remained within the tower until this point!

The stele indicated two red dots—one on the eleventh floor while the other was on the seventh floor.

“Hmph, it’s really surprising to know that a woman can actually reach the seventh floor!” A member of the [Sword Clan] spoke in displeasure.

“She is considered the strongest person in Bronze-rank after all.

It should be no surprise that she’s able to reach the seventh floor.

However, the seventh floor will be her limit.”

Rehn paused before continuing.

“Hmph! She’s just an ordinary prodigy after all.

She can never compete with our Yasa!”

He said those words with a prideful demeanor that made him look superior to others.

“That is indeed the case.” Someone from another excellent family played along.

Then, a bunch of people started flattering Rehn in various ways.

At this moment, he felt as if he had reached the prime moment in his life.

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‘I feel so excited!’ The feeling of regaining his honor and pride was too wonderful! Rehn narrowed his eyes as he felt absolute pleasure.

“Yasa… He… He reached the twelfth floor!” Someone shouted suddenly.

Everyone followed the noise and realized that the red dot that originally appeared on the eleventh floor had reached the twelfth floor.

“My nephew Yasa, a future legend!” Rehn immediately felt excited and uncontrollably yelled out after seeing his nephew setting a new record.


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