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[Brotherhood Association], the world’s greatest killer organization.

The structure of this organization was very simple, it was divided into two parts.

The first part was composed of personnel.


[Executioners]—The leaders of the Brotherhood Association, a total of 3 people.

[Thirteen Ladders]—Composed of 13 top killers.


That’s right, there were only 16 members in this organization.

Yet, they were all experts with supreme abilities and strength.

However, the true strength of the [Brotherhood Association] had nothing to do with the strength of their core members.

It was the second part of the organization, its intelligence and membership system.

That was the source of strength for the [Brotherhood Association].

The most famous forum in the hitmen’s industry—the [Killer’s Alliance]—was created by the [Brotherhood Association].

The intelligence system they had was the greatest within the hitmen’s industry.

The speed and accuracy of the information they transmitted were comparable to certain major countries.

Rumor had it that among the core members of the [Brotherhood Association], there was an extremely capable hacker who was constantly collecting information from all over the world, at all times.

The authenticity of this rumor was most likely to be true.

Because the forum operated in an invite-only membership system, only people who were qualified by them were allowed to be a member of the forum.

Those who qualified will receive a black letter, with the forum’s URL and registration password included within.

Whether it was the killers or potential customers, they all became members in this way.

Based on this fact, it could be seen that this so-called hacker, or the hacker organization, was very likely to exist.


Becoming a member of the forum meant that the person was already a member of the [Brotherhood Association].

Today, more than 50% of the world’s most capable killers were all members of the [Brotherhood Association].

Thus, it was not an exaggeration for people to say that the [Brotherhood Association] was the greatest killer organization of this world.

At this time, the not so lively forum suddenly boiled over.

Numerous members who were inactive all made an appearance.

It was all because of a new bounty being listed on the forum.

If it was a typical bounty, it would naturally not attract so many people’s attention.

The poster was not titled as a killer, they were a customer.

The post had the prefix: [Bounty].

The title was as follows:

‘16.43 million USD for the acquisition of a person’s head.’

The text above did not clearly indicate the target, but the amount of the bounty alone was enough to attract attention.

In a blink of an eye, the number of clicks on the post exceeded 10,000 people.

In Cathay, a random building in Roc City.

An agent of Korea, Jin Junmin sat in the spacious office while looking depressed.

Not long ago, because he spent 3 million Chinese Yuan and bought a blurry surveillance video—not only was he harshly criticized by his superiors, a year’s worth of salary was also deducted from him.

In addition, the Five Star Conglomerate also deducted his bonus.

It was an absolute tragedy.

“Damned [Princess], it’s all because of you!” He stared at the monitor, gritted his teeth, and said.

At this time, Jin Junmin was browsing the posts on the [Killer’s Alliance] bounty section.

He was looking for targets that he could assassinate in order to earn some spare cash.

Suddenly, his eyes widened as he cried in surprise.

“My goodness, a bounty of more than fourteen million dollars!”

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Converting it to Chinese Yuan, it was considered to be a ‘small goal’.

Converting it to Korean Won…That would be lots of billions! Even if Jin Junmin worked as an agent until the day he died, he would not be able to earn that much!

In an instant, his heart blazed.

Although he knew that a target worth that amount of bounty was not easy to handle, he thought it was fine for him to check it out.

When he opened the post, Jin Junmin’s eyes widened further to the point of almost breaking.

The target of the bounty.

Name: Unknown

Nickname: [Princess] Gender: Female

Age: 18 years old

Height: 175CM

Nationality: Chinese

Place of birth: Unknown

Current residence: Cathay, Linhnan, Roc City.

Strength: Master level (A-ranked).

Proficient at: Swordsmanship and fist combat.

Appearance: Screenshot 01.JPG

Bounty organizer: [Small Sword Group].

Bounty amount: 16.43 million USD.

Remarks of the bounty organizer: “The head, I only want the head of the [Princess].

Bring her head to the [Small Sword Group] headquarters, and the 16.43 million dollars will be yours!”

Administrator [Skyspike]: The post has been reviewed and approved.

We received the 7 million dollars of deposit, the bounty is valid.

“Such a valuable head!” After reading the contents of the bounty post, he instantly let out a grin.

“No wonder the US cares so much about her, but still couldn’t manage to capture her.

It turns out that she’s a master!”

Jin Junmin’s strength was much greater than the ordinary person’s, but he was still a long way from reaching the strength of a master.

He was probably equivalent to a Cathay’s Mystic Stage Martial Artist now.

“To kill a master, it will require dozens of fully armed elite Warriors, or several experts like me to work together.”

Jin Junmin’s eyes flashed and switched on his VPN in a hurry.

He logged in to a foreign communication software and contacted a hitman that he knew from the forums.

On the other side, the forums became increasingly rowdy.

Even those members that were perpetually inactive had become active and commented on the post.

Many people started to request information about the [Princess] in the forums, they paid a good price for it.

In the United States, Dorado, a branch of the CIA.

“[Hawk Eyes] is dead.” Mira looked at the report in her hand and muttered to herself in slight sadness.

[Eagle Eye] Olai was her mentor, who taught her many ways of killing people.

“Mira, how the hell do you people do things You actually haven’t dealt with [Princess] until now! What a bunch of failures! Especially that Olai, a God-tier sniper my a̲s̲s̲.

He actually died from a headshot, what a massive joke! And you, playing that game all day long, having a great time, right Do you know how many criticisms I have endured for you! You stinky b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲!”

At this moment, a black man wearing military attire approached while cursing, his expression was filled with displeasure.

Even though he knew that Mira was playing the game to do her mission, it was unreasonable in itself for him as a superior to vent his anger onto a subordinate.

Mira raised her head to look at him, killing intent flashed in her eyes.

“Why, you have an opinion Do you believe that I can get you fired by tomorrow!” The black man in military uniform raised his head and said disdainfully.

“You, seem to be a little confused about the situation.” Mira sighed lightly as she stood up.

She took out a [Desert Eagle] and approached him step-by-step.

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“You, what are you trying to do, I am your superior!” The black man in military uniform stopped, his body was trembling all over.

He felt an ominous premonition in his heart.

“If it weren’t for the so-called political correctness, do you think it’s possible for someone like you who doesn’t understand anything to sit in this position” Mira raised her hand, the pitch-black hole that was the barrel of the Desert Eagle was pointed towards the black man in military uniform.

“Mira, you, don’t you mess around.

If you do anything to me, you will be sent to the military court!”

“Our ancestors had captured your ancestors from that land to serve as slaves and cattle.

We definitely owed your people, as it is our sin.

It is natural for you people to be compensated.

It’s our obligation to not discriminate against you people.

There’s no other way since we owe your people that.

But, do you think that we will really respect you No, never!”

With that, Mira pulled the trigger.

However, at that moment, her hand moved and the muzzle shifted.

The bullet launched out as it scraped the black man’s face.

The next moment, the legs of the black man in military uniform became noodles, as a large water stain appeared under his belt.

The meeting room became frighteningly quiet.

All of the sudden.

Someone barged in and shouted, “Mira, there is a bounty out for [Princess]!”


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