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Going a little back in time.

In the Presidential Suite of Rosen Hotel.

“Lil’ Pixie, are you free lately” Nangong Lin took a sip of red tea and spoke to Pixie Qin who sat aside.

“I’m free, I’ll be staying in Roc City for at least another month.” Now that Yanjing was in a turbulent period.

Not only will it not help the Qin family if she returned, but it would also cause more unnecessary troubles instead.

“Very good.” Nangong Lin nodded slightly, “Lil’ Pixie, are you still interested in handsome guys”

“Yes, didn’t I tell you when I was a kid I want to marry the most handsome man in the world as my husband, and make the most beautiful girl in the world as my wife!”

Pixie Qin said with a smile.


Lil’ Pixie, I have someone that’s considered to be the most handsome man in the world to introduce to you.” Nangong Lin stared at her.

“More handsome than my brother” Pixie Qin was slightly surprised, and immediately remembered Yaeger’s unparalleled handsome appearance.

Her heartbeat sped up uncontrollably.

‘Ah~ my brother, the number one in this world!’

“Your brother Aren’t you the only child” This time around, it was Nangong Lin’s turn to be surprised.

“He’s adopted, yep, adopted yesterday.” Pixie Qin said.

“How handsome must the guy be to have you adopt him as your younger brother”

After knowing her for many years, Nangong Lin obviously knew that Pixie Qin was an incredibly picky person, and had her standards set all the way up to the skies!

‘If that guy could be called her younger brother, he must be astonishingly handsome, right’

“Naturally, he is the most handsome in this world.” Pixie Qin spoke seriously.

“I really want to meet him.

Now, let’s not talk about that younger brother of yours.” Nangong Lin didn’t have much interest in male lifeforms.

But since the man was claimed to be the most handsome person in the world by Pixie Qin, it somewhat piqued her curiosity.

‘Could there be someone more handsome than Yaeger’

“Back on topic.

Lil’ Pixie, I have faced some trouble recently.”

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“Oh, the eldest lady of the Nangong family, no, the ruler of the Nangong family.

Even someone like you will have troubles that cannot be solved” Pixie Qin half-squinted her eyes and stared at Nangong Lin with interest.

“This issue is very troublesome, it can’t be solved through conventional means.” Nangong Lin sighed lightly.

“Does it have something to do with the most handsome man in the world”


Lil’ Sachiel had grown obsessed with him.

As if under a spell, she’s insanely obsessed with him!” Nangong Lin spoke in a depressing tone.

“Oh, Lil’s Sachiel is in love!”

The three of them always shared a great relationship.

Pixie Qin even regarded Sachiel Luo as her own younger sister.

“No, it’s just a one-sided love.” Nangong Lin shook her head.

“So, what’s to worry about”

“The problem is, not only Lil’ Sachiel have a love at first sight with him, she even took the initiative to pursue him.

I’m so worried!”

Everyone else would go about their relationships as if a hog ruining other people’s gardens.

How could she have her own garden uproot and chase the hog!

Nangong Lin held her forehead and was aggrieved.

“Lil’ Sachiel has really grown up.

But, based on what you said, I am getting curious.

Is that man really this handsome”

“I’ll show you photos and videos of him later.” Nangong Lin held up the exquisite cup and took a sip of the black tea elegantly.

“This boy is very difficult to deal with because he’s as stubborn as a rock.

Also, he seems to know some of my secrets!”

“Oh, sounds like someone with a strong personality.

No, he also has a tinge of mystery.”

“I have already found out his birth origins, he’s just an orphan.

However, the feeling he gave me is very special.

He’s like some type of rare person.

Ah, hard to explain, anyway he’s just not like the average person!”

Since Nangong Lin was very knowledgeable, she could read other people accurately.

But Yaeger had left a unique and distinctive impression on her.

Like admiring flowers through a fog, she really can’t tell properly.

“Little Lin, are you planning to make me seduce him” Pixie Qin frowned slightly and noticed something.

“That’s what I’ve been planning.

As long as you get that guy first, Lil’ Sachiel will give up on it.” Nangong Lin spoke truthfully.

