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“Yunuen, I believe you know that I was the reason for what happened tonight.” In the face of the looming crisis, Yaeger acted calmly.

“I do.” Yunuen nodded.

“I’m not going to make any apologies.

I had already told you before that it’s dangerous for you to stay in our guild.”

Yaeger spoke quietly with a calm tone.

“I do.” Yunuen nodded again.

“Something similar to tonight may happen again in the future.

If you get out now, I can ask Nangong Lin to arrange you a safe place to live, and completely avoid getting embroiled in this trouble.”

Yaeger stood up straight and stared directly at her, speaking seriously.

Yunuen did not evade her gaze at all and spoke without hesitation, “I won’t be leaving.

Everything I have now is given by Princess.

If I experienced something bad because of Princess and chose to leave, then it means that my conscience must have been chewed off by a dog.”

After pausing, she continued.

“Moreover, I don’t want to just be an average person in my lifetime, I want to change my fate.

Princess, you once said that as long as I stay in the guild, I can become better and better.

I deeply believe that.

So I decided long ago that I will latch onto the [Princess Alliance] and latch onto you, I will never ever leave.”

Listening to such sincere words, Yaeger’s heart was slightly warmed.

“Very well then.

I can guarantee you that you will be proud of the choice that you’ve made tonight many years in the future.”


Yaeger wished to tell Yunuen more things but was distracted by something noisy.

The wind was howling.

Three large black helicopters came from three directions, surrounding Yaeger from the skies as their machine guns locked onto her.

Below the building.

“Megaphone, bring it!” Silas extended his hand towards Xina and ordered.

“Idiot.” As a result, he only received one word as a response as she rolled her eyes.

“Are you scolding me Very good! Very good! When Young Master Jun comes to Roc City, you will know the grievous consequences of offending me!”

When Xina had heard about the Dragon Family, her anger was extinguished.

It made Silas assume that Xina was afraid of that family.

This was his logical perception.

Xina was afraid of the Dragon Family, while he was currently the representative of the Dragon Family’s young master.

Thus, Xina would be afraid of him.

Shaking her head, Xina could not bother to care about him.

Her time was not worth wasting on someone useless like him that relied on abusing his connections.

“Hmph!” Silas grunted coldly, he retrieved a large megaphone from his subordinates and yelled above.


You’re currently in a bad situation, we are here to help you weather the crisis! Accept our kindness obediently, don’t make it difficult for us!”

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On the rooftop, Yaeger heard those words among the incredibly annoying noise.

She then instantly kicked out a piece of concrete as large as a palm as her response.

“[Princess], you…” Before Silas finished speaking, he could somewhat see a black dot.

Which swiftly grew larger in his vision.

“Oh s̲h̲i̲t̲!” The moment he could clearly see it, Silas immediately pounced forward and used the ‘Dog Eating Dirt’ technique.


The cement chunk fell and shattered into pieces all around.

If one was hit in the head by such a large chunk of concrete, they will definitely die!

“[Princess] you dog, I will have my revenge!” After evading it, Silas yelled out hysterically.

His entire face contorted as if it was twisted.

Immediately, he ordered for her to be captured.

However, at this moment, there was a loud noise from above.

Going back a little in time.

“It’s really noisy.” After kicking a cement chunk down, Yaeger rubbed her ears.

Yunuen beside her had already covered her ears long ago.

The three helicopters had been spinning around above them, the noise they made was incredibly annoying.

“Since you all are here to look for trouble, then don’t blame me for not holding back.” Yaeger clenched her bare hands, and 3 half meter rusted rebars levitated off the ground.

Seeing the scene, the flight crew on those helicopters were all shocked and felt an inexplicable panic.

They did not know what Yaeger was about to do.

But it definitely seemed like it was nothing good!

“If there’s one to blame, it’s you people for being this close to me.” Gently moving her plump lips, Yaeger flicked her hand and the 3 rebars flew out like bullets.

It’s weird, they were not flying in a straight line.

After launching out, they even knew how to turn!

The pilots were all dumbfounded, and before they had a chance to react, the helicopter frames shook violently.

Immediately after, intense clanging noises were heard.

In the end, the 3 helicopters suddenly lost their balance and fell.

Yunuen looked up as her jaw almost fell to the ground.

She realized that there was a rebar stuck on the propeller of all 3 helicopters.

It was firmly stuck onto the frame and made it impossible to spin! She saw that the 3 helicopters were about to drop and kill everyone on board.

In the next moment, Yunuen saw an even wondrous scene.

After swatting down the helicopters, a red light suddenly flashed on Yaeger’s body and numerous barely materializing tentacles could be seen.

These tentacles transformed into 3 large hands and grabbed onto the 3 helicopters.

They were dragged back onto the roof and were tossed out.

Suddenly, a loud noise was heard.

Sparks erupted all around the roof as metal was scraping the ground swiftly.

It was terrifying.

“It’s so tiring.” Withdrawing her tentacles, Yaeger took a deep breath and spoke with a pale face.

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The energy consumption just now was quite a lot.

It was due to her strength.

Even if it was double the amount, it was not a trivial affair to drag 3 large helicopters back.

“Consider yourselves lucky to survive.” Looking at the 3 helicopters that collided into each other and were about to fall out the roof, she spoke with an emotionless face.

If she felt that he couldn’t handle it, she would most likely let go of the tentacles directly.

And let them crash and burn.

“Princess is so cool!” Yunuen’s eyes sparkled, she was very excited.

She was not even that excited when Yaeger had bashed Mitch off the building before.

After all, Mitch was still a humanoid being no matter how powerful he was.

His presence was not as big in comparison to the large 3 helicopters.

Therefore, the fact that Yaeger could swat down 3 large helicopters with the flick of her hand was incredibly cool in Yunuen’s opinion.

Below the building.

“What happened, where’re our aircraft! How come the large helicopters had disappeared just like that!”

The moment he heard the loud noise, Silas looked upwards.

He realized that the helicopters levitating above suddenly disappeared, he instantly yelled out.

“Deputy Captain, our helicopter seems to have been knocked out by something just now.” Not far away, there was a team member watching with binoculars.

He spoke with a stiff expression, while a hint of disbelief was seen in his eyes.

If he hadn’t heard the loud noise, he was suspected that he had gone senile.

“What are you joking about.

You’re saying that our helicopters were knocked out!” Silas roared.

“It seems so.”

“F̲u̲c̲k̲ you, there’s no way I’ll believe you!”

“Captain, [Princess] has appeared on the guardrail!” Suddenly, another team member holding binoculars shouted.

Hearing that, Xina took the binoculars and looked above.

Her soul was instantly scared out of her.

She saw that Yaeger had jumped down from the top floor, the 27th story with Yunuen in her arms!


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