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Sheepdog bar, April 3rd, 11:15.

“Have you found those gangsters” Maria asked softly while shaking the wine cup.

In front of the bar, sitting on a high stool was a man in a black suit and a black hat.

“They are very cunning.

They divided themselves into several groups and changed multiple cars to misdirect us.

However, these gangsters still underestimated our ability.”

“Get to the point,” Maria said.

“We found the gangsters who kidnapped Yunuen Lin.

They are holed up on top of a dilapidated building in Alder Province.”The man in the suit spoke quietly.

“Dilapidated building in Alder Province.

It’s a bit far from here.

By the way, Viper seems to be active around that area, can you contact him”

“One moment.” The man in the suit took out his phone and dialed Viper’s number.

Soon, he heard a voice prompt indicating that the caller was unavailable.

“Can’t reach him.” The man in the suit shook his head.

“That useless trash,” Maria spoke exasperatedly.

She then remembered something.

“[Hawk Eyes] is nearby, let him execute that mission.”

“You want [Hawk Eyes] to take action” The man in the suit said in surprise.

“Now that the Ability Management Department had mobilized on a large-scale, our rate of success in capturing the [Princess] alive is too low.

Since we can’t get what we want, nobody else can too.”

Maria paused as a cold glint flashed through her eyes.

“Have the agents around there fully support [Hawk Eyes].

They must kill her instantly, don’t leave any complications behind.”


April 4th, 00:00.

“All of you, every single one, don’t even think about leaving this place alive.”

Hearing those words.

Mitch was stunned for a moment, he then smirked and made a mocking smile.

“Hehehe, how impressive.

Ugly thing.

you, know nothing about power!”

Vincent grinned.

“Woman, don’t you think you’re hot stuff because you’re a master of Internal Strength.

It is important to know that there are always somethings that surpass even the greatest powers in this world.

Kekeke, you will know what cruelty means very soon!”

After hearing Mitch’s explanation previously, it appears he knew the actual difference between an average master and a master at the Pinnacle realm.

He knew that [Princess] would die a painful death here tonight!

“Saying things like ‘don’t even think about leaving this place tonight.’ Ah, I’m so scared!” The white-haired gangster smacked his chest and let out an amused laugh.

Yunuen Lin opened her eyes with difficulty.

After seeing that familiar person, she spoke in pain, “Princess… Leave me alone.

Hurry, run… This, this foreigner… Is very strong…”

Her voice was intermittent and seemed to be weak.

“Yuneun, hold on.

I’ll bring you to the hospital after dealing with these three trashes.” Yaeger stared directly towards Mitch while clenching her fists.

The crisp sound of her knuckles cracking could be heard.

“Hahahahaha, this is the funniest joke I heard today!” Mitch also clenched his fists until they squeaked.

“In return, You ugly [Princess], I will let you die quicker! Remember that the person who killed you is named Mitch!”

As his smile disappeared, his hands shook and aura surged from his body.

His muscles swelled rapidly and green veins were exposed on his forehead as if green worms were squirming delightfully.


Yaeger was a little puzzled being addressed like this.

But she had not bothered about it.

The only thing she was thinking about now is to send these b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲ to where they came from, earth to earth, dust to dust!

Tipping on her toes, Yaeger surged and charged in front of Mitch and heavily punched out.

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‘So fast!’

Mitch was slightly surprised.

Pushing his palm forward, he caught the fists assaulting him.


There was a muffled noise.

Then, a gust of strong wind blasted out from the center of both of them.

“Huh” Yaeger was a little surprised.

Although she had not used all her strength with that punch, she had used at least 60% of it.

Yet, Mitch could receive it without any damage.

His true strength far surpassed her expectations!

On the other hand, Mitch’s palm was painful.

He was internally shocked that this ugly thing actually had such terrifying strength within that one single punch.

If he was any weaker, he would have been sent flying by her.

“Not bad.

Ugly thing, your strength is worthy of my attention.” Saying that, Mitch’s eyes widened.

His fists that were as big as casserole pots lashed out like a cannonball.

Yaeger did not show the slightest neglect.

She countered his fists with hers.

The moment both their fists collided, a loud boom could be heard on the scene.

