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Tower of Heroes.

Legend has it that this tower was already erected in place before the Jade Empire was founded.

Nobody knew how ancient it actually was.

However, what was certain was that the Tower of Heroes was definitely not the product of this era.

If it were traced back, it was predicted to originate from the Archeozoic Era.

It was because it was impossible for the current civilization to create a structure that contained massive amounts of spatial compression magic.

Yet, it was possible in the Archeozoic Era.

Yet, ancient things might not be the best.

No matter what civilization it was, as long as it had developed smoothly, it would become better and better.

However, a civilization would never constantly improve as a linear line.

Using human civilizations as an example, it was not uncommon for advanced civilizations to be defeated by barbaric civilizations, leading to significant regressions in advancement.

Events like domination by barbarians, extreme natural and man-made disasters would regress civilizations in an instant.

Moreover, it would cause serious loss of heritage.

“The magical civilization today is obviously far inferior when compared to the ancient times.” Looking at the dilapidated Tower of Heroes, Yaeger sighed.

The history of this world was far too complicated.

Even though she already had more than 3 years of experience in this game, she could not learn about too many things.

However, if she compared every civilization that ever existed, she would discover that the Archeozoic Era was the most advanced civilization of all.

The magical development of most existing nations now were all developed from the [Archeozoic Heritage] that was unearthed.

“The second batch of challengers will enter the tower!”

As the middle-aged officer yelled, Yaeger entered the Tower of Heroes along with her group.

Inside the tower, there was only light, faint white light.

After Yaeger and the others had entered, the white light became brighter.

Instantly after, everyone disappeared.

Yaeger appeared above barren lands.

There were numerous broken weapons embedded in the ground around her, they were all stained with rust.

“Unlike the [Bronze Trials], this place is actually real.” Yaeger took a deep breath.

The smell of soil, the scent of grass, and the smell of rust were mixed together.

It doesn’t smell good.

Stomping out, she felt nothing wrong from the feedback she received.

“As expected of the [Archeozoic Heritage], it’s amazing.” Yaeger smirked.

She had never entered the Hero Tower in her previous life.

For one, she had entered the game slower than anyone else for an entire month.

She had to grind hard to progress.

Second, she had no money.

Back then, 10,000 gold coins were a significant amount for her.


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Suddenly, the ground quaked lightly, and there was a lot of movement.

Yaeger looked ahead and saw a small black dot quickly enlarging in her field of vision.

It was a human figure, behind the person was a massive cloud of dust.


This person seemed to be a heavy tank traveling at insane speeds.

He caused devastation anywhere he went.

Finally, the figure approached Yaeger and suddenly stopped.

He laughed, “Baahahaha, are you from the new batch of challengers What an incredible beauty.

I really want to tear your beautiful face into pieces immediately!”

This person was over 190 cm tall, had a larger body, carried a mace and large round shield in his hands.

Wearing a white-colored standard knight’s armor of the Church of Light.

Golden patterns were glistening on it.

She was about 40 years old with slightly dark skin.

Her complexion was rough, she looked similar to a man.

This person was the Floor Master of the first floor, [Jeannas].

Yaeger had seen her in the strategy guide; she was a defensive knight.

Generally speaking, someone with a defensive occupation would not have a strong Attack Power.

Yet, some people were always the exception.

For example, like Jeannas in front of her.

Who was proficient in both offense and defense and very powerful.

The Floor Masters of the first five levels would change according to the challenger’s level.

Yaeger was level 25, so was Jeannas.

In Tower of Heroes, the Floor Masters of the first 10 floors can appear in 10 different regions, fighting 10 challengers at the same time.

After the tenth floor, the level of the Floor Master would no longer be restricted.

Moreover, they would only fight a single challenger each time.

It can be said that the real trial only starts after the eleventh floor.

In addition, every time a person clears a floor in Tower of Heroes, their ranking within the Young Hero Ranking would increase by ten positions.

The one reaching the first place of the Young Hero Ranking would receive fabulous rewards.

“Are you ready! Little beauty!” Jeannas put on a fighting posture, a terrifying murderous aura emanated from her entire body.

Based on the performance alone, it was impossible to discern that this person was actually just a special energy lifeform.

“We can start.” Yaeger pulled out the purple crossbow [Berserk Thunder] and replied calmly.

Facing Jeannas’ oppressive aura, she behaved leisurely.

“Interesting.” Jeannas squinted her eyes.

Most challengers would either tremble uncontrollably or at least change their expressions when they were suppressed by her aura.

“You are definitely not the same as the others.”

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As soon as she spoke, she charged forward like a heavy tank.

The sense of oppression she exuded truly was terrifying!

Yaeger backed away quickly.

Kiting was the best strategy to fight a defensive knight.

In a blink of an eye, she distanced herself greatly and fired shots wildly at Jeannas.

Purple electricity flashed at the scene.

“[Holy Defense]!” Seeing the overwhelming rain of arrows, Jeannas’ pupils were constricted and she instantly stopped.

Extending her arms, she formed a golden shield.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!

At the same time, the rain of arrows attacked and heavily slammed onto the shield.

The powerful impact rumbled Jeannas’ internals, making her almost spit out a mouthful of blood.

‘What a terrific Attack Power.

Is this damned beauty actually a Ranger!’

Jeannas was surprised.


Suddenly, she heard a strange noise.

The next moment, purple lightning flashed violently in front of her.

It formed into a purple electric storm that ravaged over here.

“You are a Magician pretending to be a Ranger, right!” Jeannas cried out.

However, the purple lightning storm that swept over instantly covered her voice.


The shield cracked and shattered.

“No!” Jeannas was swept up by the storm, the violent purple electricity instantly assaulted her entire body.

Her bones were almost shocked into detaching from her body.

“Bloom like fireworks.” On the other side, Yaeger simultaneously used [Rapid Attack] and [Precision Strike], increasing her attack speed and the critical chance to its maximum.

Immediately, [Multi Shot] exploded madly!

The sky instantly turned into an ocean of purple.

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After the eruption had ended, Yaeger sighed lightly.

She looked upwards and saw a charred black object falling from the sky.


After a while, the charred black object heavily slammed onto the ground and created a large crater.

Dust was stirred all around.

“As expected of a defensive knight, such a durable flesh.” Yaeger felt that something was crawling out of the crater, and spoke in realization.

A modified defensive knight with high health and high attack power was a difficult opponent to deal with.

If they had fought head-on, she could not guarantee that she could end the fight while being unscathed.

“You actually made me look this shameful.

No mercy, I will never spare you, I will tear you into pieces!” In the crater, a terrifying aura burst out.

It formed into a storm that blew away all the dust, revealing a tattered figure.

Her eyes were wide open and her expression was contorted.

Murderous intent oozed from her entire body.

Like a tiger out of the cage, about to devour someone!

In response to Jeannas, innumerable amounts of purple energy arrows were released.

The previous scene was reenacted again.


After three explosions, the fight was over.

Jeannas turned into light particles and scattered away.

“So what if you can’t spare me” Yaeger retracted the purple crossbow with a calm expression.

“Nothing but an ant.”


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