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Linhnan server.

All players heard a ‘ding’ noise.

Afterward, the system’s announcement was heard.

This was a broadcast for the entire server.

“Congratulations to player [Princess] for reaching the top of Young Hero Ranking at unprecedented speeds, Becoming one of the prodigies of Jade Empire, and receiving the title [Jade Prodigy].

The rewards: one extra point to each Basic Attribute, 500 points of Charm, 500 points of HP, 1000 gold coins.”

After the system finished announcing, all the players of Linhnan server were virtually dumbfounded.

Although they did not know what was going on, they felt that something great had happened.

Huh It seems to have nothing to do with us though Then… Wait, did you say that [Princess] had gained immense benefits! F̲u̲c̲k̲! Can’t they let us live!

At this moment, many players’ expressions gradually became twisted.

In front of the Young Hero Ranking, the jaw of [Burn My Mana] almost fell to the ground.

The shock she felt in her heart almost rocked her entire being.

Less than 10 minutes after writing the post and exaggerating claims, [Princess] had reached the top.

Before she could react in shock, the announcement of the system acted like a massive hammer blow that slammed into her skull.

After calming down, [Burn My Mana] instantly yelled out hysterically, she was filled with envy.

A reward of all Basic Attributes 1, Charm 500, and HP 500 was so fabulous that it made everyone feel envy, hatred, and spite.

Since most players don’t even have 500 HP!

Moreover, points for Basic Attributes were definitely useful to have.

As for Charm, nobody had found out its uses yet.

Yet, having gained 500 points was enough to make people feel envy.

At this moment, the entire Linhnan server exploded in activity.

After [Burn My Mana] had posted the ‘shocking’ post in the forums, it became the most popular topic of that day.

It easily exceeded 1 million impressions.

A large number of players in foreign service also spread out the news that Yaeger had reached the top of the Young Hero Ranking.

It caused a massive shockwave in other servers and also in real life.

SKY and Wild Arrogance looked at each other, they could see the hint of worry in each other’s eyes.

The growth of [Princess] was obviously much faster than they expected.

Moreover, the occurrences kept on happening! If this continued, within another month or two, they would not be able to catch up to her even on horseback.

Thus, they had no choice but to expedite the plan to deal with [Princess]!

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On the other side, Tower of Heroes.

The red dot appeared on the boundary between the tenth and eleventh floor.

Everyone who came here would know that the red dot’s position meant that the challenger had cleared the tenth floor.

They entered that special dimension and were choosing a reward!

“Yasa, my nephew, you’re the best!” Rehn shouted loudly, his throat was getting sore while his face was flushed.

He acted like a middle-aged man who was drunk.

All the other people of the [Sword Clan] also were in a similar state.


That unspeakable sense of blissfulness, filled their bodies to the brim, making it impossible to contain anything else.

“Yasa! The Eagle of The Empire!”

“Yasa! The Prodigy of The Empire!”

“Yasa! The Greatest Hero!”

There were waves of shouts on scene, giving Kastina a headache.

“If you mistakenly identified the person, how embarrassing would you people be.” She whispered.

Such an insignificant noise was instantly covered up by everyone’s wave of commotion.

The news that Yasa had cleared the tenth level seemed to have sprouted wings, it was instantly spread all around the entire Jade City.

It didn’t take long until everyone, from the common people to the Emperor, to learn about it.

The whole city was boiling!

For a time, all the major nobles of Jade City sent congratulatory letters to the [Sword Clan].

Moreover, more than a few people personally went to them and offered their congratulations.

Since Yasa had cleared the tenth level of Tower of Heroes at such a young age, it meant that his potential had far surpassed all the challengers in the previous eras.

His future accomplishments and prospects would be limitless!

If they didn’t befriend the [Sword Clan] now, then when would they

In real life, the United States.

Mira felt a splitting headache early in the morning, because she received news that [Viper] had died.

It was [Hawk Eyes] yesterday, and now it was [Viper].

After losing two valuable members in less than 24 hours, such a loss was heartbreaking and also migraine inducing.

“Damned Old Man Tian, I will settle my score with you sooner or later!” Mira grabbed her hair and gritted her teeth.

At this moment.

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“Mira, it’s no good, that [Japanese Witch] killed a lot of our people again!” Somebody walked inside with a stack of thin documents, and spoke in emotion.

“Can’t locate the person yet” Mira spoke in dissatisfaction.

Ever since [Honda Yu] had changed her occupation to [Avenger], she acted like a vengeful spirit and haunted all the American players in the Okinawa server.

She killed each and every single one that she saw, it caused a horrific effect.

The man shook his head.

They immobilized the power of the United States Army, but couldn’t find a single young girl that ran away from home until now.

If he said that out loud, it would definitely make many people laugh until they died.

“She… seems to have disappeared from this world.”

“You bunch of useless beings!” Mira pouted.

“Is there anything else” Her priority objective these days was to explore the secrets within «Saint Demon World».

There was no time for her to waste on unremarkable affairs.

“There is.

I just received the latest news, [Princess] received shocking benefits in the game once again.”

Hearing this, Mira’s eyes twitched slightly, and her head became much more painful.

Going back a little in time.

Inside Tower of Heroes, in an earthly yellow dimension.

Yaeger appeared with a flash.

After hearing the ‘ding’ sound, she was transported to this place.

Only then did the system’s broadcast sound.

“Plus five hundred Charm points… My Charm value has already exceeded three thousand points, it’s too scary!” After listening to the system broadcast, Yaeger smirked.

When she was at 2,500 points, she was no different than a human-shaped aphrodisiac.

Now that it was raised to 3,000 points, she would be even more seductive than a Fox-succubus!

“Speaking of which, I suppose my current appearance is similar to a Fox-succubus.” Yaeger opened her character panel and examined her new image.

Nine tails waved about, fox ears were poking out.

“It looks pretty good… Geh! What the hell do I mean by pretty good I am a man, I don’t want to be a Fox-succubus!”

As she spoke, she disabled her aura.

Then, her fox ears and the 9 tails instantly disappeared.

“By reaching the top of the Young Hero Ranking this time, my rewards are great enough.” Turning off the panel, Yaeger nodded in satisfaction.

“The thing that could be better is that Sister System is getting more and more stingy.

I was only given a thousand gold coins.”

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“Ding! The reward of gold coins has been retracted.” Suddenly, the system sounded out.

Yaeger quickly checked the balance, realizing that she had indeed lost 1,000 gold coins.

“Sister System, I was wrong! You are the most benevolent, the Sister System that loves me the most!”

However, no matter how much Yaeger shouted, the system ignored her.

“Uuu… Baddie!” After complaining, Yaeger calmed down and looked ahead of her.

There were hundreds of purple crates.

Any challengers who had made it through the tenth level could choose one of those crates as their reward.

Unlike random equipment crates, the crates here had listed the type of equipment they contained.

Yaeger came to a pile of weapon crates, and gestured around.

Finally, she chose a Purple crate.

“Give me a sword.”

The crate opened, and purple light flickered.

The next moment, a sword had really appeared.


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