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Uncanny resemblance.

Seeing Mylene Tian behaving this way, Nangong Lin and Yunuen Lin was strongly reminded of something.

They looked at each other then realized it and screamed in their hearts, ‘She’s possessed by the Princess!’

Indeed, the current Mylene Tian was identical to the [Princess] that had been bullying, no, dominating the players in Novice Village.

They shared the same extremism and unreasonable behavior.

Moreover, even their manner of speaking was the same!

‘She is definitely a diehard fan!’ Nangong Lin and Yunuen Lin silently muttered.

The scene was silent, as all the team members would not dare to even breathe loudly.

Seeing she had sufficiently established her authority, Mylene Tian was pleased and thought, ‘[Princess], you are truly a role model for our generation!’

Aside from doing missions and playing video games recently, Mylene Tian had been watching video footage of [Princess].

Watching her dominating the entire Novice Village on her own, that domineering attitude was a subject of envy.

Somewhat intentionally, she started to imitate [Princess] during this period.

And today, Mylene Tian finally reaped the results.

‘Extreme methods for extreme situations.

The more chaotic the situation is, the more effective violence is.’

No, absolute violence where the opposition could never resist was the most useful.

As long as the scene was suppressed, the subsequent actions would be done easily.

‘She is my sister indeed, she’s capable.’ Yaeger sighed in her heart.

After temporarily solving the issue within the department, Mylene Tian approached quickly.

“[Princess], I apologize for the upsetting events earlier.” Mylene Tian bowed down and spoke in slight anxiety.

This was the third time that she had bothered [Princess].

Although it had nothing to do with her, she still had to bear a certain level of responsibility as the captain.

If [Princess] had completely severed her ties with the Ability Management Department because of this, then how should she explain it to her master

She will be spanked for sure…

Upon recalling her master’s slick green cane, Mylene Tian instantly trembled as chills traveled down her spine.

‘No, I must make [Princess] agree to it no matter what!’

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She clenched her small fists tightly.

“It’s fine, I’m not that petty of a person.

Moreover, I love peace and dislike being in conflict with others.” Yaeger spoke calmly.


Nangong Lin, Yunuen Lin, Xina and Mylene Tian shouted at the same time in their hearts.

Since everybody now knew that [Princess] was a scourge that would always return scores, an eye for an eye.

Those who had provoked her already had grass growing 3 feet tall on their graves.

What with her liking peace and dislike conflict with others…

Utterly unbelievable!

The corners of Mylene Tian’s mouth twitched slightly, thinking that she was still far from the Princess.

At least, she wasn’t able to speak utter nonsense in such a serious tone.

“Do you need anything else” Yaeger spoke.

“[Princess], my name is Mylene Tian.

I am the main captain of the Ability Management Department.

I am here to protect you under the orders of my master, Lisa Black.

I hope you can cooperate with me during the mission, and allow me to stay beside you and constantly protect you throughout the day.”

Mylene Tian raised her head slightly to look at Yaeger and spoke sincerely.

‘My sister is so cute!’ Yaeger looked at Mylene Tian without an expression, but she was excited in her heart.

It was undeniable that having Mylene Tian raising her head this way would cause immense damage!

If Yaeger had a sister complex, she might have already agreed to it instantly.


“I refuse.” If she had accepted Mylene Tian’s 24/7 protection, would she have any freedom No, more importantly, her true identity would definitely be exposed during this period.

It was Yaeger’s biggest secret, that even her own sister would not be allowed to know!

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Hearing the expected response, Mylene Tian shook her head in her heart.

‘Indeed, you reap what you sow.

After the previous 3 horrible experiences, [Princess] was already utterly disappointed in the Ability Management Department!’

“[Princess], can you deliberate more about it You should know that all the powerful organizations in the world are looking for you…”

Mylene Tian still wanted to fight for the chance.

Yet, she was already interrupted by Yaeger before she could finish.

“Don’t let me repeat my words so many times.

No means no.

Perhaps, you might act like Old Man Tian and force me into it”

“No, it’s not, I don’t, I…” Mylene Tian lowered her head and bit her lip, she felt extremely wronged.

“Since you don’t want to force me into it, then we can talk about it.” Yaeger spoke.

Hearing this, Mylene Tian instantly raised her head and her eyes lit up.



“Wah, why would you do this!” Mylene Tian pouted, feeling so aggrieved that she was about to cry.

“Hehe, so cute.

I’m just joking.

Let’s talk about it over there.”

Yaeger spoke as she walked, while everyone else backed off on their own.

Downstairs, the two people faced each other.

“Can I call you Mylene” Yaeger said suddenly.

“Yes, of course!” Mylene Tian was suddenly flattered.

“Mylene, if I don’t make an appearance on my own, can you people find me” Yaeger adjusted her hair that was tossed by the wind and spoke softly.

After pondering, Mylene Tian shook her head.

“We shouldn’t be able to.”

“Then do you think I need someone to protect me” Yaeger looked at her directly.

“You do.” Mylene Tian said seriously.

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“Oh.” Yaeger was a little surprised.

“The reason”

“[Princess], I know that you are very powerful.

But there are many existences in this world that are comparable to you, and even stronger than you.

They might directly or indirectly threaten your life.

Our Ability Management Department might not be able to find you, but it doesn’t mean that other people might not find you.

Among the Transcendents, there are some monsters that are good at tracking.

As long as they find the slightest clues, your situation will become extremely dangerous.”

After pausing, Mylene Tian continued, “perhaps you might find it hard to believe, [Princess].

Actually, I am much stronger than you.”

Hearing this, Yaeger was slightly dazed.

She then showed an expression of disbelief.

“I am stronger than Grandpa, and much stronger.” Mylene Tian spoke with a serious expression.

“Then, that is indeed very strong.” Having this comparison, Yaeger came to a realization.

Her sister was actually in the Grandmaster Realm!

Moreover, she had surpassed Old Man Tian by many levels!

Immediately, a sense of pride spontaneously emerged within her.

“You are very impressive.” Yaeger stretched her hand out as a habit and caressed Mylene Tian’s head.

Only to find something amiss after doing it.

‘I am now the [Princess], not Yaeger!’

Fortunately, Mylene Tian had not reacted negatively at all.

She had blushed slightly and felt somewhat pleased in her heart.

‘The princess is so gentle, I really want to have a sister like her!’

“My situation is a bit special, so I don’t want to be in contact with any people for now.

So, despite the fact that you are much stronger than me and could protect me, I still can’t let you stay around me.”

Having said that, Yaeger changed the mood of the conversation.

“But, I can still stay in contact with you.

I will notify you instantly once I am faced with some difficulty or danger, how about it”

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Mylene Tian was somewhat disappointed after hearing the first few words.

But what she heard later made her feel refreshed.

Although it was different from the mission requirements assigned by her master, this was also a good solution that was presented to her.

“[Princess], how can I contact you” Mylene Tian asked eagerly.

“It’s very simple.

As long as you are in the game, you can contact me at any time.

To make it easier, how about you join our guild”

Yaeger stretched out her hand and smiled sweetly.

As the saying goes, the fertile water does not flow to the outsider’s fields, and her sister won’t enter other people’s homes.

Seizing the opportunity, she naturally wanted to seize her sister back.

“Yes, I’ll join!” Mylene Tian stretched out her hand without any hesitation.

Both hands held each other.

The number of members within the [Princess Alliance] had changed to 6.


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