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“Is he joking” Someone asked after an unknown amount of time passed.

“Foundation Building Stage, he seems to have said that he has a Foundation Building Stage cultivation base……” Most of the people on the scene showed disbelieving expressions.

Qin Shuang was stunned for a short moment before reacting: “Dao Brother, this joke isn’t funny.”

Chen Hao nodded.

He also didn’t believe that this boy whose strength he couldn’t see through had a Foundation Building Stage cultivation base.

“I really am in Foundation Building Stage.

If you don’t believe me, then take a look.” After saying that, Yaeger released a bit of his spiritual aura.

Everyone’s complexions changed upon sensing it; it truly was the aura of Foundation Building Stage!

“This little girl still has some things to deal with, so she will take her leave.” Qin Shuang’s cordial expression instantly fell apart and spoke these words coldly.

Then, she returned to the small group All Beauties Association without taking a look back.

“I also have something to do, goodbye.” Chen Hao maintained a smile on the surface, but he was scolding Yaeger in his heart.

He had nearly become sworn brothers with different surnames with a small Foundation Building Stage cultivator, just thinking of it made him angry.

“It turns out to be a scum that wasn’t able to integrate into the capital.

Here I thought that a genius was here, what a waste of my emotions.” Someone shook their head.

“Think about it, if he truly were a genius from the capital, why would he participate in the entrance examination with us”

“True, I didn’t even think about this.”

“Sigh, I wasted a wink for nothing!” One of the girls who threw a coquettish glance at Yaeger earlier fiercely glared at him.

Those who originally wanted to make a friend in Yaeger immediately took several steps back, as if they had never stepped out.

Their gazes went from Yaeger back to Zhao Longxing and flattering him.

Zhao Longxing’s expression was now that of a smiling one as gazed at Yaeger with disdain.

“Like I said, with how arrogant those geniuses in the capital are, how could they possibly come over here to take an entrance exam.

It turns out he was trash.”

Zhao Longxing coldly sneered in his mind.

Generally speaking, if one isn’t able to reach the Core Formation Stage by the age of 18, then that person’s future achievements won’t be high.

There is no such thing as ‘rich accumulation will bring future prosperity’ in Immortal Cultivation, only talent determines a person’s highest and lowest point.

Reaching the Foundation Building Stage at the age of 18 isn’t considered too shabby in society, but when placed in one of the 10 major Immortal Cultivation Colleges, Sky Eaves College, such a cultivation base is definitely one of the lowest existences within it.

“Before knowing my cultivation base, they called me Dao Brother and Fellow Daoist, yet now they don’t even want to address me.

How can these people be so snobbish” Yaeger tilted his head slightly.

The majority of Immortal Cultivators were heartless and only had benefits at heart, but they still wouldn’t go too far on the surface.

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Yet this Qin Shuang and Chen Hao’s attitude changed too quickly, making him unable to adapt.

“This place’s Immortal Cultivation atmosphere isn’t as good as the capital.

At least the Immortal Cultivators of the capital are still willing to socialize with me even after knowing that I have a Foundation Building Stage cultivation base.” Yaeger expressionlessly thought to himself.

Since they weren’t willing to have any contact with him, then he didn’t need to bother being enthusiastic towards cold faces.

Yaeger walked to the side and quietly waited for the examination to begin, completely blocking the idle gossip around him.

Ten minutes later, a man and woman floated over and dropped to stand below the monastery main gate with immortal lights flashing.

The next instant, Purple Sun Mountain’s protecting formation opened an entrance.

“Those with examination qualifications can bring their temporary admissions certificate with them inside.” The one speaking was the man who appeared about 40 years-old, slim-figured, slightly darker skin, wore a beige Taoist robe, and a pair of gold-rimmed eyeglasses, spoke with annoyance.

His voice suddenly spread to the ears of everyone present.

The people standing around all quickly rushed to the monastery main gate, took out their cards in an orderly manner, and swiped it on the machine that the woman was holding.

This young woman was about 18 or 19 years-old, wearing the college’s clothes, youthful and beautiful.

“Huh Do I have such a card” Seeing everyone swipe their cards, Yaeger pursed his lips as he had no recollection of a temporary admissions certificate.

After a bit of thought, he took out the written notice, tore open the envelope, and saw the card as expected.

The only thing was that his card was different from the other people’s cards.

