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Yaeger followed the noise and looked over, only to see a handsome young man around 19 years old with a strong frame, wearing exquisite armor with a sword sheathed on his waist glaring at her.

A flash of killing intent passed his eyes.

‘Weird, this guy looks a little familiar, have I seen him somewhere’ After a few glances, Yaeger realized that the word [Yasa] was displayed on his head.

“I see, it’s you.” She spoke calmly.

In the guild’s [Bronze Trials], she fought against [Yasa] who was first ranked back then.

In the end, she won effortlessly.

To be honest, Yasa was slightly weak and much more inferior than Kahn.

After all, Kahn was several years younger than him when he succeeded the [Bronze Trials].

The spiritual form of Yasa that Yaeger saw was at least 17 years old.

Meanwhile, Kahn who was ranked second was only 12 years old.

It was obvious to distinguish between the level of talent that they had.

Seeing that Yaeger was nonchalant, Yasa was instantly enraged.

His face had almost contorted, but he never broke out in anger.

He wished to kill Yaeger right here and now.

But it was difficult to take action since he was in the public.

After all, he was also a representative of the [Sword Clan].

If he disregarded the military and recklessly killed people here, he would definitely offend the military’s high officials and make it difficult for his family.

“What are you looking at Never seen a beautiful woman” Yaeger hugged her shoulders and spoke brashly.

Since they were already mortal enemies, she would not show any friendliness to him.

“You!” Yasa’s eyes bulged and his face was slightly distorted.

He placed her hand on the sword hilt, as if he was ready to attack.

At this moment, the people around noticed the commotion here, and they all looked here.

“Isn’t this [Princess] that is ranked 91th on the Young Hero Ranking”

“It’s her, it’s her, it’s her!”

“Didn’t she ascend to this position by stepping on Yasa from the [Sword Clan]”

“Tsk tsk tsk, it’s the first time that I’ve seen such a beautiful girl.

Sadly, I can’t like her.

Moreover, I feel a little disgusted.”

“Yasa is so pitiful, he only retained the title of the first in the Bronze rank for less than a year before getting kicked out by someone else.”

“Also, I heard that this [Princess] is actually a foreigner.”

“Hahaha, being crushed by a foreigner, how funny!”

“Hush, keep your voice down, everyone from the [Sword Clan] is here!”

Hearing these gossips, Yasa’s eyes that were all originally widened almost exploded open.

His body trembled uncontrollably and his expression instantly darkened.

Ever since Yaeger had surpassed him in the Young Hero Ranking, these words and rumors had never stopped for a moment.

It made him feel terrible.

He came to the Military Base to join the event, in order to shut these flapping gums.

Yet, he didn’t expect that Yaeger would participate as well.

He realized that she deliberately did it to embarrass him!

‘Damn woman! I will squash you!’ Yasa gritted his teeth, hatred and anger continued to surge in his heart, he might lash out anytime soon.

“You can’t put it that way.

After all, it was already about a year ago when Yasa challenged the [Bronze Trials].

You can’t judge those things using the current results of [Princess].”

“That’s right, records are meant to be broken.

It’s already not bad that he could keep it for almost a year.”

“Yasa is a genius among us natives, how can he be compared by an outsider!”

Voices that defended Yasa grew in numbers.

Hearing these voices, Yasa’s expression immediately eased a lot.

‘That’s right, that was my record in the past, it should not be considered at all.

My current strength is much stronger than back then!’ He clenched his fists, and a confident look gradually appeared on his face.

“What happened It’s so noisy!” Not far away, a few older people in Chinese Robes approached and asked.

They had a badge featuring a sword on their clothing’s right chest, they were obviously people from the [Sword Clan].

At this moment, the servant beside Yasa quickly approached him and explained the situation.

After the middle-aged man leading the group had heard it, his eyes looked grim.

He suspected that [Princess] was a genius cultivated by an affluent family in order to suppress their [Sword Clan].

‘Damn woman, you are seeking your own death!’

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Yasa was another genius from the [Sword Clan] following after Kahn.

Although his talents were inferior to Kahn, he was still considered a beacon of hope for their family.

The last time that Yaeger had challenged the [Bronze Trials], she already dealt a harsh and irreparable blow to Yasa’s reputation as a genius.

Now, when Yasa prepared to challenge the [Tower of Heroes] in order to once again prove that he was the greatest among the younger generations, Yaeger turned up again.

Obviously, she was here to rain on his parade.

“Woman, what are you doing here I don’t remember that you have participated in the qualifying events.” The middle-aged man in Chinese Robes spoke in a hostile tone.

His name was Rehn, he was Yasa’s uncle.

Everyone had reacted when they heard those words.

Yaeger was indeed absent on the day when the qualifying rounds were held.

In other words, she was not eligible to participate in this event.

“She’s actually here to cause a ruckus.

This girl is fierce indeed.

Although the [Sword Clan] had seen better days, they are still a powerful family.”

“That’s right, even a starved camel is still bigger than a horse.”

“If she’s really here to cause trouble, she’ll be out of luck!”

“That’s right, Everyone here is high-ranking members of the [Sword Clan], how could they be easily rivaled by an outsider”

In the crowd, whispers sounded one after another.

‘Stupid woman! Our [Sword Clan] isn’t something that you can easily go against!’ Yasa could not help but let out a sneer.

“I just received the qualifications to take part in the event.

If you don’t believe it, you can go to the registration office and ask.” Yaeger spoke indifferently.

After retrieving the sword from the Tower of Heroes, she still had all kinds of things to do.

She really had no interest and time to argue with these nobodies.

“Is that so” While feeling doubt, Rehn gestured to his servant with his eyes.

Who understood the message and instantly ran to the registration office.

After a while, he brought the middle-aged officer over.

“You allowed her to participate in this event” Rehn asked indifferently.

The middle-aged officer felt a little puzzled.

Yet, he still answered truthfully, “Yes, your Excellency, I allowed it…”

Before he could finish his words, he was already interrupted by Rehn.

“Preposterous, how can you handle a sacred activity of the Empire this casually! Cancel her qualification for the event immediately!”

Seeing him uttering those words sternly, the middle-aged officer’s eyes twitched.

He was puzzled in his heart.

‘This event itself is casual in nature!’

“You heard what I said” When Rehn received no reply, his complexion instantly turned black.

“I understand.” The middle-aged officer sighed softly in his heart.

As a lower-level nobleman, he had no choice but to feel helpless while doing a multitude of things.

Looking at Yaeger, he said, “I’m sorry, just as you heard, it is unfortunate.

Your qualifications to join the event are canceled.”

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As soon as this was said, there was an uproar at the scene.

The sneer on Yasa’s face deepened, as he looked at Yaeger with a gaze that was filled with disdain.

‘A mere foreigner dares to compete with me! Utterly ridiculous!’

In his opinion, a lowly existence like Yaeger was not qualified to compete with him on the same stage at all.

“Are you people trying to pull some tricks” At this moment, Yaeger who had been spectating their monologue suddenly smirked.

Raising her hand, the purple crossbow [Berserk Thunder] appeared with a flash.


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