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Xina’s eyes twitched slightly.

She obviously knew that Mylene was doing it to satisfy her personal vendetta.

She had already interrogated the gangsters who were captured that night.

These people belonged to the [Small Sword Group] and were ordered to capture Yaeger.

Who was also the brother that Mylene had never seen for the past 10 years.

Furthermore, Yaeger was to be captured to be enjoyed by a wealthy woman.

After knowing the ins and outs of the affair, it would be unreasonable if Mylene didn’t plan on finding ways to destroy them.

“Well, I will arrange the subordinates to do a sweep and clean them up.” Xina was also displeased with the [Small Sword Group].

It was only that they could never find any of their weak spots, thus it was difficult to clean them up in one go.

By kidnapping Yunuen Lin this time, they committed a very serious crime.

It had already caused a bad impact.

It was now a good time for the authorities to squash them and clean them up, in order to restore Roc City’s cleanliness.

Well actually, no matter if there was any impact, the Ability Management Department would still take action against the [Small Sword Group] in order to score some impression points with [Princess].

Even if Mylene did not mention it, the superiors above would give the order to take harsh action.

This night, all the gangsters within Roc City seem to have entered a nightmare that they could never wake up from.

The taste of prison food, three years!

Yaeger didn’t know about anything that happened outside and didn’t bother to know about it.

She sat quietly on the bed as aura surged out of her body and formed into barely materializing tentacles.

These tentacles disappeared as soon as they appeared.

However, there was a whistling noise in the room for some reason, as if someone had struck a powerful punch.

The next moment, there was a barely materializing fist, as big as a water bucket, that levitated in front of Yaeger.

“When I was fighting against Viper, my invisible ‘fist’ performed far beyond my expectations.” Yaeger looked at the fist in front and said to herself.

Actually, this was technically not a fist, and it wasn’t invisible at all.

It’s just that Yaeger utilized her aura with extraordinary techniques.

Like a tug-of-war, she exerted force at the most critical moment, attacking her opponents unexpectedly.

If she used such an attack head-on, its efficacy would be far worse.

The reason why Viper was constantly hit by Yaeger’s invisible fist was that he relied too much on the ability of [Thermal Sense].

Since it was a fist formed by aura, how would it emanate heat

If he used his keen perception to sense Yaeger’s attacks.

Then, her invisible fist would be hardly effective.

After all, an aura that was emitted externally was impossible to conceal.

Although it was invisible to the naked eye, it did not mean that it couldn’t be perceived.

“It’s also a disadvantage relying too much on a certain ability.” The aura dissipated, and the near-invisible fist returned to nothingness.

“I really benefited a lot from the battle with Viper.” Yaeger smiled and continued to study her own strengths and abilities.

The night passed uneventfully.

8 AM, in the morning.

Yaeger slowly opened her eyes.

She stayed up all night and didn’t lie down until 7:30, then closed her eyes to rest.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if she rested or not, she was not tired at all.

She seemed to have endless energy in her body.

It was more like a ritual for her to rest her eyes.

As for what kind of ritual it was, Yaeger didn’t understand as well.

Regardless, she just enjoyed closing her eyes and letting her mind run wild for a bit.

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Yunuen Lin was resting today, thus the matter of refining medicine could only be delayed for now.

“It’s time to go to the Tower of Heroes and get the sword.” It was only a matter of time for her to gain the remaining 5 levels.

Having another Purple Sword or not would not influence Yaeger’s ability to level up herself.

It’s because all she needed to do to level up was to release barrages with her purple crossbow.

Unless she used Sword Formations, it was ineffective for her to use swords to level up.

“The Ancient Celestial Sword Formation is still cooling down, I hope nothing bad will happen during this time.” After getting up and going to the bathroom to freshen up, Yaeger locked the doors and windows and entered the game.

White light flashed.

She appeared in Jadeleaf Plaza.

There were no people in the square at this time, it seemed a little deserted.

“The number of players has increased.” Looking around, Yaeger found that there were more in-game characters with green names when compared to yesterday.

“Is there a guild in Linhnan server that finished the final mission”

Opening the forum, she saw a post distributing benefits.

“[Limitless Guild], that seems a bit familiar.” Looking at the name of this guild, Yaeger frowned.

Yet, she couldn’t remember where she heard about it.

But, she came to a realization the moment she saw the 101 Novice Village.

“Oh, it’s [Sky]’s guild.

That guy knows what he’s doing.”

To put it simply, if Yaeger hadn’t finished the mission once and left a strategy guide behind, it would take at least another week for other people to complete this final mission.

“I hope he can learn his lesson and stop coming to provoke me.”

For the players in 101 Novice Village, Yaeger felt zero guilt at all.

Since everyone who was cheated by her had virtually lost nothing aside from some money.

No, they actually had gained many benefits that weren’t present in other Novice Villages.

“Oh s̲h̲i̲t̲! It’s the black-hearted Princess!” At this moment, a player suddenly yelled uncontrollably the moment he saw Yaeger.

Then, he instantly turned around and ran, as if he had seen a ghost.

He sped away.

When the other players heard the shout, they all trembled.

When they turned their heads to look over, they indeed saw Yaeger standing pridefully, with an indescribably beautiful figure.

“Oh s̲h̲i̲t̲! It’s really the black-hearted Princess!”

“I’m going to be killed!”

“I just came to the main city, I haven’t started enjoying life… I don’t want to die!”

These players yelled and ran, their speeds were frightening.

“Is this the explosive power that can be seen in fire accidents” Yaeger was already accustomed to these events, she could not bother about it.

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“However, the nickname [Black-hearted Princess] is really a bit detrimental to my image.”

Shaking her head, Yaeger left the plaza and entered Crystal Avenue.

First, she went to take a look at Layna’s item shop.

After realizing that Yunuen Lin was obediently taking a break, she went to the Military Base.

“Good morning, young adventurer.”

“Good morning, sir.” When she arrived at the registration office of Tower of Heroes, Yaeger greeted the middle-aged man in charge of management.

There was a noisy commotion outside, the noises of many people talking were heard.

Yaeger followed the sounds and looked over.

She saw a lot of young people standing in front of the tower, as if waiting for something.

Not far away, there were some older men wearing flamboyant clothing, they were chatting with each other enthusiastically.

“Is there an event or something” Yaeger asked.

“You don’t know about it” The middle-aged man said while being slightly surprised.

“Know about what” Yaeger was confused.

After discovering that she didn’t really know about it, the middle-aged man said, “Today is our empire’s coming-of-age ceremony that happens annually.

These young people have undergone rigorous selection to participate in the coming-of-age challenge tournament.”

After a pause, he continued.

“Those who get the best grades will get handsome rewards from the empire, which can be regarded as an incentive and bonus activity for these young people.”

“I see.” Yaeger froze for a moment.

She didn’t remember such activity had happened in her previous life.

‘Wait, the time I entered the game in my past life was one week after the public beta.

Now, this is only the fourth day, the timing is not right!’

Suddenly, she understood what was going on.

The timeline was wrong!

“Can I participate” Yaeger asked indifferently, but she was a little excited deep in her heart.

“Strictly speaking, you cannot.”

Upon hearing this, Yaeger was disappointed.

“However, since you went through the Limitless Illusion’s Realm yesterday, and you’re lower than twenty-two years old, you meet the requirements of participation.

I can make an exception and let you participate.”

“Really This is awesome!” Yaeger was a little excited, this was an activity that no one had participated in her previous life! After registering, Yaeger walked towards the Tower of Heroes with a smile on her face.

“Iz you!” At this moment, a young person looked back and immediately shouted the moment that Yaeger was seen.


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