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“No, I already have Lil’ Yaeyae, I won’t be attracted to anyone else.”

“Little YaeYae”

“It’s my younger brother.” Pixie Qin said.

“Anyway, I’ll let you see what he looks like first.” Nangong Lin was incredibly impressed with Yaeger’s appearance.

She knew that Pixie Qin would definitely like it.

Turning on the big TV hanging on the wall, an incredibly handsome man was shown.

“Look, handsome, right” Nangong Lin tilted her head to glance at Pixie Qin, only to find her stunned in silence.

Now, Nangong Lin felt that things were getting interesting.


“Little Lin, he is the person that Lil’ Sachiel likes” Pixie Qin’s eyes twitched slightly.

“Indeed, Lil’ Pixie, are you interested” Nangong Lin smiled.

“Interested That’s my brother!” Of course she was interested!

But, Pixie Qin did not say that out loud.

Hearing this, Nangong Lin was dumbfounded in an instant.

Shouting in her heart: ‘Yaeger, you goddamned stud!’

“I’m sorry for Lil’ Sachiel, Lil’ Yaeyae is my one and only younger brother.

So, I can’t agree to this marriage as the sister!” At this moment, Pixie Qin suddenly shouted, shocking Nangong Lin.

Then instantly, Nangong Lin was overjoyed.

With Pixie Qin disrupting the situation, then Yaeger, who was the hog won’t be able to ruin her garden that was Sachiel Luo!

No, it’s that her own garden, Sachiel Luo, was now unable to ruin Yaeger the hog!

Knock Knock Knock!

Just as Nangong Lin was overjoyed and was about to open an exquisite soda to celebrate it, the door was knocked.

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“Come in.” Settling down her emotions, Nangong Lin spoke emotionlessly.

Those who would look for her at this point in time must have something important to report.

The door opened and Snowy approached quickly, she looked somewhat anxious.

“Miss, it’s not good, Yunuen Lin was captured by gangsters!”

Nangong Lin felt like she was struck by lightning after hearing it.

She instantly bounced to her feet and her mind was blank.

She finally recovered after a few seconds.

Taking a few deep breaths before asking, “Snowy, what did you say”

“Miss, Yunuen Lin was captured by gangsters.” Snowy also calmed down at this moment and spoke.

“Gangsters You said she was taken away by gangsters The team of bodyguards that I arranged to protect Yunuen Lin have strength second only to the one I assigned to protect Lil’ Sachiel!”

Nangong Lin’s body trembled and felt cheerless in her heart.

That was the person that Princess had instructed her to watch over.

Now that something like this had happened, how could she face Princess

Imagining the extremely disappointed expression that her beloved Princess would show, Nangong Lin’s heart twitched.

“Among these gangsters, there was a master at the Pinnacle realm of Internal Strength.

Tiger Wang was instantly destroyed with one strike.” Snowy said.

“A Pinnacle realm -level Internal Strength master!” Pixie Qin was slightly startled after learning that a mere gangster group actually had the Pinnacle master within.

It was absolutely incredulous!

“Yes, that person is also a foreigner.”

“How could this be…” Nangong Lin bit her lip, realizing that a Pinnacle master of Internal Strength actually personally went and kidnapped Yunuen Lin.

It was absolutely surprising.

“Snowy, immediately arrange for people to find her!” After pondering, Nangong Lin said.

“Yes!” Snowy exited the room.

“Lil’ Pixie, I will enter the game to inform Princess, you…”

“I’ll have my own arrangements.”

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“Alright.” Taking a deep breath, Nangong Lin ran back into her room and quickly entered the game.

She knew very well that the other party’s purpose of catching Yunuen Lin was to deal with Princess!

In the game.

Nangong Lin hurriedly sent a message to Yaeger, but there was no reply.

Checking the status, she realized that Yaeger was offline.

She had waited impatiently for quite some time, before Yaeger had finally logged on.

Yaeger: Tell me the details.

Jade City, Layna’s Item Shop.

Yaeger was very calm.

It was the calmness akin to the calm before the storm.

It gave people an unsettling feeling.


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