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In the back seat of a luxury sedan on the road, Stanley Lin’s face was pale, as if he had just seen a ghost.

In fact, for him, the previous scene he witnessed was no different from meeting a ghost.

“What, what do you mean you’re not a normal girl.

You’re not a girl at all…” Stanley Lin spoke in a low voice, his eyes were out of focus.

The goddess that he perceived in his heart suddenly became a cutie with a big rod, that was simply too extreme! Moreover, her’s was definitely much bigger than his’!

At this moment, Stanley Lin felt like there were countless hairy elephant trunks stampeding in his mind.

“Ahhhhhhhh! No way, it’s too disgusting.

My poor little innocent soul!” He quickly took out his mobile phone to divert his attention.

Unlocking the fingerprint lock and opening the photo gallery, it was filled with pictures of a girl.

Stanley Lin selected one of them, and stared at it with glowing eyes.

The girl in the photo had black hair that cascaded like a waterfall, and a stunning figure.

Her appearance was slightly lesser than unparalleled in beauty, but her demeanor was extraordinary.

She was truly a hibiscus blooming out of the water, a natural beauty.

“Foreign women are too scary.

It is still Cathay beauties that suit me the best! Aaaah, Sachiel Luo, my love! Only you, yes, only you are the woman that truly deserves me!”

When it came to Maria, Stanley Lin had completely given up.

To have him be in a romance with an intersexual and even roll on the bedsheets together, he could only say one thing: I will never!

Moreover, he pursued Maria only to taste the feeling of being with a Westerner.

It would be impossible for him to marry her.

After all, letting a bartender marry into the Lin Family will definitely be turned into a massive laughing stock in the upper-class social circle.

The affluent families cared about suitability between families the most.

When it came to the gains from a family’s reputation and benefits from joint marriage, an individual’s own happiness was insignificant in comparison.

Therefore, even if Stanley Lin was truly in love with Maria, it would be nearly impossible for him to marry her.

At most, he would keep her outside and occasionally get in bed with her.

Meanwhile, Sachiel Luo was different.

She was the treasured young lady of the Luo Family, which was one of the Four Major Families.

Marrying her would definitely bring his family great benefits in its development.

“Sachiel Luo, no, Lil’ Sachiel, wait for me.

I will get you sooner or later!” Stanley Lin stared at the photo as a lustful look flashed in his eyes.

In a certain building.

“It’s so tiring.” Yaeger landed gracefully while looking fatigued.

It was the first time that she was so tired since taking on the female form.

After finding a clean place on the rooftop, Yaeger took a long breath.

Now, she only wished to find a soft bed, to lie down and sleep soundly.

“I only got into two fights, and became this tired.

My strength is still far from enough.” Thinking back about what happened tonight, she couldn’t help but sigh.

When facing Mitch, she wasted lots of energy because she underestimated his strength.

Then, she jumped off the building to act cool… No, she jumped off the building to test the defensive abilities of her Domain.

A lot of energy was spent on that as well.

After returning to a temporary home and fighting [Viper], the energy she spent was actually lesser in comparison to the prior event.

However, it is still a significant amount.

“Counting the energy I wasted to reach here, a tube of mana potion will definitely not be enough.

Fortunately, I have the passive skill of Automatic Energy Absorption.

Otherwise, I won’t be able to sustain the expenditure at all.”

At this time, her energy has recovered to three-tenths of its capacity.

The fatigue she felt in her body was gradually dissipating.

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“The furniture in Jade Flower Garden should be arranged by now.

When it’s later at night, I will sneak in there and have a good night’s sleep.”

It was actually a house that she rented, yet she had to sneak inside.

It made Yaeger feel a little dumbfounded at that fact.

After taking a break, she removed a stainless steel pipe from the guardrail and jammed the entrance door to the roof.

She then sat down against the wall, took out the terminal, and entered the game.

In the barren countryside within Jade City.

As soon as Yaeger appeared, many Magic Beasts rushed her.

She smiled indifferently, then took out [Berserk Thunder] and fired all around, attaining a wave of experience points.

Every little bit counts, she could not waste it at all.

After clearing up the Magic Beasts in front, Yaeger did not stay around and fight.

She entered a skulking state within a flash and returned to the city at breakneck speeds.

At this time, Layna’s Item Shop was already closed.

Yaeger came to Jadeleaf Plaza and found a random place to sit down.

Then, she opened the game interface.

There were three new messages in her personal mailbox.

Rakshasa: Princess, I have reached level 20!

Nangong Lin: Princess, we came back from the hospital.

Yunuen isn’t in any serious condition, she will be fine after resting for some time.

Sachiel Luo: Princess, help me.

Serubelya is about to annoy me to death!

Hearing that Yunuen Lin was fine, Yaeger breathed a sigh of relief and responded immediately.

Yaeger: Nangong Lin, thank you for your hard work tonight.


Less than three seconds after she sent the message, she already received a reply.

Nangong Lin: It’s nothing, it’s nothing at all! Princess, how are you doing on your end

Yaeger: I encountered some trouble, but it’s already dealt with.

It’s already late, so you should rest early.

Rakshasa: Princess, I’m already Level 21!

At this time, Rakshasa sent another message.

Yaeger: I see, well done.

Rakshasa: Hehe, I’m already working very hard.

In the Flame Dragon Empire, Rakshasa looked at the message sent by Yaeger with a bright smile, as if all her fatigue was swept away at this moment.

Around her, countless Magic Beast corpses laid on the ground, while blood flowed all over the place.

Yaeger: Keep it up, I’m working hard on my end as well.

I believe I will be able to pick you people up soon.

Rakshasa: Hmm, I’ll be waiting.

After chatting with Rakshasa for a while, she responded to Sachiel Luo.

After comforting Sachiel Luo, Yaeger opened the guild panel and invited Mylene Tian to join the guild.

Yet, the other party was not online.

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“I suppose she is still busy.” Turning off the interface, Yaeger took out a bottle of High-Level Mana Recovery Potion and gulped it all down.

Within ten seconds or so, her Mana was completely replenished.

“I hope that it will be effective.” After speaking, Yaeger instantly logged out of the game.

On the rooftop.

Yaeger opened her eyes, she was elated after feeling the changes in her body.

“It can really be replenished this way!” She stretched out her hand while feeling excited, tapping empty air in front of her.

In a blink of an eye, a panel appeared with a flash.

“Haha, not bad at all.” Seeing that her Mana was completely replenished, Yaeger nodded in satisfaction while letting out a sweet smile.

“With this, I won’t be afraid of not having any health or Mana!”

Of course, the premise was that she had to find a safe place to enter the game and chug potions when she had insufficient health or mana.

“After reaching level 30, I will be able to do as I please in the real world!” Clenching her fists, Yaeger’s smile turned her eyes into crescent moons.

At level 30, her strength will reach the level of a real grandmaster.

By then, only people that were at her equivalent level or above can deal with her.

As long as she doesn’t deliberately provoke those people, she could do whatever she pleased.

“Once I reach level 30, the first thing I want to do will be to settle my score with Old Man Tian.” Yaeger stroked her smooth hair and said softly, looking at the night sky.

At this time, in the main building of the Ability Management Department.

“Achoo!” Old Man Tian trembled and sneezed out.

He had sneezed for the third time tonight.

“Strange, why do I suddenly feel a very bad premonition, as if great trouble will land on me in the near future.” Looking at the night sky, Old Man Tian muttered to himself.


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