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The person who came to make the report stood in difficulty, closing his eyes to prevent sand from getting into it.

Keeping his hands in front of him, he was filled with panic.

It was his first time seeing the boss being this angry.

Yet, it seemed reasonable after thinking about it, since he had lost his most beloved disciple.

As a master, could he not feel heartache, anger, and be filled with murderous intent

Meanwhile, as for Vincent, it doesn’t matter if he died.

No, that’s not right.

Vincent was still a high-ranked cadre in the Small Sword Group, after all.

If one of his subordinates was killed, he would still be angry, more or less.

That person thought of these while feeling slightly happy at the same time.

Since people of both his rank were dead, it meant that the people below them had a chance to ascend.

Could he not be happy

As the violent storm of killing intent subsided, the sand fell and the sea waters returned to calmness.

The middle-aged man, leader of the Small Sword Group—Lucky Hong asked without expression, “who did it”

He had nine disciples, with Mitch being the most excellent one.

Who had reached the pinnacle master rank at a young age, while also cultivating both internal and external strength—Mitch’s future prospects were simply limitless.

Mitch was sent to Cathay because he was the only person that could destroy the master-ranked [Princess] among the nine disciples.

However, he didn’t expect that Mitch would forever remain in the Cathay lands after this assignment.

“I… I heard that he was killed by [Princess].” The man shivered as he spoke.

“How is that possible, that [Princess] only has the strength of an average master-ranked person, she is definitely not Mitch’s opponent… I see, Ronald Tian must’ve helped in secret! Damn Old Man Tian, you dare to kill my disciple.

I will never spare you!”

Lucky Hong’s eyes were round as he gritted his teeth.

Not long ago, he already received news that Ronald Tian, who had beaten him out of Cathay, was currently in Roc City! In his opinion, Mitch was considered to be invincible among the master-ranked.

Only a grandmaster could kill Mitch!

Usually, a grandmaster would rarely bully someone below their level, that would be unfitting of their image.

Yet, Lucky Hong knew that Old Man Tian would not care about these things at all.

‘This old dog with half his foot in the coffin must be jealous of Mitch’s potential, so he killed him!’

In an instant, his newfound vendetta and his past grudges of Roland Tian overwhelmed his mind, contorting his face and tightly gripping his fists to the point of crackling.

“Ronald Tian!”

Another storm swept across the sea.

After a long while, Lucky Hong finally calmed down.

“About [Princess], you go to the forums of the [Brotherhood Association] and post a bounty.

As for the bounty, set a ‘small target’.” He said suddenly.

Hearing the words: [Brotherhood Association], that person’s pupils shrank instantly.

The so-called [Brotherhood Association] was not a gang, but a killer organization.

It was the strongest killer organization in the world.

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‘According to the exchange rate of the past few days, a ‘small target’ would equate to more than 14 million US dollars.

Such a bounty is rare to see in the forums!’

The man was surprised, feeling the urge to fight her in person.

Sadly, he knew that his strength was limited, he could only feel envy and spite.

Watching his subordinate leaving, Lucky Hong’s eyes gradually became grim, “It won’t be long before I will take your head personally, Ronald Tian!”

In Sheepdog Bar.

“The autopsy report is out.” The man in suit came to the bar again, he sat on the high stool, looked at Maria and said.

“Anything strange about it” Maria was a little puzzled.

Did he need to deliberately come here and tell her about such a trivial matter

She realized that there must be something wrong.

Sure enough, it was as she predicted.

“The bullet that blasted [Hawk Eyes]’s head is the same bullet that he fired!” The man in the suit spoke in emotion.

Upon hearing this, Maria was dazed for a moment, then instantly thought of a possibility.

“Is it suicide”


‘Who would commit suicide with a sniper rifle’ The man in the suit added this remark in his heart.

“Then what the hell is going on How could [Hawk Eyes]’s own bullet kill him” Maria frowned.

