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Nangong Lin: Princess, I’m really sorry, due to my negligence…

Looking at this new message, Yaeger’s expression remained unchanged.

She knew well in her heart that Nangong Lin would not be halfhearted about the tasks that were given by her.

So, the problem would be attributed to other factors.

Yaeger: It’s not your fault, I don’t blame you.

Tell me about the situation at that time.

Nangong Lin: Princess… Thank you.

Please wait a moment, I was anxious to go online before and didn’t ask clearly.

Yaeger: Alright.

Nangong Lin went offline and called Snowy back.

They arranged the sequence of events, then sent it online.

Nangong Lin: Princess, it’s like this.

When Yunuen Lin was out shopping at that time, she was spotted by several roaming gangsters around the convenience store.

When one of them entered the store to approach her, that gangster was apprehended by our people.

Then, the gangsters outside were also caught and interrogated.

But before that, one of the gangsters made a call.

Based on what happened later, their boss was probably notified.

When Yunuen Lin had finished shopping and came out, there were dozens of gangsters that drove over there.

One of them was a foreigner wearing kung-fu slacks.

He reached the Pinnacle realm of Internal Strength, he’s very strong.

None of the bodyguards I sent could oppose that foreigner.

So Yunuen Lin was captured by him.

Now, my people are tracking their whereabouts.

Upon seeing the word ‘gangster’, Yaeger was reminded of Wenzel’s disgusting face.

She instantly came to a realization.

“Hehe, when will the feud ever end.

It seems that I didn’t kill enough of them.

She smiled coldly and continued to read the information.

“The Pinnacle realm master of Internal Strength personally led the charge to catch Yunuen.

It seems that Wenzel had a strong background.

Or perhaps, this group of gangsters is quite the strong organization.”

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When facing opponents of this level, Nangong Lin would still lose the battle despite arranging twice as many bodyguards.

“Their purpose of catching Yunuen Lin was none other than to make me show up.

What a dirty method.

But it’s really effective.”

She stopped speaking.

Yaeger’s expression changed suddenly, her face was now grim and a tinge of crimson flashed in her eyes.

Then, aura emanated from her body, as if releasing her pent-up rage.

It turned into a storm, raging crazily in the store.

“Those who dared to aggravate me, I’m afraid you people don’t know what it’s like to die!”

As soon as those words with grim killing intent had left her mouth, many bottles and cans in the store suddenly toppled over and rang noisily.

After hearing the abnormal noise in the workshop, Layna instantly walked out.

She was angered after seeing Yaeger had made a mess of the store.

When she was about to scold out, she suddenly felt a bone-chilling murderous intent spreading around.

She then held back the words that she was about to spit out.

If she had provoked this person now, she would most likely be killed!

This was what Layna was thinking at the moment.

Yaeger felt Layna’s presence and retracted her murderous intent.

She then glanced at Layna with a kind smile on her face.

“I’m sorry to have made a mess of your store, I will compensate it.”

“O-oh!” Layna anxiously responded, shaking her hand that was clenched tightly.

After handling the ordeal at the store, Yaeger went outside and took deep breaths for a while—Calming down completely.

Her thoughts gradually became clearer.

Opening the communication interface, she sent a message to Nangong Lin.

Yaeger: Which group do those gangsters belong to Are there any messages left on the scene for me

Nangong Lin: No information was left at the scene.

As for the origins of those gangsters.

I heard from Snowy that they are branch members from one of the ten foreign gangs, named [Small Sword Group].

That foreigner should be a leader that came from overseas.

Yaeger: I understand.

The follow-up investigations are on you.

Don’t tell Sachiel Luo and Rakshasa about this first.

Lest they worry.

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Nangong Lin: I got it.

Princess, be careful.

Yaeger: Alright.

Turning off the communication interface, Yaeger fell into deep contemplation.

The other party’s objective was undoubtedly meant to have her.

But when Yunuen Lin was kidnapped, no contact information was left.

What’s going on with that kind of silly method

“Perhaps they might notify me about it in the forums”

Yaeger’s messaging system had been set to ‘friends only’ since the beginning.

Thus, messages from strangers would not be accepted, nor be recorded.

If the other party really wished to contact her through the game, there were only two ways.

First, reach Jade City in the Linhnan server to meet her.

Second, post in the forum.

Considering that most of these gangsters were not adept at the game, and the fact that Jade City was large— It would take a considerable amount of time for them to manage despite having the manpower to do it.

It was incredibly inefficient.

Therefore, Yaeger felt that they would most likely look for her by posting in the forum.

Opening the forums, it was filled with all kinds of popular posts.

After searching for a while, she looked confused.

There is no information about Yunuen Lin at all!

At this time, at the top of a 27-story unfinished building in Alder Province in the city.

“Oh no, I forgot to leave behind contact information.” Mitch placed Yunuen Lin who was bundled up into a dumpling on the ground and frowned.

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At that time, he only cared about striking his poses.

After apprehending Yunuen Lin, he had never thought about informing the [Princess] to come and die.

Hearing the response, the corner of Vincent’s mouth twitched.

‘This barbarian is so sloppy at his work!’

“Xyon, you enter the game and contact [Princess], tell her to come to this dilapidated building in Alder Province.”

“Yes, Brother Vincent!” The white-haired gangster immediately sat down, leaned his back against the wall, and entered the game.

Within a moment.

This post appeared on the forum.

{ [Princess], your nice and big Yunuen is in my hands! Fifty gold coins per person that endorse this post! }

The poster was named [Nicholas The Fourth].

As soon as this post was posted, the entire forum had exploded in activity.

Instantly, numerous people endorsed the post.

It had nothing to do with gold coins.

They did it since it was the first time they had seen someone being this reckless.

The poster had actually antagonized [Princess] by posting something without hiding his name.

He definitely disregarded his own life!

[Rain Girl]: LMAO bro, fare thee well!

[Carefree Bro]: Are you courting death

[Song Fairy]: A true hero that is brave enough to face the disparity of life.

Nicholas, farewell!

[World’s Greatest Stone]: Warrior, I will burn incense for you.

[Pure Lil Mushy]: I bet you will be hunted until level 0!

[Monster Baller]: Your account is gone!

[Press F to Enter the Tank]: What a real loli, no, I mean real warrior.

Farewell, goodbye!

[Burn My Mana]: I pay my respects to the dance King.

Then, farewell!

[Electrfying Words]: Ay~Ay~Ay, look, this [Princess] is nice and big~

[White Cloud]: Poster above, why are you singing


Soon enough, this post gained massive attention.

There were over 20 thousand comments, it went absolutely viral.

“It’s finally here.” When Yaeger opened the post, it was filled with jumbled words that could not form any sentences.

She added [Nicholas The Fourth] as a friend.

And instantly received a message from him.

[Nicholas The Fourth]: Princess, at twelve o’clock tonight, you will come to the dilapidated building in Alder Province alone.

We will be waiting for you on the top floor.


For every minute late, we will chop off a finger from Yunuen Lin.

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After reading the message, a map of the Roc City had appeared in her mind.

The unfinished building in Alder Province was very famous.

Anyone who had been in the city for a period of time knew where it was, this location was also not far from where she lived temporarily.

It only took 10 minutes for her to reach if she ran at full speed.

Thinking that there was a Pinnacle realm master of Internal Strength waiting for her there, Yaeger’s eyes instantly turned grim.

Her chilly tone of voice, filled with murderous intent squeezed out of her clenched teeth.

“Hehehe, you dare to force me to transform, all of you will die a painful death!!!”


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