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Yaeger felt very irritable.

She had just shown Kastina face by not bothering about their antics.

Yet, this Yasa was acting like a mad dog and kept on biting her, he was truly tired of staying alive!

“What to bet, how to bet” However, on second thought, she realized that she was mortal enemies with Yasa.

It would be unnatural if he didn’t do anything against her.

‘Since you are instigating trouble, don’t blame me when I slap you silly!’ Yaeger’s expression gradually became colder.

She already had many things on her mind, that was not enough time for her.

Yet, this person still constantly came to cause trouble.

Even someone like her who was divinely merciful and tolerant was getting angry!

When everyone heard that Yaeger was getting into a bet with Yasa, they were all shocked.

“Is she crazy She actually agreed to it!” Someone shook his head.

“Tsk tsk tsk, she’s still too young after all.”

“Stupid child, you are indeed the strongest person of the Bronze rank, but Yasa had already reached the Platinum rank!”

“That’s right.

She is actually stupid enough to get into a bet with someone on a different level.

The issue where young people’s brains would get heated easily indeed doesn’t discriminate between genders!”

“Young and vigorous, prideful and arrogant, a common problem that all prodigies share.”

“However, Yasa is truly shameless.” Someone whispered.

“Hehe, after being the laughing stock of everyone else for so many years, the [Sword Clan] has no shame to speak of.”

“How could it be After so many years of training, the skin on their faces is already thicker than a pig’s bottom!”

“Hush, you guys are courting death!”

Their voices were very silent, but Yasa still heard it.

He was utterly enraged.

‘Kahn, and this woman, all deserve to die!’ He gritted his teeth while glaring at Yaeger.

He then calmed down and said, “let us wager on the results of this event.

Whoever gets the best results, wins.

The bet is ten million gold coins.

In addition, the loser will also have to receive a penalty.

Although I say it’s a penalty, it’s actually nothing much at all.

You just have to be naked and kneel at the Jadeleaf Plaza for an hour during noon.

Of course, if you regret taking this on, then I can nullify this bet.

After all, I am not some kind of devil.”

As soon as his remarks came out, everyone was in an uproar.

Although the 10 million that was wagered was undoubtedly a big sum, it was still insignificant when compared to the additional penalty.

During noon, the foot traffic in Jadeleaf Plaza would be massive.

Having someone kneeling there while being naked for an hour at that time would definitely ruin their reputation and become the national laughing stock…

No matter what achievements they attained in the future, this stain would follow that person for their entire life.

It would never be washed away.

Obviously, Yasa was aiming to completely ruin [Princess]!

Some people couldn’t help but exhale deeply.

They realized that Yasa was not a kind person, he was extremely cruel!

“When he said it’s fine to not follow through with the bet, it is actually a backhanded statement to force her to agree to it.” Someone whispered.

“That’s right.

Once she backs off, she will be laughed at for her entire lifetime.”

“Nobody told her to be easily provoked.

She reaps what she sows!”

“Tsk tsk, it’s a no-brainer to figure out whether, either the Bronze or Platinum rank could attain a better result in the Tower of Heroes.

What a pitiful child.”

Kastina looked at Yeager in worry.

Yet, she was hosting this event on behalf of the Royal family, so she couldn’t play favorites with anyone.

Even if she wanted to be favorable towards Yeager, she couldn’t make it too obvious.

Otherwise, she would definitely be punished once the news was sent back to the palace.

Yasa hugged his arms and stared at Yaeger with his head raised.

He formed a mocking smile on his lips.

Facing such an obvious provocation, Yaeger shook her head gently.

Seeing this action, everyone was dazed for a moment then came to a realization.

They all felt disappointed in their hearts.

[Princess] backed off!

Kastina breathe a sigh of relief, although she felt slightly disappointed as well… Who doesn’t want to see the person they like showing courage and never retreat when facing difficulties and despair

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Yasa let out a massive smile as his eyes turned into crescent moons.

He was extremely disdainful of Yaeger in his heart.

From this moment on, Yaeger would never ever appear in his vision again.

Because this woman was not worthy of a position in his mind anymore!

“That’s not enough.” Just as everyone was disappointed, Yaeger extended her hand and shook her forefinger.

“This bet amount is not enough at all.

How about this.

Increase the bet to fifty million, and add more substance to the penalty.

Let me think.

Well then, on the basis of kneeling for an hour while being naked, let’s add something more exciting.

When I was challenging the [Bronze Trials], I heard something interesting happen.

Some people bet that I would fail the challenge, otherwise, they would eat three tons of feces.”

“How about this, let us emulate that as well.

The loser doesn’t need to eat three tons.

They only needed to eat 2 kilograms of it in front of everyone.

Of course, if you don’t want to bet on that, then forget it.

After all, I am not a devil either.”

As soon as she finished speaking, everyone was shocked.

It turned out that she didn’t mean to refuse the bet by shaking her head.

Instead, she only felt that it wasn’t enough.

“Fifty million… That amount is quite large!”

“Can she pull out that much money”

“No no no, the point is not that fifty million.

Not only does someone has to eat two kilos of feces, but they have to do it in front of everyone.

The scene itself is hard to imagine!”

“If you lose, your life will be over!”

“This is more exciting than gambling!”

Yasa was dazed for a moment, he could never imagine that Yaeger would go for such high stakes.

Kneeling naked in public for an hour was already humiliating enough.

But now, the loser even had to eat feces in public.

If someone had really done that, would they be able to live as humans in the future No, obviously not.

They no longer had the right to be human!

Kastina covered her small mouth and stared at Yaeger with both worry and excitement.

This bet was too exciting!

At this moment, Yasa came back to his senses and tilted his head to glance at Rehn, gesturing with his eyes.

He wasn’t capable of preparing 50 million gold coins.

The latter nodded, with a sinister smile on his face.

Seeing such an expression, Yasa immediately smirked and glanced at Yeager.

“Yes, I agree to it.

But can you prepare that much money”

‘I cannot.’ Yaeger thought in her heart.

She couldn’t even pull out 10 million now, not to mention 50 million.

“I don’t have fifty million in hand.” Hearing this, everyone was taken aback.

Before they wanted to say anything, Yaeger spoke again, “yet, her royal highness, the seventh princess can become my guarantor.”

After speaking, she looked at Kastina while winking her right arm.

Electricity arced all around as she displayed her unparalleled charm and appeal.

‘Ah, I’m about to die!’ As if struck by lightning, Kastina’s mind became blank as her heart beat crazily like it was broken.

Two crimson clouds appeared on her face while her entire body trembled uncontrollably.

“Her royal highness, what she said, is it true You will be her guarantor” Yasa asked quickly.

Hearing the voice, Kastina came back to her senses.

She let out a soft sigh and said, “that’s right, I will become her guarantor.”

Fifty million was not a small amount of money for Kastina.

Members of the royal family couldn’t use the money in the national treasury casually.

She was using her own little treasure stash to become Yaeger’s guarantor.

If Yaeger had lost, then she would have to rely on the royal family’s unemployment benefits for a long time to come.

It would be absolutely miserable…

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After receiving the seventh princess’ confirmation, everyone was shocked and exclaimed in their hearts.

‘These two definitely have something going on!’


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