“The preliminary hypothesis is that the bullet was bounced back by someone else after [Hawk Eyes] had fired it.”

“Huh Is there such an ability” Maria tilted her head slightly, the doubt she displayed became deeper.

“Not sure.

[Hawk Eye]’s bullet was fired at him from backwards, so we came to that speculation.” The man in the suit said not quite calmly.

“From backwards!” Maria was startled.

“You mean that [Hawk Eyes] got his head blasted by the flat end of that bullet This is too unscientific!”

“This is the fact.”

‘We as Transcendents are unscientific enough!’ The man in the suit added another remark in his heart.

“I have never heard of such an ability…” Speaking of this, Maria suddenly exhaled.

“The S-ranked strength-based Transcendents and the grandmaster martial artists in Cathay can do these things!”

She immediately imagined a simulated scene in her mind, where a test dummy had caught the bullet with its bare hands and bounced it back.

“Who are the S-ranked Transcendents and grandmasters that are in Roc City now” Maria asked.

“For S-ranked Transcendents, there are none in Roc City.

But recently, there is a grandmaster that came.”


“The hero of Cathay, Ronald Tian.” The man in the suit said.

“He must be the one who did it! That half-dead old coot!” Maria bit her lip, knowing that there was a grandmaster protecting [Princess], It will be difficult for them to carry out their next actions.

“Since the other party sent a grandmaster, should we…” The man in the suit wanted to say something, but he heard footsteps coming from behind and he closed his mouth immediately.

He then nodded to Maria, got up, and left.

“Maria, my angel!” At the same time, there was a man who was about 20 years old and 185 cm tall who was dressed in a suit.

His body was sturdy and he looked handsome.

With a smile on his face, he approached with flighty steps.

“Young Master Lin, please don’t call me that.” Maria spoke without expression, while a look of disgust flashed in her eyes.

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This man was named Stanley Lin.

The second young master of the Lin Family, which was one of the Four Major Families within Roc City.

Stanley Lin came to the bar table, bent down with his hands supporting his chin, raised his head, and looked at Maria.

“My angel, stop being a bartender or whatever.

Be with me.

When I inherit the Lin Family in the future, you will be the lady owner of the Lin Family!”

His face was flushed, his breath smelled like alcohol as he spoke.

It was obvious that he was drunk.

“Young Master Lin, I told you many times that I don’t deserve you.

Please don’t come and pester me.” Maria was displeased.

If possible, she really wanted to order her subordinates to kill Stanley Lin right here and now.

Regrettably, not only was the Lin Family an affluent family in Roc City, but it also had a deep relationship with the Lin Family in Yanjing.

They were people that must not be provoked easily.

“My angel, I also said before that I don’t care about your origins! As long as you’re with me, I don’t care about anything!” Stanley Lin spoke in deep affection.

Maria sighed softly, and then said, “Young Master Lin, let me be honest with you, I am not a normal woman.

If you’re with me, you will definitely not be happy.”

“I don’t care if you are a normal woman or not.

I, Stanley Lin, want you to be mine today!” Stanley Lin stood up straight and said seriously.

“When I say not normal, it might be a little different from what you perceive as not normal.

Nevermind, I’ll tell you honestly, mine might be bigger than yours if I pull it out.”

Maria said.

Hearing this, Stanley Lin blinked and instantly felt chills down his spine.

Yet, he calmed down soon after.

“Maria, stop this nonsense.

I mean what I said!”

“I really didn’t lie to you, there is a monster living under my skirt.

If you don’t believe it, look.” While speaking, Maria lifted up her uniform’s skirt.


The next moment, Stanley Lin’s eyes widened, as if seeing an ancient mammoth trunk popping out from under Maria’s skirt.

His soul immediately left his body under immense shock.

“Good—goodbye!” Immediately after, he turned around stiffly and staggered out of the bar.

Seeing that Stanley Lin had left, Maria smiled indifferently.

“Heh, men.”


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