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Looking at these people who were suddenly rushed forth, Yunuen Lin blinked her eyes with an inexplicable expression.

She had faced chaotic situations before.

As she had enjoyed a conversation with the Wind Wolf King… no, they battled.

Despite not being much use, at least she was a woman that had directly confronted the Wind Wolf King.

Moreover, after having smacked a red-named NPC to death recently, she was far more courageous than before.

Thus, her expression remained unchanged despite being surrounded by well over a dozen well-dressed gangsters.


“You… don’t you people come close, I will scream!” Yunuen Lin realized that she wasn’t in a game.

As a frail woman, she instantly backed off.

She was incredibly anxious as her body trembled uncontrollably.

Seeing that she was afraid.

The foreigner wearing yellow Kung Fu slacks—Mitch hugged his shoulders as the cruel smile on his face deepened further.

“Keep yelling…”

Before he could finish his words, a shout resounded.

“You’re all courting death!” A dark shadow flashed over instantly.

A fist as big as a casserole slammed into a gangster that was approaching Yunuen Lin.

“Oof!” Instantly, that gangster was sent flying with a punch and spat out a mouthful of blood mid-air.

After the strike, the dark shadow did not stop.

As their long legs lashed towards another gangster like a whip.

Then, the gangster flew outwards with a bloodcurdling scream.

Also, the sounds of broken bones could be faintly heard.

“What an expert in martial arts training!” When the dark shadow was about to attack the third gangster, Mitch surged forwards and punched.

Matching his fist with the black shadow’s fist.


With a dull thud, both of them backed off.

The dark shadow trotted backward for many steps before finding balance.

He stared at Mitch in shock, who had regained balance after three steps back!

“You’re a master of internal energy!” The dark shadow—Tiger Wang yelled in surprise.

Through the previous fight, he personally felt that thick and strong internal energy.

He instantly realized that he was no match to that foreigner!

“Yunuen Lin, run away!”

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But, he had a mission to achieve.

He would not retreat even if he had to risk his life!

Yunuen Lin was stunned after hearing those words.

‘Who is that person Why would he help me’

“Hurry up, run!” Tiger Wang screamed.

Yunuen Lin instantly regained focus and took a deep look at his back profile, then turned around and ran.

“Boss, we’ll help you!” His underlings nearby all came to help him after seeing that the situation had gone awry.

Tiger Wang wanted to reject it, but Mitch really put him under great pressure.

He couldn’t handle Mitch all by himself.

“Hua, go and protect Yunuen Lin.

The rest of you, come here!”

“Tsk tsk tsk, I thought there would be some expert protecting that ‘ugly girl’.

It turns out that there are only a few nobodies like you all.

Do you really think that you can stop me with that level of ability Absolutely ridiculous!”

Mitch’s Chinese proficiency had reached B1 (CEFR language proficiency grade).

The flow of his speech was smooth and natural.

“Hard to tell, won’t know unless you’ve tried it!” Tiger Wang spoke solemnly.

“Naive! Naive! Naive! You, know nothing about power!”

Before Mitch finished speaking, his eyes opened widely.

A surge of aura emanated from his body as his muscles swelled like crazy.

Then, he stomped forwards and the floor tiles shattered instantly.

Immediately after, Tiger Wang could only see the flash of a dark shadow in his eyes.

‘So fast!’

When Tiger Wang registered the shadow as Mitch, a fist larger than a casserole already smashed into his chest.


Ribs were broken.

Tiger Wang instantly felt as if his body had been run over by a speeding dump truck.

The overwhelming pain he felt was about to tear open all his nerves and explode his skull!

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At this time, a dull thud was heard.

Tiger Wang’s chest crumpled like a smashed wok, as his ribs were all broken at the same time!

Then, he flew outwards.

Like a launched cannonball, at terrifying speeds.

“Boss!” The scene happened in a split second.

The Black Tiger’s team members only reacted when Tiger Wang was already sent flying.

“Pathetically weak.” Mitch shook his head in disappointment after seeing that Tiger Wang smashed into a car and flopped onto the ground, looking like he was about to die.

Unfortunately, he expected this expert in martial arts training could endure the strike in which he used 30% of his strength.

“You,you are a grand master…” Tiger Wang spoke those words in difficulty, then instantly fainted.

When Yunuen Lin and Hua heard of the commotion behind them, they turned around to look at the same time.

Both of them were instantly dumbfounded.

They barely ran for dozenss of meters, but Tiger Wang was already knocked out!

An aura of despair emanated from the scene instantly.

“Bunch of ants.” Mitch moved and appeared in front of the Black Tiger Team’s members.

With a flurry of attacks, those people instantly toppled over not far away, close to dying.

Seeing the scene, Yunuen Lin and Hua trembled in fear.

‘Is this guy really human!’

“Burlap sack, rope.” At this moment, Mitch arched his body backward and formed a heart shape with his hands in front of his chest.

The white-haired gangster’s eyes twitched, then swiftly arrived and handed over the burlap sack and rope.

Mitch stood up straight again and took it.

“Yunuen Lin, run quickly!” Hua suddenly pushed Yunuen Lin.

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The latter staggered slightly, then immediately ran forwards before she could balance herself.

Yunuen Lin is still at a loss, she had no idea what happened.

Why would these people want to catch her Why would those people want to protect her

It was simply inexplicable.

The only thing she knew was that she must not be caught!

‘Princess, give me strength!’

“Ah!” Suddenly, a figure appeared from behind and dropped to the ground after passing Yunuen Lin.

She looked over, and realized it was Hua!

“Miss Lin, I’m here to fetch you.

The instant she heard that voice, she felt her neck shake.

Then, her head also shook, and finally saw nothing but darkness.

Just as she was about to topple over, Mitch swiftly wrapped her up with a burlap bag.

After using the rope in his hand, a brand new rice dumpling was completed.

“Tsk, I have to disinfect my hand later.” Picking up the rice dumpling, Mitch glanced at his right hand that just smacked the back of Yunuen Lin’s neck, while showing a disgusted expression.

“Can’t touch ugly girls!”

If Yunuen Lin was still awake by now, she would surely vomit blood in anger after hearing those words.

Since when am I ugly, I’m super cute!

After dumping the rice dumpling into the van, Mitch got into a black business sedan.

The car’s engine started and they drove away.

“What happened to you all! Hua! Are you alright!” At this moment, the short-haired man decisively left the gangsters after hearing the screams.

He rushed out from the alley, only to see a chaotic aftermath.

His team members all laid on the floor and moaned in pain.

“Boss, we, can’t stop, Yunuen Lin, caught, master, gangster, young lady…” Hua endured excruciating pain and told the short-haired man.

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Her voice was weak, and she spoke intermittently.

But the short-haired man had good hearing and comprehension skills, he instantly extracted the important information from those words.

Then, he hurriedly pulled called a number on his phone.

“Sister Snowy, something bad happened!”

Yaeger’s apartment.

Yaeger opened her eyes, she was refreshed.

After drinking a few sips of mineral water, she laid down again.

She closed her eyes and entered the game.

In Layna’s Item Shop, [Princess] appeared.

Beep beep!

As soon as she went online, Yaeger already received a message.

Taking a look, her pupils instantly shrank into the size of a pinhole.

Nangong Lin: “Princess, it’s bad, Yunuen was captured by someone!”


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