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Seeing that Yeager took out a weapon, Rehn instantly sneered and felt jubilant.

They could do nothing if she did not initiate an attack.

Once she did, they now had a legitimate reason to kill her.

When it came to this genius who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, Rehn hated her with every fiber of his body.

Since Kahn was ruined by them, there was not another prodigious individual that appeared in the [Sword Clan] for the last 10 years.

It was not until the emergence of Yasa in the past few years that stabilized the talent pool that they had in their younger generations.

Yasa, who was well trained, did not disappoint the expectations of the family.

He soon became a distinguished individual within the younger generations of the Jade Empire, his future was radiant.

aPitifully, Yaeger suddenly came out when he was in his prime, and kicked him off the pedestal in an instant.

And now, she still wanted to get another kick in.

It is simply unacceptable!

‘This child is too talented, the threat she poses to Yasa is too big, she must not be left alive!’ Rehn’s eyes flashed.

He immediately decided that he would kill Yeager here and now before she became any stronger.

The people of [Sword Clan] drew their weapons simultaneously, all of them were swords.

Yasa smiled indifferently and slowly unsheathed his sword.

He had already sentenced Yeager to death in his heart.

If she had never shown up, he would not become a laughingstock for everyone else.

She was the obstacle that hinders the reemergence of [Sword Clan], she must be removed!

The onlookers retreated slowly, the space allotted for them to fight gradually became bigger.

The middle-aged officer facepalmed and also moved back.

He didn’t expect that Yeager was someone that would become physical at the slightest disagreement.


‘Isn’t this a very ordinary coming-of-age ceremony Why do you people want to kill each other over that’ He felt very depressed.

At the same time, he felt pity for Yeager.

‘She’s going to die at such a young age, how pitiful!’

It’s 5 against 1.

Moreover, it was 5 sword experts versus a single archer.

No matter how he looked at it, the former had a big chance of winning, while the latter had little opportunity.

No, actually it seemed that she would die no matter what!

“Since you people are here to provoke me, then don’t blame me for being cruel.

I’ll do a Penta-kill!” Yaeger said indifferently, her voice without sorrow or joy.

Originally, it would be great for everyone to mind their own business and disregard any drama.

Sadly, these people were purposely seeking their death.

An atmosphere of solemnity permeated the scene, making everyone afraid of even breathing loudly.

“You are so arrogant even when you’re close to death, you are indeed an interesting woman!” The corners of Yasa’s mouth raised, his lips curled into a sneer.

Although he could settle Yaeger on his own, they would naturally all attack at once since she said that she would take them on all at once.

It’s many against one, isn’t it disgraceful

Yes, so what!

“Cherish your final moments.” Yaeger fully extended her crossbow.

A cold glint flashed in her eyes, and red lights flashed on her body.


Yasa and the others clasped their swords tightly, and their murderous intent emanated from their bodies.

This was an unequal battle.

It was about to commence at any moment!

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“Her royal highness, the Seventh Princess, is here!” Suddenly, an energetic female voice was heard from not far away.

Immediately after, people saw many guards coming in from both sides and quickly splayed a bright red carpet.

A brisk music was performed.

After a while, what entered everyone’s sight first was a bright red umbrella.

Then, they saw a maid holding the umbrella, shielding a dazzling woman with gorgeous attire from the blazing sun.

At this moment, the atmosphere surrounding the area that was filled with murderous intent instantly dissipated.

The people of [Sword Clan] quickly put away their weapons, and nervously looked in front.

Yaeger retracted the crossbow and looked at the person.

She couldn’t help but mutter, “appearances are really everything.

She really seems like a princess when wearing formal attire.”


When the seventh princess, Kastina arrived, everyone knelt down on one knee.

“We welcome your royal highness, seventh princess!”

Under normal circumstances, they would not show so much formality when they met Kastina.

It was because this savage and reckless princess was too much of a troublemaker for them to show any respect.

However, when she was dressed up to attend certain events, they had to be respectful.

Because at this time, Kastina represented the royal family.


After everyone knelt down, people who didn’t would obviously become very conspicuous.

“How bold.

Her royal highness, the seventh princess has arrived, hurry up and kneel down!” Seeing Yaeger standing straight up like a wooden post, the maid holding the umbrella instantly yelled out.

When Kastina heard the words, an unpleasant appearance appeared on her face.

Yet, as soon as her eyes had glanced towards Yeager, her eyes lit up and her heartbeat accelerated involuntarily.

It was simply a form of torture for Kastina to have her attend a boring event like this in the early morning.

However, even if she was utterly unwilling, she had to obey her father’s orders.

‘I didn’t expect that I would run into the lowly slave here.

Hehehe, the early bird gets the worm indeed!’

Kastina smirked and let out a pleasant smile.

All the frustrations and unhappiness in her heart were instantly swept away.

“Hurry up and kneel!” The maid frowned and shouted again.

Seeing that Yaeger was still standing still, Yasa was ecstatic in his heart.

‘Huhuhu, the seventh princess is notorious for being unreasonable, ignorant, and domineering.

She specializes in dealing with disobedient people.

This person actually dares to not kneel down, she is seeking her death!’

There were more than a few people that were also spectating the scene in joy.

They were all waiting for the entertaining scene where Yeager would be tortured by the seventh princess.

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“Why should I kneel” Yaeger spoke.


“You!” The maid raised her eyebrow and still wanted to say something.

Then, she saw Kastina raising her hand, gesturing for the maid to stop speaking.

Upon seeing this, Yasa was ecstatic.

‘Here it comes!’ The punishment of the seventh princess was coming! ‘Hahahaha, woman, your fate will be terrible!’

Everyone held their breath.

They wanted to see what cruel methods the seventh princess would use to punish this rude person.


“Lowly slave, are you here to participate as well” Kastina spoke, her tone was gentle.

Hearing this, everyone almost dropped onto the ground.

They were actually acquainted… Based on that tone, they seem to have quite a good relationship!

Yasa almost spewed a mouthful of blood, his face was filled with disbelief.

Everyone else of the [Sword Clan] also shared a similar expression.

“Yes, but they won’t let me participate.” Yaeger lifted her slender hand gracefully and pointed at Rehn and his group.

“Is that so” Kastina followed Yaeger’s finger and looked at Rehn, then spoke in an unfriendly tone, “why don’t you people let her participate in this event”

“She…” Rehn’s face was pale.

He could never expect that the seventh princess was acquainted with that woman.

Moreover, they seem to be very friendly with each other! Now, that was an issue.

“What’s the issue with her” Her tone of voice was becoming less courteous.


“No, I mean, she is actually eligible to participate in the event.

We just pulled a small prank on her, ahhahahahaha!” Rehn smiled and laughed, his face was thicker than the hide of a swine’s bottom.

Everyone felt contempt in their hearts.

Kastina snorted and no longer made it difficult for Rehn.

Instead, she turned around and looked at Yaeger.

“Lowly slave, are you satisfied with this outcome”

“It’s not bad.” Yaeger nodded, having a clear realization in her heart.

Katsina was not able to easily lift her fingers against a guardian clan like the [Sword Clan], only the emperor can deal with them.

As the storm passed, the event officially started.

“[Princess], do you dare to bet against me!” Before they started drawing lots, Yasa suddenly pointed at Yaeger and yelled.


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