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Releasing the domain and retracting her aura, Yaeger landed gracefully.

She then put Yunuen Lin down.

The latter was still shocked, her legs seemed to be playing a pipa.

She could not believe what had just happened.

“Too, too intense…”

Yunuen Lin said with a trembling voice.

“Princess, Yunuen, are you all right!”

Nangong Lin trotted over with a concerned look on her face.

“We are unscathed.” Yaeger smiled indifferently.

Her impression of Nangong Lin had improved a lot after tonight’s events.

She now felt much more affectionate towards the latter.

“Sister Nangong, I’m sorry I made you worried.” Yunuen Lin smiled forcefully with a slightly pale face.

“Yunuen has some injuries, please take her to the hospital for an examination later.” Yaeger spoke.

“No problem, I will take Yunuen to the best hospital for an examination!” Nangong Lin nodded vigorously.

“Thanks a lot.” Yaeger patted her shoulder lightly.

Which made her feel intense sweetness as if she had eaten honey.

Pixie Qin appeared silently behind Nangong Lin.

After examining Yaeger in detail, she was immensely shocked and fell into a daze.

This was such a beautiful girl.

As if all the beauty within the universe had gathered itself onto this girl.

Despite having seen photos and videos of the [Princess] beforehand.

Pixie Qin was still utterly shocked by her beauty when seeing her in the flesh.

‘I will grab them with both my hands, I must hold tight!’

At this moment, Pixie Qin finally decided that she will firmly grasp both Yaeger and the [Princess] in her hands!

Mylene Tian stared directly at Yaeger in a daze.

She could not help but sigh in her heart.

‘[Princess] is truly much more beautiful in person than on a screen.

She is so beautiful, I can’t win!’

A method to distinguish whether a girl is beautiful is to have her not wearing any makeup, and only wear a set of loose sportswear.

Yaeger was exactly restricted to this look.

Since she was wearing sportswear with men’s sizes, it was naturally larger.

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Her clothing was loose and baggy.

However, even so, her beauty was unaffected at all.

‘This set of sportswear looks very familiar.

That’s right, it’s the same design as my brother’s!’ Mylene Tian was slightly surprised.

Yaeger’s sportswear was black and white.

Black was its main color, while white acted as the supplementary color.

It was very common in Roc City.

Since this was the standardized uniform of the middle school in the city, it was sold everywhere.

Pixie Qin also realized that the clothing on [Princess] was very familiar, but she had paid no mind to it.

On the other hand, Silas Zhang recovered from the shock.

He approached Yaeger in stride and spoke, “[Princess], your current situation is super-duper dangerous.

We, as the Ability Management Department, prepare to transfer you to Yanjing out of consideration of your safety.

I hope that you will cooperate!”

His tone of voice sounded incredibly superior.

Hearing this, Yaeger frowned slightly while feeling displeased.

Silas Zhang continued speaking, “[Princess], don’t be upset yet, we’re doing this for your sake.

You should know that all the hostile influences in Cathay are now desperately trying to remove you.

It’s difficult for us to guarantee your safety as long as you stay in Roc City.

You will be the safest only in Yanjing.

Because Yanjing is the capital of our Cathay, and it is our land of prosperity! No external forces would dare, and won’t be able to do anything to you there! Moreover, you will get an immense opportunity after going to Yanjing.

Which is that you can closely interact with Young Master Jun of the Dragon Family, and the opportunity to discuss the mysteries of life with him.

As long as you can appease Young Master Jun, you can instantly ascend your status into affluence! After all, Young Master Jun is the leader of the Four Major Families in Yanjing, and the young master of the Dragon Family!”

He grew increasingly excited as he talked about it, as if he was the person in question that was about to ascend into affluence.

Yet, he had not noticed that Yaeger’s expression had grown increasingly grim, a chilling surge of killing intent slowly emanated from her body.

“Shut up!” At this moment, Mylene Tian appeared in front of Silas Zhang and gave him a slap.

“Since when is it your turn to speak here!”

Her cute little face was currently full of anger.

