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Sheepdog bar.

“The prey really appeared.” In front of the bar, a man wearing a suit whispered.

“It’s a success” Maria took a sip of mineral water and asked.

The man in the suit was silent for a moment.

“Failure, [Hawk Eyes] is dead.”

Hearing this, Maria’s eyebrows twitched, and several lines of cracks appeared on the glass in her hands.

“How did he die”

“Headshotted.” The man in the suit said.

“You’re telling me that the best sniper in our country died from a headshot” Maria’s expression changed as shock was seen in her eyes.

“That’s the initial conclusion.

We’ll have to wait for the autopsy report to come out to learn of the details.”

“Cathay actually has such a scary sniper, it is truly unexpected…” Maria put down the glass.

“[Hawk Eyes] was killed without even shooting out a single bullet”

“No, he shot one.” The man in the suit shook his glass, a slight noise was made as the ice cube impacted it.

“Back in those days, [Eagle Eye] Olai who was famed for his absolute accuracy could handle all of his opponents with a single bullet.

Indeed, we had grown old.” Maria exclaimed.

“This [princess] is really lucky to survive.” The man in the suit took a sip of vodka.

“Now that the Ability Management Department is watching so closely, it will be difficult for us to do it again next time.”

“In the end, is the Ability Management Department the final winner” Maria raised her chin with one hand and asked.

“I don’t know, the surrounding area of the dilapidated building is heavily guarded, we can’t collect any information.”

“Things are getting troublesome.

Let’s not talk about this, is there still no news from [Viper]” Upon mentioning the man, Maria’ brows furrowed.


“That b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲, he dares to go missing at the critical moment.

I really hope that he will be beaten to death by [Princess].” Maria was quite disdainful towards [Viper] who was a disobedient troublemaker.

The man in the suit smiled.

“How could that be, [Viper] is a Grade A Transcendent.

His strength is comparable to a Master of this country.

Moreover, he has that terrible dagger on him.

I’m afraid that his true combat power has already reached A .

If [Princess] had really faced him, she would definitely die!”

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At this time, someone came to the front bar.

The man in the suit finished his last sip of vodka, got up and left.

Maria shook the cocktail mix without any expression.

As if the previous conversation had never existed since the beginning.

After some small talk, Mylene Tian joyously led her subordinates away.

She was really happy.

She originally thought the situation was hopeless.

Yet, she had accomplished half of her objectives after the sequence of events.

‘I am really a capable child!’

Mylene Tian felt that she would absolutely have good dreams tonight.

After all the personnel from the Ability Management Department had left, there were still quite a lot of people on the scene.

These people were all brought over by Nangong Lin.

They had served no purpose at all, and only stood idly for the entire occasion.

“Princess, this is the first time we meet.

I am Little Lin’s sister, Pixie Qin.”

After Yaeger had given some instructions to Nangong Lin, Pixie Qin found an opportunity.

She inserted herself between both people and extended her hand.

“Who is your sister!” Nangong Lin said in dissatisfaction.

“Hello there.” Yaeger politely extended her hand but did not introduce herself.

Because she didn’t know how to, since she wouldn’t be able to refer to herself as a Princess, right

As their hands shook, Pixie Qin’s heart beat faster.

‘Oh no, I feel like I’m in love!’

Immediately afterwards, Yaeger felt a gaze that seemed to be licking her.

She was instantly grossed out in her heart and became faintly aware of something.

But, she couldn’t determine it within the moment.

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After some small talk, Yaeger and Nangong Lin started to discuss how Yunuen Lin’s family should be settled.

She didn’t want to have today’s events repeated again.

Considering that Yunuen Lin still had to go to the hospital for an examination, the two quickly made a decision to let their family move to the Rosen Hotel for a period of time.

Since Nangong Lin and her entourage currently reside there, it will naturally have the highest level of security.

After solving these problems, Yaeger finally breathed a sigh of relief.

“The Small Sword Group, one of the top ten gangs overseas, right I will remember this grudge.” Watching more than a dozen off-road vehicles gradually move away from her line of sight, Yaeger squinted her eyes and murmured to herself.

The ordeal had happened tonight because she had completely not expected it to happen.

Her opposition had actually sent such a strong expert to deal with her.

Moreover, this expert had not behaved in a way fitting his status at all.

“Strange, why didn’t any external influences be involved with the matter tonight” Suddenly, Yaeger felt that something was amiss.

However, thinking that the Ability Management Department had fully mobilized, she realized that those external influences would never make an appearance unless they were extraordinarily stupid.

“It surprised me that the CIA agents hadn’t shown up.” Yaeger glanced at the night sky, then her figure flashed and instantly disappeared.

After loitering around for a bit, she snuck into the shadows and returned to a temporary residence with her highest speed.

As soon as she arrived at the door, her heartbeat quickened uncontrollably.

A bad premonition spontaneously emerged within her.

‘What’s going on.

Why is there another person’s presence in the room Could it be that the patrolling security guards had gone in’

Her current ability in perception was much stronger than when she was in the male body.

She already sensed the abnormality inside without the need of entering.

There seemed to be an extra slimy feeling in the air, it was disgusting.

‘It would be fine if it were the security guards.

I’m most worried that my enemies have made their way here!’

Yaeger was a little nervous.

She had expended too much energy in that dilapidated building.

Despite having a passive skill that constantly absorbed and replenished her energy around the clock, Only 40% to 50% of her strength was restored when compared to her prime.

In this state, it would be a little troublesome for her to face enemies like Mitch.

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‘Should I retreat or advance’ Yaeger hesitated, then instantly remembered that her clothes were still in there.

She was fine with discarding the rest of her clothing, but she must not abandon her skirt.

That was the skirt she wore when she first appeared in front of people as [Princess].

The image of Yaeger now that was widely circulated on the Internet had originated from her first appearance.

The same skirt as [Princess], canned food, mineral water, sportswear, backpack, a broken door, windows wrapped in invisible tape, a snapped door handle…

Linking all these items together, it was not difficult to deduce that this was the hideout of [Princess].

In truth, Yaeger was not worried about that.

At most, she would switch places once she was found out.

The problem was that her male identity would be immensely troubled.

Because it was very likely for male hairs and fingerprints to remain in the room and door handles, it was not difficult for Yaeger’s identity to be discovered.

By then, Yaeger who was assumed to be associated with [Princess] would be endlessly pursued.

‘I can’t retreat! I must never retreat.

If there is an ordinary person in there, I’ll knock them out and handle it.

If it’s an enemy, I will kill without mercy!’

At this time, there was a crisp sound inside.


Seemed like the sound that was made when light metal was thrown onto the ground.

“It tastes terrible.” Then, the sound of a man speaking with a dissatisfied tone was heard.

“Wow, this skirt and underwear smell very pleasant, it must be worn by a beautiful girl.

This is useful!” Immediately afterwards, the man’s voice was filled with excitement.

Hearing this, Yaeger’s eyes twitched.

Her expressions changed wildly and stomped the door open with zero reservations.

“I will kill you!”


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