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Sky Eaves College is one of Summer Country’s top 10 Immortal Cultivation Colleges and was founded on Sky Eaves County’s Purple Sun Mountain range.

According to legend, this spirit mountain with spiritual aura flowing all over is a True Immortal.

The Purple Sun’s Immortal proved the existence of Dao on the peak of this mountain, it was fancied by Sky Eaves College in the initial stage of spiritual aura recovery, so they moved in.

“It’s not much better than Yanjing’s Imperial Beginning Academy.” Twenty minutes later, Yaeger couldn’t help but sigh as he finally scaled Purple Sun Mountain and looked at the magnificent stone monastery main gate.

In front of the monastery’s main gate were two verdant immortal cedars on both sides, gently swaying under the breeze and sending out a refreshing aura.

Yaeger sucked in a breath and turned his gaze away towards the platform outside of the monastery’s main gate.

There were approximately 100 young men and women standing there, all of which appeared to have come to take the entrance exam like him.

They were divided into four groups: one composed of all girls, like a peach garden, fragrance permeating the air; one made up of a sun surrounded by stars, a combination of radiant youngsters; the other two groups appeared pale in comparison, as if they were just groups of makeshift side characters.

The amount of students that Sky Eaves College recruits every year is small, roughly about 50.

That is to say, close to half of the people present will be eliminated.

“Fellow Daoist, are you also here to participate in the entrance examination” An ordinary 17-18 year-old boy from the side character group walked a few steps over upon seeing Yaeger and asked a question he already knew the answer to.


This one is called Ye Feng, I wonder what this Fellow Daoist is called” Since he had approached with goodwill and only wanted to get acquainted with him, Yaeger wouldn’t be a bore and push him away.

“Fellow Daoist Ye Feng, an honor to meet you, an honor to meet you, this one is called Chen Hao.

I saw that Fellow Daoist has a majestic appearance and has an extraordinary heroic manner, as well as impressively majestic noble temperament, so this one felt like making a friend; this one hopes that he didn’t bother Fellow Daoist.” Chen Hao said humbly.

He was at Core Formation Stage’s second layer, yet he couldn’t sense Yaeger’s cultivation base.

He already believed that this person’s strength was much higher than his own.

With such strength at this age, he was bound to become a golden thigh in the future, so he was absolutely worth making friends with.

He wasn’t the only one with this mindset.

There were several other youngsters on the scene sizing up Yaeger.

If not for Chen Hao taking the first step, they would be the first to step out.

“No need.” Yaeger waved his hand.

“That’s fine.

Is Fellow Daoist Ye Feng an outsider You do not seem to be from these parts.” Chen Hao came from Sky Eaves’ Chen Family, a middle-sized family that’s very well-versed in intelligence.

There were many youngsters with a bit of reputation in Sky Eaves County, but none of them was a top character like Yaeger.

Yaeger nodded: “I hail from Yanjing.”

As soon as he stated his origin, everyone present created a commotion.

Yanjing, Summer Country’s capital, core of authority, the holy land where Immortal Cultivators congregate, the home to Three Great Colleges, Nine Sects, Ten Factions, and the location of the dragon’s vein.

Hearing that this handsome young man in front of them was from Yanjing, how could they not be shocked

Chen Hao was thrilled upon hearing this.

There were three students in Sky Eaves College that came from Yanjing and all of them were first-rate geniuses.

It was likely that this handsome boy was also a genius of the same level.

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If he could hold onto this thick and strong golden thigh, then wouldn’t his college life be amazing

The more he thought, the more excited he became and the stronger his urge to become official brothers with Yaeger.

It was at this moment that a young girl walked out from the peach garden group.

She had beautiful black hair, a charming appearance, and a slim figure; there was no doubt that she was a pretty girl.

“Little girl Qin Shuang greets Dao Brother.” The young lady gracefully bowed in salutation and looked at Yaeger with a faint smile.

Chen Hao’s brows slightly furrowed.

He recognized this young lady; she was the treasured daughter of an apex third-tier family.

With how fast the Qin Family was developing, they were close to becoming a second-tier family and were considered a strong power.

Therefore, he didn’t dare say anything even though he was aware that she wanted to rope in Yaeger in front of him.

All he could do was keep his unhappiness in his heart.

There was another person equally as unpleased, Zhao Longxing.

