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In real life, Rosen Hotel.

Sachiel Luo came to the dining area with a smile on her face, feeling tingles of sweetness in her heart.

‘Hmph~ Big pig trotter, you at least have a heart!’ Looking at the text messages displayed on the phone screen, her smile gradually brightened.

The contents were just some very casual comforting words, which were sent by Yaeger.

‘It would be nice if the big pig trotter could be half as tender and considerate as Princess!’

Opening the door to her private dining room, Sachiel Luo discovered a stranger inside.

It was a girl with a lovely appearance.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be Yunuen Lin.

She had seen her profile picture in the game’s chat room, it was identical.

Thus, it was impossible for her to make a mistake.

‘Why is she here’

“Lil’ Sachiel, come and sit down, I have something to tell you.” Before Sachiel Luo spoke, Nangong Lin beside Yunuen Lin waved to her.

Walking over, Sachiel Luo sat down obediently.

“Lil’ Sachiel, about yesterday…” Nangong Lin didn’t talk nonsense, she went straight to the point and explained what happened yesterday from beginning to end.

After listening, Sachiel Luo was dumbfounded, her mind was blank.

She couldn’t expect that Princess and Yunuen Lin had encountered so many dangers in one single day.

After recovering from shock, Sachiel Luo grumbled to Nangong Lin.

“Princess didn’t allow me to tell you people, she feared that you all might worry.” Nangong Lin said.

“Uuuu, Princess is so kind!” Hearing this, Sachiel Luo’s eyes were instantly filled with mist, as if they were about to condense into water droplets.

She was truly moved.

Despite having faced so many dangerous events yesterday, [Princess] still offered her all kinds of comforting words after going online.

That was so tender and considerate.

The three women chatted for a while.

Then, Nangong Lin asked Sachiel Luo to go online and relay the information about what happened yesterday to Rakshasa.

After breakfast, Yunuen Lin went back to her room to rest.

Her mind was filled with the events that happened yesterday.

Nangong Lin also returned to her room, but she didn’t enter the game.

Since there were overwhelming amounts of affairs in her conglomerate, she had no choice but to handle it.

“The lazy-worm Lil’ Pixie still hasn’t woken up yet.

If she can handle all these documents for me, I would have free time to play the game!”

Nangong Lin complained for a while, then stared intently at the documents piled up on the table which formed into a miniature mountain.

When she was about to start working, her room door was knocked.

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“Come in.”

“Young lady.” Snowy entered the room and closed the door.

“Snowy, what’s the matter” Nangong Lin asked.

“I found Yaeger.”

“What!” Upon hearing this, Nangong Lin’s eyes flashed.

“Where the hell is he”

With the power of the Nangong Family, it was simply unbelievable for them to take so long to only locate a single person.

Back then, Nangong Lin even suspected that Yaeger had already disappeared from this world.

“Jade Flower Garden.”

“Huh” Hearing those words, Nangong Lin blinked.

“Isn’t that a property of my family”

“Yes, young lady.

Yaeger rented a unit there.” Snowy spoke with mixed emotions.

“I really want to go there immediately, grab him by his ears and yell: Keep running, let’s see where you will go!” Nangong Lin also had a similar expression.

They failed after looking for him for so long.

Yet, in the blink of an eye, he showed up.

Suddenly, Nangong Lin realized something.

“About Jade Flower Garden, what’s the average rent”

“About twenty-five thousand.” Snowy said.

“Where did Yaeger get the money…” Before she finished speaking, she recalled the image of Pixie Qin in her mind.

“Well done Yaeger, you piece of s̲h̲i̲t̲.

You pretended to be so high and mighty at the beginning, yet you still mooched off a woman in the end!”

Nangong Lin instantly determined that Yaeger’s money was provided by Pixie Qin.

After all, the combination of rent and other miscellaneous fees would cost at least 60,000.

As a person that lived in a cheap hotel that cost about 80 every night a few days ago, how could he be able to afford renting this high-end apartment

“Since Lil’ Pixie is so obsessed with him, she must have given him a lot of pocket money.” Nangong Lin said in dissatisfaction.

“…” Snowy somehow felt that something was amiss.

Yet, after listening to Nangong Lin, she thought that deduction was closer to the truth.

There was no other possibility.

Yaeger was a man ridden with debt and always on the run from it, where did his money come from

“This damn guy actually lives this close.

If he was stumbled upon by Sachiel Luo, it would be troublesome! Snowy, arrange for someone to spy on him.

You must report any movement to me immediately.”

“Yes.” Snowy nodded.

After Snowy went out, Nangong Lin looked at the documents on the table and felt a headache.

In the game:

Yaeger and Kastina chatted while having tea, they were enjoying themselves.

“Lowly slave, tell me honestly, what are your chances of winning” Kastina asked in a quiet voice.

Yaeger took a sip of tea and said casually, “About ninety percent.”

“…” Kastina was momentary dazed, then reacted.

“Nine… Ninety percent Are you kidding me”

“This is no joking matter.” Yaeger put down the tea cup and said lazily.

“Yasa is Platinum ranked.

Based on my assumptions, he can at least reach the ninth floor.

Are you confident in reaching the ninth floor” Kastina asked in suspicion.

She knew that Yaeger was strong, but she was still Bronze ranked no matter how strong she was.

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There was quite the noticeable gap between Platinum and Bronze rank.

“At least the tenth floor.” After passing the tenth floor, there would be an opportunity for her to choose an equipment.

Yaeger’s initial target was the tenth floor.

However, now that she had a bet with Yasa, she would naturally set a higher target.

She didn’t want to leave any opportunity to wreck herself.

Because the cost of failure was simply too great and too terrible.

“Lowly slave, I realized that you are truly cool when you’re running a Beast Carriage in your mouth.” Kastina gave her a thumbs up.

Running a Beast Carriage in your mouth

After some deliberation, Yaeger finally understood what was implied in those words.

“Run your head.

I mean it, believe it or not.”

“However, I really can’t imagine someone going through the tenth floor with the strength of a Bronze ranked.” Kastina supported her smooth chin with one hand.

“Would you like to wager on it” Yaeger said calmly.

“Sure! If you can reach the tenth floor, I will battle you.

If you can’t reach the tenth floor, you will have to fight me!” Kastina’s eyes flashed.


“Hmph! Coward.”

“I’ll beat you up!” Yaeger flicked her forehead fiercely while feeling exasperated.

The next moment, There was a small lump on Kastina’s smooth forehead.

“Ah, that’s the feeling, so good~” Seeing Kastina hugging her arms with an intoxicated expression and a trembling body, the corner of Yaeger’s eyes twitched.

“Someone has come out!” Suddenly, there was a commotion at the front.

Yaeger followed the noise, only to see a large magic formation manifesting on the structure of the Tower of Heroes.

Immediately after, white light flickered.

A figure was ejected from the magic formation and landed in the crowd.

This person was in tatters and vomited blood, he was obviously suffering from grievous injuries.

As time went on, the first batch of challengers was ejected from the magic formation one after another.

“You can go in now.” Seeing that there were zero red dots on the first floor, as indicated by the stone stele—Yaeger looked at the second floor and saw 2 red dots.

“I’ll be back in a jiffy.”

After speaking, she stood up and walked towards the Tower of Heroes with her slender and long legs.


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