After enduring much difficulty to meet the [Princess], she was about to interact with her and remove the negative impression that was made previously.

Yet, this pig had suddenly appeared and instantly infuriated [Princess].

There was no doubt that [Princess] at this moment had her impression of the Ability Management Department fall into the abyss.

Mylene Tian was so livid that she wanted to punch this pig to death.

“You, you dare to hit me!” Silas Zhang covered his face and shouted hysterically, “Do you know that I am from the Dragon Family! Offending me is no different from offending the Dragon Family!”

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As soon as he said that, there were about 100 team members wearing black uniforms that stood on both sides of Silas Zhang.

Meanwhile, there were about 70 to 80 people standing on Mylene Tian’s side.

The remaining people belonged to the other factions and had no plans to be involved.

They sneakily backed off to the side and quietly spectated.

Seeing such an apparent distinction between both parties, Yaeger settled down and stood quietly in place.

She wanted to see how would her own sister handle this internal conflict.

Pixie Qin was in deliberation.

Nangong Lin acted like she was uninvolved, and was appreciating Yaeger’s unparalleled beauty.

Yunuen Lin expressed that she didn’t know what was going on and wanted to go home.

“Are you all trying to commit treason against me, the main captain” Mylene Tian clenched her fists tightly as her expression was frozen.

She has been constantly busy managing affairs about [Princess] since she arrived in Roc City; she never had the time to establish her authority in the department.

As the saying goes, there were fiery flames when a new official takes office.

If one does not establish their authority, the subordinates will not show respect towards their authority.

In addition, Mylene Tian also looked petite and cute, like a little girl from the neighborhood.

She bore no resemblance to a superior at all.

Therefore, everyone regarded her as a mascot during this period, instead of the actual main captain of the Ability Management Department.

“Hehehe, how could that be, I just feel like it’s better for children like you to stay aside and play happily… Ah, excuse me.

I’m very similar to a pigeon that’s entirely straightforward as a living being.

If anything I said had offended the main captain, then please excuse me!”

Silas Zhang spoke in a weird way, and an obvious hint of sarcasm was heard from his tone.

“I’m afraid you don’t know what it means to die.” In response, Mylene Tian extended her right hand without any expression.

She then flicked her finger towards Silas Zhang.


A white lightning flashed.

Yaeger and the others saw that Mylene Tian had flicked out a barely materializing energy ball that was as big as a tennis ball and carried electricity.

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Seeing the energy ball flashing with lightning instantly enlarging in his field of vision, Silas Zhang felt chills down his spine.

Although he was a completely useless person, he knew how terrifying Transcendents were!

‘She, how dare she attack me!’

Silas Zhang had not expected that Mylene Tian was actually not afraid of offending the Dragon Family, and attacked him!


The energy ball as large as a tennis ball instantly slammed onto Silas Zhang’s chest, a crisp impact was heard.

Immediately after, a powerful impact force exploded all around.

Silas Zhang’s body flew away as if it was being fiercely slammed by a giant wielding a hammer.

His face twisted while both his eyes had gaped out, his jaws enlarged enough to fit a fist.

Then, the white light burst.

“Waaaaaaaah!” He felt that his bones were almost melted from electrocution, as a painful screech rang out from his throat.

Mylene Tian then retracted her hand and glanced over the nearly 100 team members.

They were all terrified and their faces were as pale as paper.

Nobody would have expected that this team captain was actually the type of person that would get physical without any warning!

“All of you can accompany him.” Mylene Tian didn’t mean to stop the attack by restricting her hand, she only did it to attack better.

As her eyes slightly open, aura surged out of her body.

She then heavily pushed with her right hand.


In an instant, a violent burst of energy stampeded towards those team members.

It was a wall, they faintly saw a wall rushing over in breakneck speeds!

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“Aaaaahh!” There was not even time to escape.

Those who stood on the wrong side were all knocked away.

All of them spat out blood and landed far away while making painful wails.

Mylene Tian retracted her hand, then turned around and warned the other team members.

She spoke indifferently, “If anyone else dares to undermine their superior, then the consequences you face will be ten times worse than them.”


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