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After gaining the information that [Princess] had appeared, Xina informed Mylene instantly.

She then led her subordinates and reached the scene first.

Now that she knew that [Princess]’s friend was kidnapped, she naturally wanted to make a good impression.

She would assist [Princess] in saving Yunuen in order to improve the bad impression that [Princess] had towards the Ability Management Department.

Unexpectedly, she already had a burdensome teammate as soon as they showed up on the scene.

“[Princess], please come along with us!”

At this moment, her deputy captain, Silas Zhang yelled upwards using a megaphone.

Although he had said ‘please’, he spoke in a commanding tone of voice.

It gave Xina the urge to beat him to death.

‘We are here to help her, not to arrest her!’

If it were anyone else, she would have sent them flying with a kick.

Regrettably, this Silas served under the Dragon Family’s influence.

Just as the Black Family that she was associated with, both were major influences in the Ability Management Department.

Thus, she could not easily do anything to him.

Otherwise, it would cause a lot of unnecessary trouble.

“Give me the megaphone!” However, as the superior, Xina still had power over him.

Silas looks displeased and handed over the megaphone after a slight hesitation.

“You kidnappers up there, listen to me, you have been surrounded.

Release the hostage immediately and surrender! Otherwise, you will bear the consequences!” Xina held the megaphone and spoke loudly.

On the rooftop.

When she heard the first sound, Yaeger instantly frowned.

Based on the movement below, she could already guess that the people from Ability Management Department had arrived.

Time and time again, they had always acted this way.

This made her quite incredibly displeased!

However, her terrible mood was slightly eased after hearing Xina’s voice.

Since they had interacted for quite a bit in her past life, Yaeger held a good amount of affection towards Xina.

The respective shouts from both people also indicated the way both factions had treated Yaeger.

“Where there are people, there are conflicts to be had.

And where there are interests, there will be feuds between factions.

Wise words from ancient people never lie.” Shaking her head gently, Yaeger decided to ignore them temporarily.

Meanwhile, she approached Yunuen Lin and released her from the state of b̲o̲n̲d̲a̲ge̲.

“Yuenuen, are you alright”

Yunuen Lin got onto her feet with Yaeger’s help, showing a painful expression.

But it was already much better in comparison than before.

“Yes, I am alright.” Mitch had not used much strength when he kicked her.

Otherwise, Yunuen would not survive that.

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“It’s good as long as your fine.” Yaeger breathed a sigh of relief.

“Wait a while, I will ask Nangong Lin to take you to the hospital for an examination.

By the way, do you still have your phone”

She suddenly realized that her current identity was [Princess].

It was obviously inappropriate if she had contacted Nangong Lin with Yaeger’s phone number.

“I do.” Yunuen took out her phone, which had been set to vibration mode since she didn’t want to be disturbed when she was playing games.

“Ah, my mother had made a lot of calls to me!” On the screen, She saw 50 missed calls that came from the same person.

“You should report your safety to her first,” Yaeger said.

Yunuen nodded, then called back while silently sighing.

She didn’t expect to face such a terrifying ordeal after going out to buy a bottle of soy sauce.

‘I should have known to not buy other things.’

As soon as she called, it was already connected.

Knowing that Yunuen was safe, her mother immediately lectured her.

With a gesture from Yaeger, Yunuen hung up the phone after exchanging a few sentences.

She then called Nangong Lin.

Below the building.

Xina no longer called out.

She was curious as to why there was no longer any movement from above.

According to the latest information, Xina already knew that those people who kidnapped Yunuen were not typical gangsters.

Instead, a highly ranked leader of the Small Sword Group—Mitch, was involved.

Mitch was known as a master at the Pinnacle level of both Internal and External Strength.

He had once fought three martial art masters on his own, heavily injuring all of them while leaving the fight unscathed.

In her opinion, although Yaeger was also a Pinnacle master of both Strengths, Mitch was the one with the hostage in his hands.

In an actual fight, Yaeger would be severely constrained and couldn’t display her true strength.

Thus, she would be defeated!

“Captain, there is a situation!” At this time, a team member hurried over.

“What’s going on” Xina regained focus and asked.

“We found five salted fish!”

“Huh” She tilted her head and then understood what he meant.

“Is it fresh”

“Fresh.” The team member took out his mobile phone and said, “Captain, look, does this salted fish look like Mitch”

Xina received the phone and took a look, then her pupils instantly shrank.

The photo was very clear, it showed a person stuck in the concrete floor and died with his eyes wide open.

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“It really is Mitch.” Since his body was not that damaged, his face still retained many features that he had while he was still alive.

Thus, Xina had instantly identified him with a glance.

At the same time, she was utterly shocked.

She could see that Mitch was seriously injured before he fell to his death.

Anyone who saw the fist marks on that body would come to the same conclusion.

“Had [Princess]’s strength already reached the Grandmaster Realm!” Since Yaeger was able to beat a Pinnacle master of both Internal and External Strength into such a sorry state, her strength had obviously surpassed Xina’s highest expectations.

Hearing the remark, all the team members around felt chilling horror.

Eighteen-year-old Grandmaster! How terrifying!

When everyone was about to take a deep breath, there was a loud noise from above.


Xina followed the source of the noise, only to see that there were three large black helicopters heading in this direction.

Suddenly, her expression changed, and asked fiercely, “Who summoned those helicopters”

“I did,” Silas spoke indifferently.

“What do you call the helicopters for” Xina clenched her fists, as her expression gradually became chilling.

Silas crossed his arms and smiled, “Didn’t [Princess] know telekinesis or something like that If we waited any longer, she would run away like last time.

That would be bad.

So, this time I have prepared three attack helicopters to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

After all, we are here to protect her.

How could we let her run away And also, Is there any other place in Cathay that’s safer than our base camp, the Ability Management Department in Yanjing”

Upon hearing these words, the corner of Xina’s eyes twitched, and the anger in her heart erupted like a volcano.

“Who gave you the authority!”

“Young Master Jun of the Dragon Family,” Silas spoke as a matter of fact.

“…” Xina felt a headache.

She had never imagined that the Dragon Family would be this interested in [Princess].

So much so that they wanted to capture her forcefully!

Now that Mylene was no longer present, It was impossible for her to preside over the situation.

Because she couldn’t represent the Black Family.

On the rooftop, Yaeger’s expression turned sour the moment she saw that three armed helicopters were coming here.

“It seems like the Ability Management Department is about to show me a heavy hand.

But, do you think you can pacify me with only three helicopters Utterly ridiculous.”

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With that, her expression returned to the same as before.

If it were two days ago, she might feel slight apprehension towards such a scale in combat power.

“What did Nangong Lin say” Yaeger asked Yunuen, who had just hung up the call.

“Sister Nangong said that she will be here in three minutes!” While Yunuen spoke, she focused her gaze on the helicopters not far away.

“Princess, is that…”

“They’re here to spectate the ordeal.” Yaeger smiled.

Yet, there was not a single hint of amusement in her eyes.


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