Their cards were ordinary cards while Yaeger’s card was clearly special since there was a layer of crystal gloss covering it.

Soon, all of the people went inside, leaving only Yaeger still outside.

“Hey, why are you still standing there Come over here and register!” The young woman beckoned to him with a faintly displeased expression.

She was originally supposed to preach the Dao today, but for some inexplicable reason, the college chose her to be responsible for entrance examination performance recording.

It would be weird if she were still happy.

“It can’t be that he has stage fright” Qin Shuang said with a wooden expression.

“Perhaps he does since, after all, it’s practically impossible for a Foundation Building Stage’s cultivation base to pass our Sky Eaves College’s entrance examination.” Chen Hao already considered himself as a Sky Eaves College’s student before passing the test, so when he said these words, there was a hard to conceal pride in his face.

“Hmph, he’s just a waste that couldn’t fit in the capital, testing him is a waste of time.” Someone with a crooked smile said with a sneer.

“How dare such a waste come to participate in the examination, what nonsense!” Another person said with a scowl.

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The young woman’s brows furrowed even deeper upon listening to these words: Foundation Building Stage cultivation base How low, it drags the college’s standard down.

Subsequently, she looked at Yaeger with an even unfriendlier gaze.

“Coming.” At this time, Yaeger arrived in front of her and quickly swiped his card.

He moved at lightning speed, so this young woman didn’t notice any difference in his card.

Hearing a beep, the machine in her hand issued out a ‘pass’ noise.

The young woman maintained an indifferent expression as she waved her hand and let Yaeger pass.

She wasn’t optimistic about Yaeger’s prospects.

The crowd gathered to form one huge group and consciously distanced themselves from Yaeger, as if standing next to him was a terrible humiliation.

The young woman’s gaze swept through them, then fell onto the machine’s screen.

On it showed these people’s test qualifications.

“Huh……why are there already two students” Suddenly, her expression changed, “Exempt from examination! What is such a genius doing here taking the entrance examination Is there something wrong!”

“This Zhao Longxing seems to be that rarely seen genius from the Zhao Family.

Rumor has it that he’s already on the fifth layer of the Core Formation Stage, astonishing potential.” The young woman thought aloud.

“The other one is Ye Feng, who I’ve never heard of.

Wait a moment, Yaeger was the last one to register, so that is to say, that Foundation Building Stage boy was directly admitted without the examination!”

She suddenly lifted her head and looked at Yaeger with an incredulous look on her face.

She repeatedly looked at it and confirmed that the last one to register was called Yaeger.

This time, she had to believe that this Foundation Building Stage boy in front of her was definitely not as simple as he seemed.

“But that being said, why do boys these days like to show off” Giving both Zhao Longxing and Yaeger a glance, the young woman helplessly sighed.

There was a precedent set last year for people who were admitted in advance to participate in the entrance examination, so she wasn’t surprised at the sight of this.

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Everyone followed the examination’s test examiner——the man in the Taoist robe——to an enormous building.

This building was made up of tiles and bricks, appearing a bit archaic.

It gave off the appearance that it had seen many decades, but seemed to be regularly maintained, so it still looked very imposing.

The interior was brightly lit, gold and jade decorating the walls……not.

The wide interior only had a simple decoration with various sorts of instruments set up on the ground, giving off a metallic luster under the light.

The Taoist robe man in front of them turned around and said to them all: “My name is Wu Ke, the teacher in charge of your entrance examination.

Now report your full name, age, and cultivation base so that I can have a preliminary understanding of you.”

As far as the young woman was concerned, he didn’t give even a word’s worth of introduction as he probably didn’t feel that it was necessary.

The young woman knitted her eyebrows as she felt upset at heart: Even if I’m just a tool person, how dare you treat me as a passer-by!

“Myself is Zhao Longxing, 17 years-old, fifth layer of the Core Formation Stage!” Zhao Longxing took two steps forward and reported with his chest pumped up and chest held high.

As soon as his voice faded, a commotion broke out at the scene!

Fifth layer of the Core Formation Stage at 17 years-old, what a freak!

Chen Hao bit his lips as a wave of jealousy swept through him.

He was 18 years-old as of this year and his strength had just reached the second layer of the Core Formation Stage.

His talent was severely inferior to Zhao Longxing.