Before Yaeger arrived, he was the genius that people were fawning over in a group that resembled the sun and surrounding stars.

Now that Yaeger had thoroughly snatched the spotlight, it would be weird if he were still happy.

“Greetings, Fairy Qin, this one’s name is Ye Feng.” Yaeger cupped his hands in greeting and returned the bow.

“Fellow Daoist Ye Feng, I felt familiarity at first sight upon seeing you; why not come to my ‘All Beauties Association’ for a chat.” Qin Shuang smiled, then immediately leaned her body and put out her hand to make an invitation gesture.

Not far behind her stood a group of beautiful girls who were in the middle of sizing Yaeger up with interest.

The so-called All Beauties Association was a force that Qin Shuang established with the majority of its members being the children from families subordinate to the Qin Family.

The remaining were fancied by Qin Shuang and thus roped in.

Originally, she didn’t have too much interest in boys, but hearing that Yaeger was from the capital along with the fact that she couldn’t see his power, thus showcasing that his power was above hers, made him have great value in being won over.

There are numerous forces in Sky Eaves College; if one didn’t create their own force, they would very quickly be swallowed into other forces.

If there was a first-rate genius acting as a support, then her force would surely develop very quickly.

Qin Shuang’s heart was like a mirror; clear and insightful.

She was very clear on the benefits that Yaeger could bring her.

“Many thanks for Fairy Qin’s invitation, but I am someone who prefers peace.

We can chat here if you wish.”

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Yaeger could guess Qin Shuang’s intention even if he was using his toes, but he wasn’t fond of joining groups or cliques.

So he directly refused.

Qin Shuang froze, apparently not expecting that Yaeger would refuse.

She immediately recovered and said: “That is fine, since Fellow Daoist Ye Feng prefers to speak here, then let us chat here.

By the way, I wonder what Dao Brother’s current cultivation base is”

Upon hearing this, Yaeger smiled meaningfully: “Guess.”

Qin Shuang stared at Yaeger for a while, but then shook her head: “Dao Brother is too powerful, Qin Shuang is unable to sense it.

But according to Qin Shuang’s estimation, Dao Brother must be at least on the seventh layer of the Core Formation Stage.”

Seventh layer The corners of Chen Hao’s eyes twitched.

If Qin Shuang didn’t guess wrongly, then Yaeger was a genius that couldn’t be found in even 10,000 people.

It must be known that youngsters of the seventh layer of the Core Formation Stage are scarcely found even within the Four Major Families in Sky Eaves County.

Having such a cultivation base at such a young age means that one is excellent even within the group of first-rate geniuses.

“Gasp!” All the people sucked in a breath of cold air upon hearing Qin Shuang’s words.

Didn’t expect for there to be a genius of such level to appear in this entrance examination.

Normally, such a genius should be directly admitted.

But Yaeger showed up here nevertheless.

If not for Qin Shuang trying to win him over, they wouldn’t have dared believe it.

After all, Qin Shuang’s strength here is also very outstanding, Core Formation Stage’s fourth layer, just slightly lacking compared to the genius Zhao Longxing.

“Core Formation Stage’s seventh layer, how is that possible, such a genius shouldn’t appear here, something must be wrong……”

Zhao Longxing clenched his fists as he tenaciously stared at Yaeger and murmured these words with slightly trembling lips.

He wanted to get a little closer to personally probe Yaeger’s strength, but he couldn’t take the step forward no matter what.

Zhao Longxing came from the second-tier Zhao Family.

He grew up as the family’s genius and received Sky Eaves College’s admission notice very early on.

There was fundamentally no need for him to participate in this entrance examination.

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The reason he was here was merely to satisfy his vanity and intentionally show off.

But now, there was actually a fellow who was even flashier than himself, making him simultaneously speechless and indignant.

Big shot, what are you doing here showing off your seventh layer of Core Formation Stage!

Can you not trample on my stage like this!

Zhao Longxing roared in his heart.

At this moment, many of the youngsters present gazed at Yaeger with worship and some girls even threw him coquettish glances.

“Excuse me, Fairy Qin, you’ve guessed wrong.” Yaeger put away his smile and deadly earnestly said: “I have a Foundation Building Stage cultivation base.”

When these words were said, the whole audience went completely silent.

(Author: This Fairyland arc is only a small plot.)


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