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“Are you dead”The corner of Yaeger’s eyes twitched, and it was the first time she had seen such an idiot.

Viper’s body soon stiffened up, showing no signs of vitality.

After letting out a hint of aura to investigate, Yaeger smirked and let out an ominous smile.

She then approached.

“Although you are here to kill me, since you’re already dead, consider our score settled.”

When she came close to Viper’s corpse at around two meters, she stopped.

Then, she drew a big X at his chest with her slender fingers.

Suddenly, Viper, who was already stiff and as dead as rock flicked up and turned into a black shadow.

He pounced over and aimed the [Toxic Edge] directly towards Yaeger’s heart.

“Hahahahaha! You are fooled, [Princess]! I’m a Viper, how could I be poisoned to death!”

It turned out that he was merely pretending to be dead!

Viper has killed countless people.

He knew that a person would easily let down their guard when they thought they attained victory.

However, he could tell that Yaeger was considered a smarter kind of person, and knew that he would be easily discovered if he feigned weakness.

In desperation, he came out with the plan to pretend to be dead and then counterattack.

The topic on how to pretend to be dead and be natural was naturally a big subject.

If he was slightly bad at it, it would be easily seen through.

Fortunately, Viper had great experience in pretending to be dead.

Licking his poison dagger and feigning death was a proficient trick of his’.

He was adept at it and showed no flaws at all.

‘I did it!’ Attacking all the sudden at such a close range, it was impossible for her to dodge!

‘[Princess], You are dead!’ He had to admit that [Princess] was really strong, and almost made him slip up and lose.

However, the fruits of victory will be sweeter when he defeats such an adversary.

Thinking of this, Viper let out a pleasant smile.

But such a smile solidified into ice in a blink of an eye.

Because he saw that Yeager actually smiled.

Her eyes formed into crescent moons with that smile.

‘How can she still smile at this time!’ Viper yelled in his heart, and an indescribable sense of terror surged from the deepest reaches of his mind.

The next moment, the answer was revealed.


Viper who was currently pouncing slammed the ground instantly, creating a loud noise.

The ceramic tiles shattered instantly, then the concrete floor also cracked.


There was a faint sound of broken bones.

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“Aaaaahhhhh!” His screams followed after a momentary delay.

Viper had no idea what had happened, the only thing he knew was that his waist was completely ruined.

“I told you before.

When it comes to me, I’m great at smacking snakes.” Yaeger smiled lightly, her beauty was unparalleled.

Viper’s act of feigning death was truly lifelike.

Sadly, no matter how much he tried, he could never eliminate his living presence.

Yaeger had probed his presence just now, and managed to see through his tricks.

She decided to play it by ear, and give her opponent a fatal blow.

Viper’s sudden attack seemed like he was eagerly putting his head into the guillotine, it was entertaining to say the least.

“You, how can you do this…” When Yaeger retracted her attack, Viper finally knew what was the thing that had smashed his waist.

It was a barely materializing hammer that was the size of a water tank!

“Hahaha, you didn’t expect it Shocked That’s right, it was a similar thing that had smacked you before.” Yaeger touched her lips with her finger, and her eyes turned into crescent moons as she smiled.

“All thanks to you really.

If you didn’t come to me, and I happen to be in a state where I can’t use my energy indiscriminately, I’m afraid it will be difficult for me to utilize my aura so superbly.

Hmm, in order to show my gratitude.

Let me give you a swift death.

By the way, do you know what’s the thing that fits best along with the hammer The answer is, a sickle!”

After speaking, Yeager waved her hand, and a sword aura coalesced, transforming into a Moon Sickle.

“No!” Viper knew death was approaching, and immediately wailed desperately.

The moon sickle landed, and blood splattered.

A nice big watermelon rolled on the ground.

“Fighting against a Transcendent is really a good experience.” Withdrawing her slender hand, Yaeger sighed.

She had benefited a lot from this battle.

“Who is hiding inside! Come out!” Just as Yaeger sighed, a fierce voice was heard outside.

Immediately after, the door shook as if it was slammed hard by someone.

“Our fight was too intense, the security guards actually noticed it.” With a wry smile, Yaeger walked to the door and locked all the locks that she had installed prior.

She then cleaned up the mess.

Doing a sweep with her aura, she collected all the items that were left behind by her male body.

“Let this fire cleanse all of your sins.” After Yaeger piled all the clothes and various garbage on Viper, she lit it with a lighter.

There was still banging outside.

They seemed to be already kicking the door.

However, a door closed with several locks could not be easily kicked open by an ordinary human.

Soon, the smell akin to a barbecue was in the air.

Yaeger wrapped the dagger using her sportswear.

Noticing that the things were almost burnt, she came to the window and looked back to her room.

“Farewell, my temporary home.”

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After speaking, she waved her hand and evoked the debris on the ground.

She then jumped out of the window without hesitation.

The scene at Rosen Hotel was reenacted! Yaeger walked on air and quickly disappeared into the night sky.

After a while, the door was finally opened by the security guards.

They saw a humanoid creature emitting a strange smell on the ground.

They all trembled uncontrollably, their faces were pale while some people even cried out in terror.

At this time, in an abandoned dock in Melbourne.

A middle-aged man in Kung Fu clothes was walking by the beach.

He had a pale and broad face.

His eyes were sharp.

At first glance, he did not seem to be an ordinary person.

It was now time for dinner.

The seaside was very calm, and birds could be heard from time to time.

The middle-aged man walked on the beach, staring at the boundless ocean, and took a deep breath.

He then squeezed his fist and took a step out.

Widening his eyes, the aura in his entire body went berserk.

When it reached its zenith, the space itself seemed to have trembled.

“Ha!” The middle-aged man yelled, and his right fist blasted out.

As if a rocket was launched.

Ahead, the light-gold colored sand was blasted by his fist wind, forming a wide trench.

A massive chasm instantly formed from the calm sea.


The moment the crack appeared, the sea surface immediately exploded.

There was a water column with a diameter of about ten meters that surged to the skies!

“Phew.” The middle-aged man retracted his fist and sighed softly, his eyes became gloomy in an instant.

“I finally broke through the beginner-level and entered the middle-level.

Once I advance to the pinnacle of the middle level, I will go to Cathay and seek revenge from you, Ronald Tian!”

The last two words he said were dripped in endless hatred.

After a while, the middle-aged man’s roiling anger finally calmed down.

“You wait for me, just another month or two…”

“Boss, it’s not good!” At this moment, someone hurriedly ran here, shouting while running.

“What’s the ruckus” The middle-aged man spoke in displeasure, he hated unruly subordinates the most.

The man instantly shut up.

He slowed his steps, shrunk his neck and walked over.

“Go ahead, what happened”

“Boss, Mitch and Vincent were killed by someone!”

Hearing that, the middle-aged man opened his eyes wide as his face turned black in an instant.

A violent surge of anger exploded within him, it formed a storm that enveloped the entire place!


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