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Tower of Heroes, the bamboo forest on the 11th floor.

“It’s quite taxing for me to use my nine tails.” Yaeger dissipated her tails that were created by her aura.

She indifferently glanced at Kahardor who had knocked over a bunch of bamboo plants in a disgraceful manner and mumbled to herself.

The [Tentacles], [Hands], and also this [Nine-tailed Fox Coat] state.

The finer the shape, the more energy it consumes.

The [Tentacles] were simple and straightforward, aggressive, and consumed less energy.

It was very efficient.

The [Hands] had the strongest explosive power, amazing lethality, but great consumption.

Meanwhile, [Nine-tailed Fox Coat] has the fastest attack speed and strikes in unpredictable angles, it also consumes quite a bit of energy.

She came to a conclusion after analysis.

“Indeed, the [Tentacles] are the best choice for me.

It is ‘cheap and effective’.”

Yaeger walked with her long and slender legs and a calm smile while holding [Sunscorch].

On the other side, Kahardor stood up and patted the dust on his clothes.

Then, he looked over with an expression that seemed much more serious than before.

“I was careless just now.

Young girl, your strength is impressive.


As he spoke, he instantly flashed and disappeared.

There was only a ripple of air on his original spot that swept away the dust like a mini-tornado.

As Yaeger blinked, she noticed a dark shadow flashing in front of her eyes with an extremely blinding light.

‘He’s using the same tricks again… Actually no, his speed is much faster than before!’

She instantly figured out her opponent’s attack trajectory.

However, her reaction was still a split second slower than his attack speed.

“Sadly, that is still insufficient!” At this moment, Kahardor’s voice rang as he slashed.

It was no longer possible for Yaeger to counterattack, she could only invest all her strength in defending herself.

Blocking it with her sword, she felt intense pain as if her palms were about to shatter.

“Ha!” Kahardor shouted and invested all his strength in a Piercing attack.

Yaeger only felt like her body was smashed by a cannonball as she was sent flying.

Her aura churned within her body which made her nauseous.

She took dozens of steps backwards after landing before she could stabilize herself.

Kahardor was already in front of her before she could readjust herself, as there were 3 sword slashes directed towards her head, body, and legs.

Yaeger dared not to show the slightest hint of neglect when facing such a fierce and precise attack.

She instantly triggered [Phantom Step] and expanded her wings manifested with thin air.

She instantly disappeared the moment she touched the ground with the tip of her feet.

“Are you trying to escape Have you asked for my sword’s approval [Sky Moon Slash]!” The moment Kahardor captured a silhouette at the corners of his eyes, he instantly turned around and slashed.

The sword energy manifested a massive crescent moon that flew out in breakneck speeds.


In the blink of an eye, the crescent moon cut that figure in half! Yaeger was killed!

… not.

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“Payback!” Kahardor was shocked after seeing that the body that was sliced into two halves had dissipated.

Then, he heard her melodious voice and instantly turned around and blocked with his sword instinctually.

The next moment, he saw flames directed towards him.

A fiery sword heavily clashed with his sword.


After the bang, Kahardor felt like his body was smashed by a battering ram and his limbs were about to shatter!

“Die!” At this moment, Yaeger instantly stabbed with overwhelming force.

The powerful impact actually blasted Kahardor away.

As he was sent flying, Kahardor felt blood churning within his body and suffocation in his throat.

When he was about to spit out a mouthful of blood, he saw Yeager suddenly turning around while gathering an intense amount of sword energy on her weapon.

Then, it was released with a slash.

It was none other than the [Sky Moon Slash]!

“Pfft!” Kahardor spat out another mouthful of blood in shock.

Then, his body was forcefully twisted and instantly impacted the ground like a rack of weights.

At the same time, Yaeger’s Sky Moon Slash had reached him.

Kahardor didn’t dare to show the slightest disregard upon facing a Sky Moon Slash that was as powerful as his.

He instantly stomped the ground and also waved his sword, releasing massive amounts of sword energy!

Both astonishing sword energy collided and the entire bamboo forest trembled momentarily.

“Good!” After nullifying the previous attack, Kahardor’s eyes instantly lit up as a strong wave of aura surged within his body.

He was about to exert all of his power.

“A Platinum-ranked Warrior is definitely hard to deal with.” Yaeger took a deep breath and put on a solemn expression.

If her opponent was an ordinary Platinum-ranked enemy, she would have confidence in defeating them.

However, Kahardor obviously was not one of them.

Actually, his true strength was far beyond the standards of a Platinum-ranked individual.

“As expected of the master of the main character of the story.” She had to pay a price if she wanted to defeat him.

Not good.

Yaeger stepped out with her left foot while holding her weapon with both hands.

She looked straight ahead and suddenly moved her body.

“Good timing!” Kahardor’s fighting intent within him became berserk.

He also took a step forward and shot towards Yeager like a catapult.

They were getting closer!

They seemed to have turned into 2 flashes of lightning that surged wildly in the open space, constantly clashing with each other and creating deafening sounds.

The violent sword energies had already devastated the surrounding areas.

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“Die!” After a short and violent battle, Kahardor spotted a flaw in Yaeger’s stance and instantly slashed out.

However, his attack only reached an afterimage!

‘Oh no!’

He suddenly felt a bad premonition.

Kahardor looked down and only saw Yaeger pressing on the ground with one hand while lifting her slender legs.

Before he had any time to admire her stunning and beautiful legs, his chin had made intimate contact with the sole of her combat boots.


A muffled thud was heard.

Like a cosmonaut, Kahardor rocketed straight into the skies.

Yaeger exerted force with her hands and twisted her body in mid-air, distancing herself from her opponent.

The moment she landed on the ground, she switched her equipped weapon from a sword to a crossbow as red light flickered all over her body.

“Bloom like fireworks.” She fully charged the crossbow and used [Multi Shot] to fill the sky with rain of arrows.

Up in the skies, Kahardor currently felt dizzy and his mind went blank.

Suddenly, he felt goosebumps all over his body and his heart was beating wildly.

This was a red flag!

Shifting his eyes, he saw uncountable arrows directed towards him.

He was so scared that his soul almost left his body.

It was impossible for him to dodge since he was in the air.

Thus, Kahardor instantly recovered from the shock and let out a chilling glint from his eyes.

Then, he released all aura within his body and invested all of it into his sword.

“[Giant Wave]!” He turned around abruptly and slashed away, the space seemed to vibrate.

Then, an incredibly powerful shockwave blasted out like a tsunami wave.

The rain of arrows in the sky instantly shattered and dissipated after turning into light particles.

Moreover, the residual power of the shockwave suddenly traveled downwards as if they were about to squish Yaeger into meat paste.

“[Sphere].” Narrowing her eyes, Yaeger extended her right hand and instantly formed the aura within her Domain into a spherical shield.


Simultaneously, the huge shockwave had violently impacted the shield, it had even flattened the ground surrounding the area!

‘It’s so heavy!’ Yaeger’s expression was bitter as she felt like she was being squished by a mountain.

Fortunately, this sensation had disappeared after lasting for no more than 2 seconds.

“I actually lost one-fifth of my health!” After the residual shockwaves of the attack had all disappeared, Yaeger realized that she lost a good amount of her health.

The shock she felt in her heart was akin to a 12-magnitude earthquake.

However, Kahardor who fell on the ground already resumed his offensive before she could recover from her shock.

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“[Thousand Waves]!”

These words instantly popped into her mind the moment she witnessed this attack: Just like an ocean!

The sword energy that had nearly materialized surged and was about to gobble her up!


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