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On the other side of the phone, the white-haired gangster was happy at first but when he heard the words later on, his eyebrows creased up.

“Angel, save me……aaaaAah!”

There was a blood-curdling screech, then the call ended.

“What happened” Vincent asked while leaning on the sofa as he could faintly hear the scream from the phone.

The white-haired gangster’s name was Xyon Chen, also known as Angel, a high level cadre of Small Sword Group’s Roc City branch.

“Brother Vincent, they found Yunuen Lin.” The white-haired gangster put down the phone and answered.

“Oh, did they catch her” Vincent sat up straight and smiled.

Upon hearing these words, Mitch suddenly opened his eyes, put one leg over the other, folded his hands, and his sight fell onto the white-haired gangster.

“No, she has too many people protecting her, Monkey and them seem to have been caught and taken away!”

“Ah” Vincent was taken aback for a second.

Then, he immediately stood up and glowered at the white-haired gangster, “Didn’t you tell me that her identity is ordinary How come there’s someone protecting her!”

“I, I don’t know either……” The white-haired gangster trembled and answered timidly when faced with that fierce tiger-like expression.

Vincent still wanted to say something, but Mitch interrupted: “Where is that Yunuen Lin I’ll go catch her.”

They couldn’t afford to offend Nangong Lin, Sachiel Luo, and Rakshasa, so they could only use the remaining Yunuen Lin as bait.

If they couldn’t even catch her, then their plan to bait out Princess would come to nothing.

So Mitch decided to take some risks and act personally.

After all, they had less than 7 days left in their temporary stay in Cathay.

They didn’t dare imagine the consequences of being unable to complete the boss’s directive.

When he heard that Mitch wanted to make a move, Vincent’s eyes flickered slightly before he stared at the white-haired gangster.

In response, the white-haired gangster reported:

“Yunuen Lin’s location is in Majori Convenience Store near Lixin District, a less than five-minute drive from our location.”

“Take me there.” After saying that, Mitch got up, placed his hands behind his head, leaned back, and straightened his stomach, then threw a sideways glance at the white-haired gangster.

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Upon seeing him posing in this unique position again, the corners of the white-haired gangster’s eyes twitched, but he nodded and replied: “Yes!”

In an unoccupied alley near Majori Convenience Store.

“Speak, who sent you here” Tiger Wang coldly asked.

On the ground lay several gangsters, all of whom had painful expressions, moaning and groaning.

“He’s asking you something!” The short-haired man kicked the droopy-eyed gangster.

He could tell that this specific gangster was the leader of this group.

“Ah! S, stop! I’ll speak, I’ll speak!”

The short-haired man took back his foot, stooped down, and said with a frosty expression: “Who sent you to trouble her”

“N, no one sent us here.

I just felt that she’s cute, but I’m the shy type so I asked my brother to help me get her contact details……”

Before he could finish his words, the droopy-eyed gangster let out a miserable shriek.

“B̲u̲l̲l̲s̲h̲i̲t̲!” A trash of society like you can be shy The short-haired man angrily laughed and kicked him fiercely.

“AAAH! Spare me……I really haven’t lied to you!” The droopy-eyed gangster howled in grief.

Gangsters who come out to mingle absolutely cannot sell out their upper level cadre and boss.

If they do so, the lightest punishment is being crippled while the heaviest punishment implicates their relatives.

Unless it’s a life or death crisis, the price of betrayal is too high.

“So you won’t speak, huh No problem, I have a hundred ways to torture it out of you.” The short-haired man said with a slight smile, but his eyes weren’t smiling.

“Don’t kill him.” Tiger Wang warned before leaving the alley.

His mission was to protect Yunuen Lin.

Interrogating these gangsters could be left to his subordinates.

Inside the shop.

Yunuen Lin put goods into the shopping basket as she walked.

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“Hehe, shopping truly is the most enjoyable thing.” When Yunuen Lin saw the shopping basket gradually being filled with things, she felt an indescribable sense of pleasure, as if the pressure on her was being thoroughly released.

Before even five minutes passed, the shopping basket was filled.

She went to the cashier’s counter to check out.

The shop assistant skillfully scanned the QR code and bagged her goods.

(I wonder what Princess is doing right now.) Yunuen Lin held her phone as she suddenly thought of that devastatingly beautiful girl.

At this moment, that devastatingly beautiful, oh, wrong, that sky-breaking handsome guy was awkwardly staring at the canned food on the ground.

“This male body is really troublesome.” Yaeger sensed that her stomach was a little empty, but she didn’t want to eat canned food.

“Can’t go out, at least, I can’t go out temporarily.

I’m unable to turn myself invisible, so I can only eat canned food to maintain my life.”

She sighed and mocked herself.

After what happened last night, she did not want to go out at night for a period of time.

“That being said, I first ran into Pixie Qin last night, then ran into that younger sister I haven’t seen for many years, then brushed past that strange foreigner.

I have a feeling that something’s wrong.”

Opening a can of meat, Yaeger frowned as his train of thought constantly deviated.

(Coincidence Consecutive coincidences are impossible no matter how I think about it.

If those three people’s target was me, it would make sense.

Pixie Qin is a member of Yanjing’s Qin Family and should know some secrets about the game, so seeking my female body isn’t anything strange.

She has nothing to do with the Ability Management Department, purpose unknown.

Mylene Tian, my younger sister, is a chief captain of the Ability Management Department and her purpose is to find me and protect me.

That foreigner dressed in black, I have no idea where he’s from.

Let’s blindly guess that he’s from the US.

His purpose in seeking me is likely to kill me.

Of course, it is also possible that he wants to catch me alive.)

“How unpalatable, it’s all starch.” Yaeger showed a dissatisfied look after eating one mouthful of the meat, but she didn’t stop her movements and continued eating it mouthful after mouthful.

Two minutes later, she emptied the can and satiated her stomach.

“Mm, I still don’t understand.

If their target is me, then doesn’t it mean that the three of them locked onto my position”

After giving that some thought, Yaeger denied this possibility.

When she went out last night, she had already regained her male appearance, so it was impossible for anyone to know that she was Princess.

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How could they lock onto her position

“Perhaps their target wasn’t me last night.” Yaeger shook her head, not feeling like using any more brain cells.

“Rest for half an hour, then enter the game to gain some experience.

That’s it for today.”

As she uttered this to herself, she lied down and closed her eyes to relax.

Under the same sky, Majori Convenience Store.

After Yunuen Lin paid the bill, she left carrying a bag packed with things.

Seeing Yunuen Lin’s silhouette, Tiger Wang immediately entered her blind spot and prepared to follow her and protect her.

It was at this moment that a black business car and a silver van sped over.

Skrr! Skrrt!

The two vehicles suddenly braked and drifted before the convenience store.

The sound of tires chafing the floor sounded out and white smoke emitted off the ground.

Immediately afterwards, twenty people got out of the two vehicles.

“Miss Lin, I’ve come to pick you up.” A tall foreigner in a yellow kung fu suit said as he looked at Yunuen Lin with cold eyes, corners of his mouth raised, and a cruel smile.


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