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Inside the office building of the Ability Management Department, Roc City.

“So sleepy, so tired!” Xina stretched her body which made subtle cracks.

She had been thoroughly exhausted for the past few days.

Ring ring ring!

At this time, the phone rang.

“Ah, so annoying! I can’t even get off work” She had been working overtime for a long time dealing with matters related to Princess.

She felt incredibly aggravated.

“Hello!”Picking up the phone, Xina spoke exasperatedly.

“Xin… Sister Xin, have you eaten a firecracker”A startled voice was heard.

“I didn’t.

Quickly say what you want.”

“Sister Xin, this is what happened—we received a report that there are more than a dozen gangsters causing a ruckus in public.

The situation is severe.”

Hearing that, Xina’s eyelids twitched and felt displeased.

This kind of trivial matter got no goddamned business with their Ability Management Department!

However, her expression changed after listening to the rest of the story.

“What, you’re telling me there’s a foreign gangster wearing yellow clothes that fought multiple people.

And sent people flying several meters away!”

“Yes, Sister Xin, a gangster like this is not something we can handle.”

“I got it, send all the information you obtained to me,” Xina said.

Not long after hanging up, there was a new e-mail that popped up in her mailbox.

Opening the downloaded attachment, there was a video included.

After a while, all the files were downloaded.

Xina watched the video first.

“Isn’t this Tiger Wang” Xina exclaimed as she saw a man in black facing Mitch.

Since there were few expert martial artists in Roc City, and that she was familiar with most of them—she naturally knew Tiger Wang as well.

“He knocked out Tiger Wang in one strike.

This foreigner at least has the strength of a middle-tier martial artist! Wait, this girl seems to be a friend of [Princess], right”

Pausing the video, she took a good look and realized that the girl was indeed a friend of [Princess]—Yunuen Lin.

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Continuing to watch, she saw the scene where Yunuen Lin was taken away by that foreign gangster.

“Why would these people expend so much effort to kidnap Yunuen Lin…” Suddenly, Xina’s mind had a wild flash of realization.

“Could it be, they are planning to use Yunuen Lin to force the [Princess] to show up”

After pondering, she felt that it was highly possible.

Since these gangsters had conducted themselves with absolutely no standards.

“As long as we find them, we might be able to find [Princess]!”

Xina slammed the table as she stood up, and instantly gathered up all the personnel.

On the other hand, some other organizations received more or less the same message.

Manpower was swiftly mobilized as well.

At this moment, Roc City that had almost reached the boiling point, finally boiled in activity.

In the game:

After Yaeger had explained the situation to Nangong Lin, she checked the time.

It was 3rd April, 9 o’clock in the evening.

There were still 3 hours before the designated time to meet.

“If there is only one master at the pinnacle realm of Internal Strength, I can bash him to death with my bare hands and save Yunuen.

However, Since Nangong Lin had said that the [Small Sword Group] is one of the top 10 foreign gangs, they must have many martial arts experts with them.

The question is, how many did they send here Well, the situation doesn’t seem to be in my favor.”

Yaeger had calmed down and began to analyze the information at hand.

Currently, only the foreign martial arts expert wearing kung-fu slacks has exposed himself.

Moreover, he was already a master at the pinnacle level of Internal Strength.

If there were 3 or 4 opponents of this level, it was very difficult for Yaeger to rescue Yunuen Lin based on her current strength.

“I can defeat them, but it’s difficult to save someone in the process.”

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Yunuen Lin was an ordinary human that could be easily handled by a single gangster.

When she was dealing with those martial experts, the situation would be terrible if there were gangsters disrupting the scene.

“If there is a grandmaster-level enemy on their side…”

Yaeger was still a short distance away from attaining the grandmaster tier.

Such a small gap could not be underestimated.

It was the distance that most martial artists could never overcome in their entire lifetime.

If her opponent had a grandmaster and 3 masters in the line up.

Then Yaeger would need to ask her sister for help.

She was unwilling to have the Ability Management Department help her out unless there was no other way.

Even if her sister was the person in question.

What’s more, after Yaeger had transformed—They would not share a relationship as brother and sister anymore but as strangers instead.

How should Yaeger ask her for help

“When it comes to Yunuen’s side, she should still be safe before I show up.”

‘If they dare to touch so much as a strand of hair on Yunuen, I will turn them all into sashimi slices!’ Yaeger added another sentence in her heart.

While there was still time left, she walked out of Jade City and went to grind experience in the wilderness.

Considering that the worst possible outcome might happen, Yaeger knew that she should gain whatever extra strength that she could manage.

With several bursts of purple electric sparks, numerous Magic Beasts died painfully on the scene.

At this time, the night wind blows on the roof of the dilapidated building.

“The wind tonight is so annoying!” Mitch spread his legs apart, and his hands spread out.

He raised his head with his fingers poked into his hair and spoke.

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“……” The white-haired gangster felt speechless for a while.

He felt that Mitch was somewhat odd, he couldn’t name the specific reason.

“Why isn’t that woman here yet” Vincent crossed his arms and glanced at the white-haired gangster beside him, and asked.

“Brother Vincent, I arranged for meeting with her at twelve o’clock tonight, it’s still early.” The white-haired gangster said.

“What You set the time at twelve” Hearing this, Vincent’s eyes instantly widened.

“You set the time for battle at midnight, are you ill Or maybe, you are deliberately doing it at my expense.

You’re going to make me sit on my a̲s̲s̲ for a few hours!”

After being yelled at by Vincent, the white-haired gangster immediately shrunk his neck.

Thinking: ‘At this day and age, don’t we need to pick a good time to kill someone’

From nine to eleven o’clock, there’s still a lot of foot traffic.

Although this is a remote place, still it’s going to cause a large ruckus when the fighting starts, it will still draw attention.’

He felt very wronged.

‘I obviously chose that time in consideration of all of you people…’

“Call her over, now.

No, actually forget it.” Vincent pondered for a bit, then felt that 12 o’clock was a more sensible timing.

When they came to this location, they had swapped between several vehicles.

They even only brought 5 people over.

They did it in order to prevent relevant authorities from noticing.

Two and a half hours had passed.

Yaeger had used all her experience to upgrade [Rapid Attack].

“I only managed to raise a level” She said somewhat helplessly.

The level of Magic Beasts here was too low, she could not earn any more experience.

Meanwhile, she had no time to travel to further places.


I’ll make do with whatever bit of strength I earn.” Afterwards, Yaeger quit the game.

Opening her eyes, the room was pitch black.

“Goodbye, handsome me.” Yaeger stood up and silently muttered ‘transform’ without a hint of hesitation.

Instantly, red and black light flared out and instantly filled the entire room.

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At the same time, all the strong individuals in the area cast their glances in this direction.

One of them suddenly turned his head, face filled with extreme excitement.

He uncontrollably split out his forked tongue that was stained in blood.

Because he could feel that the powerful and ominous energy was incredibly close to him!

Inside the room.

“There is not much time, so I won’t change my clothes.” At this time, Yaeger had transformed into Princess.

Her jet-black hair scattered behind her like a waterfall.

An absolutely indifferent expression was shown on her stunning face.

She put on her sneakers, took important items and went to the top floor.

“Yunuen, wait for me.” Afterwards, she jumped off with a running start and took off like a wind elemental.


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