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Yunuen Lin finally woke up and her sight was slightly blinded by white light.

She half-squinted her eyes and gradually adjusted to the light.

‘Where am I Why am I lying down’

Her stiff brain started to function.

She looked forward and realized that the light was coming in through a long crack.

‘I can’t move my limbs…That’s right, I seem to have been captured by a bunch of gangsters!’

Recalling the memories before she fainted, Yunuen Lin shuddered at the thought.

‘Why would these people catch me Ransom I don’t think so, I don’t look like a child from a wealthy family at all! Wait a minute, maybe they kidnapped me to force me into illegal sex trafficking’

The more she thought about it, the more fearful she felt.

Her body shook uncontrollably.

Vaguely, she heard someone in a conversation.

But she couldn’t hear it clearly.

Biting her lip, Yunuen Lin hesitated slightly before deciding to investigate and figure out the situation outside.

“Waaaaah!” At the same time, the white-haired gangster also looked over.

Suddenly seeing that the head with disheveled hair appeared within the burlap sack, he was shocked into another dimension and screamed in hysteria.

“Wah!” Yunuen Lin was startled by the sudden shout and responded with a scream.

“It’s so noisy.

Not only does she look ugly, but even her scream also sounds terrible.” Mitch frowned and spoke in displeasure.

“Little girl, if you scream again, I might pull out your tongue.” Vincent looked over with an indifferent expression.

“Xyon, you as well.”

“Brother Vincent, I, I didn’t mean it!” The white-haired gangster spoke timidly, then glared at Yunuen Lin.

If she had not suddenly popped out her horrifying head, he wouldn’t be scared screaming!

Hearing multiple voices, Yunuen Lin took a good look and realized that there were 3 people standing not far away.

There were also headlamps that were likely used for mining operations scattered all around.

The bright light allowed her to see the three of them clearly.

The one standing on the left is a white-haired young man that was shrinking his neck.

Standing on the right was a young man crossing his arms and looking over this direction with his body angled to the side.

He seemed to have a sinister appearance.

In the middle was a foreigner with his legs spread apart.

Right hand supported his left elbow, and his index and middle fingers pressed together on his raised chin.

He was currently looking over as well.

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Yunuen Lin recognized the foreigner and in a trembling voice: ” Iz, iz you!”

She had heard from other people that those criminals that forcibly prostituted people enjoyed ‘taking first dibs’ the most.

Which was also commonly known as the defloration ceremony.

“I, I’m, still a child, my body is not well developed, I’m skinny and small.

I can’t do any sort of exercise on the bed…Please let me go!”

Mitch wanted to say something, but his eyebrows twitched violently after hearing her words.

He angrily screamed, “S̲h̲i̲t̲! Who wants to do something like that with an ugly girl like you! Tsk tsk, it’s fine for you to look ugly, but who would even be this shameless!”

Hearing those words, Yunuen Lin was supposed to take a sigh of relief.

But somehow, there was a random surge of anger rising in her heart.

Ring ring!

Suddenly, a noise came from the white-haired gangster’s phone.

“Brother Vincent, [Princess] has appeared!” Seeing the information displayed on the screen, the white-haired gangster spoke excitedly.

“Hehe, she really came to get herself killed for this ugly girl.

How incredibly naïve!” Mitch grinned.

“We won’t be courteous and take your head.” Vincent smiled sinisterly, “My foolish brother, I will soon be able to avenge you.”

“Princess…” Hearing the word [Princess], Yunuen Lin’s mind sparked and finally realized the purpose behind her kidnapping by these people.

Her heart uncontrollably shuddered.

“Princess, run! There is a very strong person here!” Outside the convenience store back then, she had personally seen how strong Mitch was.

She already regarded this foreigner as a monster in her heart.

Despite being told by Nangong Lin before that the Princess was very strong, she didn’t know exactly how strong the Princess was.

When it came to martial artists and Transcendents, Yunuen Lin knew virtually nothing.

Thus, she couldn’t differentiate whether Mitch or the Princess was the stronger.

However, Mitch had left an incredibly strong impression on her.

Seeing that terrible strength that surpassed all human limitations, it made her feel that Princess might not be his opponent.

“Courting death!” Hearing the shout, Mitch frowned and instantly dashed, then kicked Yunuen Lin on her stomach.

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“Wah!” Instantly, Yunuen Lin’s entire body slammed into the barricade and let out a shrill scream.

She then felt like her organs were all tumbling around, intense pain instantly slammed into her skull.

“Oof!” Mitch retracted his foot and snorted coldly, “So annoying!”

He did not kick Yunuen Lin fearing that her screams might scare away Princess, but because he simply felt displeased at it.


Yaeger who was wearing sportswear appeared on the scene, a ring of dust instantly surged from the ground surface.

The place where she was standing was completely swept clean.

“Strange, why is there only one powerful aura”

When she had a male body, she was already quite sensitive to auras.

Now that she had transformed into a female, her sense became much more acute.

On the top floor, she felt a strong aura.

Aside from that, she felt nothing else.

It was because people like Yunuen Lin, the white-haired gangster, and Vincent had a strength that was far too weak.

“Perhaps they are hiding far away and waiting to ambush me” Yaeger raised her eyebrows, feeling a slight hint of discomfort in her heart.

Based on her prediction, the Small Sword Group would prepare at least 3 masters at the Pinnacle realm of Internal Strength to deal with her.

Otherwise, it would be completely inadequate.

However, she did not expect that they had only sent one over.

‘It’s too unreasonable, there must be some sort of trap waiting for me.’

“Let’s be cautious.” Shaking her head, Yaeger became incredibly alert, while raising the sense of vigilance in her heart up to the highest level.

At this time, two gangsters walked out of the building.

They didn’t seem panicky when they looked at Yaeger, there was even a hint of lust in their eyes.

‘Such a beauty.

Even if she turned into a corpse, it would be worth playing with!’

Indeed, in their hearts, they had already assumed Yaeger as a dead person.

After seeing the inhumane strength displayed by Mitch, They had already cast their fear towards the [Princess] into orbit.

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“[Princess], follow us upstairs.” A gangster said.

When Yaeger was about to take a step, a voice came from above.

“Princess, run! There is a very strong person here!” It was Yunuen Lin’s voice.

Immediately, she screamed again.

“You people really deserve death!” In an instant, an extremely chilling aura enveloped the scene.

Before the two gangsters could react, they saw a shadowy figure in front of them.

Afterward, as if arrows were leaving the string, their bodies slammed into the rough cracked walls within an instant.

Evoking a cloud of dust in their wake.

“Waaagh!” The moment they scream, the sounds of bones snapping were also heard.

Immediately afterward, both of them slid down the wall while spitting blood, then flopped onto the ground with their eyes rolled, like a pair of salted fish.

There was a gust of wind on the scene, while that shadowy figure was already gone.

Mitch did not know what had happened below.

He stood with an incredibly straight posture and glanced directly forwards.

Waiting silently.

Vincent and the white-haired gangster were also quiet.

Only Yunuen Lin intermittently let out painful moans, she looked quite pitiful.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind surged.

“You came.” Mitch’s eyes were wide open and saw that someone appeared in front of him.

“Yes, here I am.”

“I knew that you would come, you’re not supposed to come here.”

“But, I am already here.”

Yaeger looked away from Mitch and glanced at Yunuen Lin who was laying on the ground, curled up with a pale expression, spitting blood and moaning painfully.

She then spoke indifferently, “All of you, every single one, don’t even think about leaving this place alive.”


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