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Outside the safety fence of the unfinished dilapidated building, more than a dozen modified off-road vehicles approached and stopped.

One of the cars had its doors opened first, and two young women disembarked the car.

One woman was wearing a black dress and the other was wearing a red dress.

Like two beautiful flowers that bloomed in the night sky, it was intoxicatingly stunning.

After the two disembarked the car, other people followed suit.

There were a total of 50 people that all looked strong and hardy.

They showed an unexplainable hint of killing aura.

“Let’s go, Lil’ Pixie.” The woman in the black dress—Nangong Lin said.

“Yes.” The woman in the red dress—Pixie Qin responded.

When the two of them were about to take a step forward, they saw a petite figure flashing past.

“Iz you!” Pixie Qin looked carefully and realized that the figure was very familiar.

“Iz you!” The other party stopped and also exclaimed.

“What do you mean iz you or not iz you! I’m Lil’ Pixie, your sister!” Pixie Qin spoke in exasperation.

“I don’t have a sister!” The petite figure—Mylene Tian pouted.

Then, she spoke hurriedly, “I am still busy, I don’t have time to catch up with you!”

After speaking, she turned around and was about to leave.

“Wait, you also came for [Princess], right”

“Indeed.” Mylene stopped in her tracks.

“Then let’s go together.” Pixie Qin smiled.

If only Nangong Lin and she went over, it would definitely cause unnecessary conflict.

“Fine, but you must not hinder me.” Mylene readily agreed.

Although even if no agreements were made, they would still barge in anyway.

“But of course.” Pixie Qin smiled sweetly.

Without any delay, Mylene walked in front at a brisk pace.

While Nangong Lin and the rest of the people followed closely behind.

With Mylene leading the way, they met zero obstructions.

They swiftly arrived in front of the dilapidated building where Yaeger was located.

At this moment, there was a burst of exclamation from the crowd in front.

Seeing those people looking upwards, Nangong Lin and the bunch also followed.

Hence, each person’s pupils were shrunk.

Someone was jumping off the building on the top floor! And she jumped down with a person in her arms!

“Princess!” Nangong Lin somewhat recognized that familiar figure, and uncontrollably yelled out.

Some time ago.

On the rooftop.

“Princess, Sister Nangong is here, she will be here soon!” Yunuen smiled immediately after reading the message on the phone.

“Well, it’s almost time, we should go down.” Yaeger glanced at the 3 tattered helicopters.

She retracted her gaze after detecting that the people inside were still alive.

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She had little interest in killing and didn’t wish to bear the stress of killing people.

When it wasn’t necessary, she would not wish to kill anyone.

“Alright!” Yunuen alleviated her tense mind.

‘This long night is finally over.’

“Yunuen, do you trust me” Yaeger said suddenly.

“I do, one-hundred percent!” Yunuen nodded.

“Then, are you willing to entrust your life to me”

After blinking, Yunuen Lin nodded vigorously.

“Very good, you are a good kid.” With that, Yaeger picked her up and placed her in a princess hug.

“Wowee!” Yunuen was startled after suddenly being picked up, she instantly exclaimed with an adorable tone.

Before figuring out what was going on, Yaeger already jumped onto the guardrail while carrying her.

“Pr… Princess…” Looking down, Yunuen suddenly felt dizzy and her body trembled.

“We’re going down,” Yaeger smirked as she spoke.

Before Yunuen could speak, she jumped off.

‘I’m going to die!’

Jumping off from that height, she will definitely die! Yunuen had lost all hope.

But when realizing that she would die together with Princess, she instantly felt not a single ounce of regret.

Under everyone’s gaze, Yaeger leaped down holding Yunuen.

Most people would assume that this was nothing short of a suicidal act.

There will be no possibility of survival.

However, Xina didn’t think so, as she suddenly remembered that Yaeger possessed the skill of telekinesis.

But unfortunately, Yaeger did not use it at this moment!

Seeing Yaeger falling rapidly, Xina couldn’t help but tremble in her heart.

Even a master at the Pinnacle of Internal Strength would receive grievous injuries after falling from the height of 100 meters! What’s more, Yaeger was even holding an ordinary person.

As soon as she rushed over, she saw that the person she wanted to protect was jumping off the building.

Mylene was dazed at first, then she saw countless amounts of aura surging from Yaeger’s body.

In an instant, it turned into a barely materializing circle that had a diameter of 5 meters.

Pixie Qin widened her eyes as she also noticed the circle.

Moreover, she also discovered that Yaeger’s descending speed had suddenly increased.

‘[Rapid Attack]’

Silently reciting the name of the skill, Yaeger landed downwards with full force.

The people below had already fled, emptying out a vast space.

Suddenly, the descending speed suddenly increased and the circle fell like lightning.


The ground cracked instantly and made a deafening noise.

Then everyone felt the ground quake.

In the center of the impact, debris splashed and dust rose.

The cement floor kept cracking, spreading in all directions like a spider web.

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The next moment, a gust of wind blew past and swept away all the dust, revealing a large circle.

Yaeger and Yunuen floated in the center of the circle, they were actually unscathed!

The scene was so quiet that the sound of a needle dropping could be heard.

However, the silence lasted for less than a second.

Then, there was a burst of exclamation.

“Oh my God, they are not hurt at all!”

“I’m not seeing things, am I”

“Oh s̲h̲i̲t̲! A monster!”

“Too, too scary!”

“She’s not human at all!”


“Grandmaster, she is definitely a Grandmaster!”

Many people were frightened and their legs were quivering.

A Grandmaster was an actual monster that had exceeded the limits of a human being!

“Ha… Ha…” Nangong Lin took several deep breaths.

Rather than being shocked, she wished to ingest some heart attack medication.

Mylene and Pixie Qin glanced at each other.

They could see the shock that was apparent in both people’s eyes.

Yaeger ignored the external reaction.

She sensed her body and realized that she received no damage at all.

‘Indeed as I expected.

The aura that I let out cannot only attack, but sense and also defend.

The impact of falling from a height of 100 meters was much stronger than a blow from Old Man Tian.

If I hadn’t reached Level 25 and eaten many fruits that increased my attributes, the impact just now might’ve broken through my defenses and damaged my body.

However, this experiment proved that even if I accelerated the fall, I will still be unscathed!’

Yaeger did not do such an experiment on a whim, she had long wanted to try the defense power of her domain.

The reason why she dared to take Yunuen along to do the experiment was because of her Innate Skills.



This skill could be cast instantly.

As long as there was an abnormality in her domain, Yaeger will channel all of her defensive power onto Yunuen, and then use her own skill to absorb any damage.

With her current total energy, it was more than enough to absorb the impact of the fall.

‘Using my Domain’s defense, and energy absorption with [Devourer], even a full-power strike from an amateur Grandmaster would hardly hurt me.’

Looking at all the faces that were uncontrollably shocked, Yaeger unconsciously smirked.

No matter when and where, it was always a really pleasant feeling to act cool.


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