Qin Shuang’s complexion also changed slightly.

Her cultivation base was only one layer lower than Zhao Longxing’s, but she was one year older than him, so her potential truly wasn’t as good as his.

Wu Ke seriously sized up Zhao Longxing.

Sword-like eyebrows, star-shine eyes, white face, an attractive appearance, truly a Qilin.

The more he looked, the more pleasing to the eyes Zhao Longxing became.

“Good good good! Not bad, not bad, worthy of being Zhao Family’s genius!” He had long since heard that the Zhao Family had produced a genius.

Now that he met with this genius, he found that the rumors weren’t wrong at all.

With such a cultivation base at the age of 17, he was bound to have success in the future.

As for why Zhao Longxing, someone who was clearly already admitted in advance, was here, he actually didn’t feel that there was anything wrong.

After all, this wasn’t the first time that this had happened.

Youngsters love showing off and pretending, isn’t it just normal

Zhao Longxing humbly smiled, took two steps back, and stood perfectly straight as if he were a spear with a complacent expression all over his face.

Everyone’s flattery in his ears was like a spring breeze blowing on his face, extremely invigorating.

The next to step forward was Qin Shuang, but because the genius Zhao Longxing reported before her, her fourth layer of the Core Formation Stage cultivation base didn’t garner much attention.

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The difference between the fourth layer and fifth layer may appear to just be one layer on the surface, but it’s actually a dividing line in reality.

Only if one reaches the fifth layer of the Core Formation Stage at 18 years-old can one be called a genius.

Qin Shuang maintained an even expression.

After she finished reporting her details, she returned to her place gracefully.

She already knew beforehand that Zhao Longxing would rob the spotlight, so she didn’t care too much.

It’s normal for the spotlight to be stolen when your strength isn’t as good as another person’s.

Shortly afterwards, it was Chen Hao’s turn.

Everyone’s reaction was very flat since most of them present were in the second layer of the Core Formation Stage, so it was naturally impossible for Chen Hao to receive their attention.

Person after person reported their details until it was finally Yaeger’s turn.

Yaeger lazily stood a few steps forward and casually stated: “Ye Feng, 18 years-old, Foundation Building Stage.”

Foundation Building Stage! When Wu Ke heard these three words, his eyes opened especially wide and he opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say.

In Sky Eaves College, most of the Foundation Building Stage students were low level part-work-part-study students.

Despite there being a portion of them being children of large families who came to waste time and mooch some academic qualifications, they were still existences at the lowest rung in the college.

In the past hundred years, he had never heard of a Foundation Building Stage cultivator passing through Sky Eaves College’s entrance examination.

Wu Ke sized up Yaeger.

White and clean, a little thin, delicate face.

He said that he was an Immortal Cultivator, but he resembled one of those pale-faced scholars in the ancient times more, the type who seemed too weak to stand up to the wind.

Wu Ke curled his lips as looked down upon Yaeger in his mind. What kind of joke is this, how dare an 18 year-old with a Foundation Building Stage cultivation base come to take the entrance examination, does he really think this place is a playground!

Despite being upset in his heart, Wu Ke didn’t show any of it on his face.

He merely nodded to express that he had heard it.

“Hmph, an 18 year-old Foundation Building Stage, how dare a waste from the capital who couldn’t even fit in come to our Sky Eaves College.

You simply don’t know your place, do you really think our college is a garbage recycling station”

Just because Wu Ke didn’t say anything didn’t mean that other people wouldn’t too.

Zhao Longxing lifted up his head and glanced at Yaeger with his lips curled up as he spoke disdainfully.

“Are you looking for a fight” Yaeger turned his head to face Zhao Longxing as his eyes gradually turned cold.

He was too lazy to pay attention to these guys before, but that seemed to make them think that he was easy to bully.

“Alright, stop speaking, prepare for the examination.” Just as Zhao Longxing was about to reply, Wu Ke waved his hand, “Today’s examination is split into three parts, power, speed, and potential.

The first is the power test.”

He stretched out his hand and pointed at one of the machines not too far away: “The score is divided from one to nine stars, one being the lowest and nine being the highest.

Next, the test will be conducted in the order of the registration.”

Hearing this, bewilderment appeared in Yaeger’s eyes.

He felt as if this scene was faintly familiar, but he couldn’t think of where he had experienced it or even seen it.


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