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Outside the tower.

As the floor level increased, the red dot seemed to have slowed down its speed of ascension.

Now, it is on the seventh floor.

Despite that, it only made people feel more astonished.

After all, the Floor Master of the Tower of Heroes became stronger gradually.

After reaching the seventh floor in such a short time, it was an unprecedented record.

Perhaps in the future, there would be few people that could break this record.

“Yasa, a legend!”

“Yasa, a legend!”

“Yasa, a legend!”

On scene, people’s exclaims were constantly heard.

Their exclaims were uniform and shocking! At this time, the people of [Sword Clan] seemed like they were soaked in the river of honey, they felt terrifying sweetness soaking deep into their bones.

“My nephew Yasa, ordained by heaven, a legend, a great hero!” Rehn’s face flushed with excitement, as if he had seen Yasa’s unparalleled heroic stance.

The onlookers who came from affluent families all looked at each other, shook their heads and sighed.

Once Yasa had successfully feathered his wings, then [Sword Clan] would return to its pinnacle.

No, it wouldn’t be an issue for them to exceed their past glories.

By then, these people who had once mocked and suppressed [Sword Clan] would most likely receive harsh retaliation.

Thinking of this, many people struggle in their hearts.

Then, they let out forceful smiles and approached people of the [Sword Clan].

They were speaking all kinds of insincere words and compliments, trying to mend the relationship.

Rehn naturally knew what those sly foxes were planning.

Yet, he knew not to slap someone who was extending goodwill.

Moreover, their words were very pleasing to hear, making him feel joy in his heart.

Jadeleaf Plaza, the Young Hero Ranking.

The player [Burn My Mana] looked at the ranking on the stone tablet, he was dumbfounded.

Not long ago, she had reached level 10 and was eager to come to the main city, prepared to properly tour the area.

Yet, before she could leave the plaza, she discovered the Young Hero Ranking.

Afterward, she discovered a familiar name there.



That’s right, it was [Princess] who had dominated the 101 Novice Village with her horrible violence! She was very shocked.

After checking the information on the list, her level of shock had doubled.

Just like its namesake, this ranking would only list distinguished individuals of the empire! In other words, [Princess] had already become famous in the empire!

Before her shock had reached its peak, she saw a sudden change in the ranking.

The ranking of [Princess] had risen, and it increased by 10 positions in one go!

After being dazed for a while, the ranking changed again.

“Absolutely terrifying!” Seeing [Princess] having her name refreshed in the rankings by breakneck speeds, [Burn My Mana] couldn’t help but yell out.

She immediately made a post on the forums: «Shocking! The Black-hearted Princess actually did such an intense thing with hundreds of NPCs in broad daylight.


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The little skipping stone stirred up a thousand waves.

This post instantly exploded the forums.

Inside the tower, seventh floor.

It took Yaeger 3 minutes to deal with the opponent.

The Floor Master on this floor was a Magician rich in combat experience.

He could cast magics of various attributes at will, it was difficult to deal with.

Sadly, having a Magician deal with Yaeger would amount to nothing but a tragedy.

“At the same rank, I can’t find any worthy opponents at all.” Withdrawing her fists, Yaeger couldn’t help but speak in realization as she watched the Magician Floor Master who turned into light particles and scattered.

No matter how experienced her opponent was, how insidious and cunning the methods they use—After meeting someone with 2 Artifacts and could have any physical and magical damage halved after the beginning of any battle—There could only be one outcome.

Catastrophic failure!

“The first ten floors have no difference than the [Bronze Trials], free and easy.

It seems that only the Floor Masters after the tenth floor is worth looking forward to.”

Starting from the eleventh floor, there would be no more level restrictions.

By then, Yaeger will be facing Floor Masters at their prime.

With a shroud of white light, she disappeared.

When she opened her eyes, Yaeger realized that she had reached the eighth floor.

A gust of wind swept away the fallen leaves, and the battle was concluded.

The ninth floor.

Lightning and thunder crashed, the earth itself shook.

A few minutes later.

Yaeger finally reached the tenth floor.

“Is it an arena” The place where she appeared was a large arena without any spectators.

It seemed to be completely empty.

“Are you the person that I have to kill” Suddenly, an indifferent voice was heard from above.

Yaeger looked up, only to find a dark shadow rapidly dropping.

In a blink of an eye, the black shadow fell to the ground.

The strange thing was that although the descent was instantaneous, her opponent did not make a sound when they landed.

A cat.

Yaeger instantly recalled the figure of a cat in her mind.

She had seen a cat jumping off of high places, this person made her feel the same thing.

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The figure stood up.

She has blonde hair that was tied into a double ponytail.

Her face was cute, holding a large ax in each hand.

Her petite body wore the exquisite light plate armor of a knight’s order.

“It’s you.” Yaeger was slightly surprised.

Not only did she recognize this person, but they had also fought once.

“Do you know me” The young girl said with an indifferent expression.

“I do, you are Lili.”Yaeger spoke.

This little girl was the ‘double ax Lili’ that Yaeger had defeated in the [Bronze Trials].

“Oh, what a surprise.

Am I that famous” Lili’s expression didn’t change at all.

“Stop speaking nonsense.

Oh challenger, come!”

As soon as she finished speaking, her expression instantly changed.

As if she had drunk dozens of bottles of stimulants, her face became slightly contorted and her eyes were glowing red.

Her combat desire instantly exploded outwards, raising all the dust on the ground.

“What an irritable kid.” Compared to the spiritual being in [Bronze Trials], the current Lili obviously seemed to have a much stronger aura.

Yaeger can feel that the Lili on this occasion was very strong! If it were not for level restrictions, she would definitely be an extremely difficult appointment to deal with.

As expected of the tenth floor’s Floor Master!

“Die!” With that shout, Lili’s combat spirit rose to its pinnacle.

Stomping out with her left foot, the tiles were cracked.

Her petite body launched towards Yaeger like a cannonball, the double axes in her hands glinted with a chilling light.

“Interesting.” Facing Lili who was charging over, Yaeger seemed to be calm.

“An advice to you, don’t ever enter my five meter’s radius.” When she voiced it out, Lili already entered this distance.

“Such a disobedient child.” At this moment, Yaeger showed an ominous smile, as if a spider sensing a butterfly stumbling into its net.

On the other hand, Lili felt nothing at all.

Charging towards Yaeger at maximum speed, her double axes were about to lash out.

However, the next moment, she felt that her body was suddenly entangled by something, completely unable to move.

Taking a closer look, it was actually several barely materializing things that seemed like animal tails.

“I told you, don’t come in here.

But you just wanted to come in.” Yaeger hugged her arms around her chest and spoke calmly.

Behind her, there were 9 tails that were manifested by aura.

Moreover, a pair of fox ears were ‘grown’ on her head.

“The consequences of your disobedience will be severe, Lili.” Before she finished speaking, the 9 fox tails danced around and hung Lili up high.

Then smashing her ruthlessly onto the ground.


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The arena shattered along with the sound.

“Ah!” Lili felt all the air in the body squeezed out at that moment, the intense pain wracked her skull.

She could not help but wail out in pain.

“Hehehe, it’s not over yet.” Yaeger tapped on her luscious lips with her slender finger and chuckled.

The 9 barely materializing tails madly whipped Lili’s petite body like a fierce tempest.


The arena could not endure the strain, it instantly shattered.

After the avalanche of violent whips, Lili turned into white light particles and dissipated.


At the same time, the notification sound of the system was heard.


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