A circular shockwave spread rapidly, tumbling Vincent and the white-haired gangster all around, looking silly.

Since Yunuen Lin was already on the floor, she was not affected.

Only that the strong gust of wind had made it difficult to open her eyes.

The direct confrontation of fists ended up with both parties taking many steps back.

Yaeger frowned slightly, she couldn’t help but be slightly more impressed at this foreign martial arts master.

If there were three masters at his level.

It would be definitely troublesome for her to handle.


It’s been a while since I showed myself.

Why would the Small Sword Group not show their hidden forces yet’

“Ugly thing, you really surprised me!” Mitch looked surprised.

“I can’t imagine that your true strength has reached the level of a high-tier master of Internal Strength!”

Then, he shook his head and gestured with his hand, with his thumb and index finger almost stuck together.

“Sadly, I am still just a little bit stronger than you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, an intense surge of aura emanated from Mitch’s body.

His muscles tensed up to the extreme, like pieces of thick iron! At this moment, his strength had doubled! Not only that, but his speed was also much faster.

With his left foot stomping hard on the ground, Mitch instantly stood up and struck her with a technique, [Double Rising Dragon].

Two fists larger than casserole pots carried terrifying power and struck towards her head and chest.

It was about to kill her with one strike!

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Facing such a fierce and sharp attack, Yaeger decisively chose to avoid it.

She tipped on her toes and jumped backward.

However, Mitch’s attack was very weird.

He’d actually blasted out two dragon-shaped shockwaves that chased her.


Yaeger felt like hearing the roar of the dragon.

Instantly, she saw two dragon-shaped shockwaves appearing in front of her and was about to hit her.

“Trivial trick.” Raising her hand, Yaeger let out her aura.

The empty space shook as the two dragon-shaped shockwaves nullified entirely.

Seeing it, Mitch and his entourage were all shocked into silence and were filled with disbelief.

Especially when it came to Mitch, who experienced devastation akin to a magnitude 12 earthquake in his heart.

That was actually one of his ultimate skills.

After using it, any master at an intermediate level of Internal Strength won’t be able to block it.

Even if he can’t defeat the [Princess] with it, it was supposed to injure her.

Unfortunately, the actual truth in the situation was that Yaeger had nullified that dragon-shaped shockwave with a gentle flick of her hand.

‘Why haven’t the Small Sword Group shown their hidden forces yet Does it actually not exist at all’

“Did the Small Sword Group only send you, an expert, alone” Yaeger gracefully landed on the ground, and asked.

Hearing the question, the shock on Mitch’s face had disappeared completely as he spoke calmly, “I alone am enough to deal with you.”

Yaeger’s strength had indeed surpassed his expectations.

Yet, the level surpassed was still limited, thus he had no reason to fear.

“It seems that I have been paranoid.” Letting out a light sigh, Yaeger slightly tilted her head and smirked.

“Now then, it’s time for you people to truly feel my anger.”

Suddenly, a terrifyingly grim aura surged within her body and instantly enveloped the entire area.

Everyone suddenly realized that there was a chill rushing up from the bottom of their feet, and was about to blow up their skulls!

At this moment, Yaeger took a step forward.


The ground cracked.

Immediately, her figure shook and seemingly teleported in front of Mitch.

Her tightly clenched fists then heavily slammed onto his chest.


Bang bang!

Bang bang bang bang!

Seven impacts were heard with one punch.

Seven respective shockwaves emerged behind Mitch’s body.

Each shockwave was bigger and stronger than the last.

Upon reaching the seventh shockwave, a powerful impact force emerged, and blasting away the metal barricade that was behind!

Based on common sense, Mitch who had received the direct attack should fare much worse than that barricade.

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‘It doesn’t feel right!’

Yaeger’s pupils shrank sharply, feeling that her punch that mustered all strength had slammed onto a metal sheet when she struck Mitch.

Actually, it was more appropriate to say that she had slammed into a castle wall that was forged with iron!

“You didn’t expect that, right” Mitch suddenly grinned.

“Actually, I am a Pinnacle realm master of both Internal and External Strength!”

After speaking, both his fists that were as large as casserole pots instantly slammed towards Yaeger’s temples in both directions with a flash!


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