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“Hahaha, I’ll stop teasing you.

This is the amount for three days, not something for you to finish in a day.” Yaeger smiled.

“What, so it turned out to be like this……” Yunuen Lin got back up like a carp back into water and had a much better expression, but it gradually paled when she thought about how this amount needed to be refined in 3 days.

The difference between one day and three days was merely the difference of which layer of hell one was on.

Yunuen Lin dragged her heavy feet back to the Item Shop and officially began her hellish journey of refining drugs.

“Yunuen, do your best.” Yaeger knew that this amount was a very heavy burden for her, but they would obtain great benefits after persevering.

Moreover, this process was very useful for mental sharpening.

“Your path is much more difficult than an ordinary person’s.

After all, what you’re going to become is the Undying Battle Priest.”

The soft whisper dissipated into the wind.

Compared to cultivating Sachiel Luo and the others, Yaeger was much more willing to cultivate Yunuen Lin since the latter’s innate conditions were much more lacking.

Without carrying her, it would be heaven-defyingly difficult to become that alone.

Leaving the plaza, Yaeger went to the military base.

“You wish to challenge the Tower of Heroes” After a rough-looking middle-aged officer heard Yaeger’s purpose, he revealed an astonished voice.

This person was quite young yet their strength had already reached high level Bronze.


I hope you can approve.” Yaeger calmly confirmed.

“Are you aware that the Tower of Heroes is filled with fighting souls of big figures that are from different time periods These souls possess the same strength as contemporary people and have the same thought process.

Their power is extremely terrifying; a moment of inattentiveness can lead to your death!”

The middle-aged officer warned with a serious tone.

“I do not fear them.” Yaeger indifferently responded.

“Alright, since you are determined to challenge the Tower, then you must first hand over 10,000 gold coins and then enter Limitless Fairyland to receive mental testing.

If you do not pass the mental test, then there is no need to challenge the Tower of Heroes because your willpower won’t be enough, thus fundamentally unable to withstand the pressure of a floor master!” The middle-aged officer said in a severe tone.

“I understand.” Yaeger handed over 10,000 gold coins without any feelings in her heart.

In her previous life, she had gone into Limitless Fairyland once.

It was a place that could make people forget themselves and completely integrate into an unfamiliar world’s magical fairyland.

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The passing of one day in that place might only be the passing of less than a minute here.

The fairyland is like a dream; it can be infinitely long and infinitely short, continuous and shattered.

A mentally weak person will fall into it very easily and it is hard for them to wake up.

Of course, this fairyland won’t trap its challengers indefinitely.

This world doesn’t have such a high level fairyland.

So long as the fairyland judges the challenger to have failed or succeeded, it will eject them.

Incidentally, the shorter the clear time, the more rewards awarded.

It can be considered a small benefit from the game.

But those that enter the fairyland once very rarely enter it a second time.

Because Limitless Fairyland is actually very terrifying.

It can make people unconsciously indulge in it.

Ultimately, they die miserable deaths.

Such a frightening feeling can create profound trauma in one’s memory.

The Tower of Heroes stands tall as if it can pierce the skies.

The Tower has 100 floors with each floor having one floor master.

Yaeger’s goal was the challenge floor 10.

Before that…… She looked at the small neighboring tower next to the Tower of Heroes.

This small tower was a little shabby, its doors tightly closed, and a faint mysterious power seeped through the cracks.

Yaeger walked to the tower and pushed onto the doors with both hands, exerting herself to push them open.

A creaking sound continuously flooded the area.

The inside was pitch-black.

Yaeger’s expression didn’t change as she entered.

The very next moment, the doors automatically closed and the pitch-black darkness swallowed her up.

At the same time, Yaeger sank into a strange state, as if her entire person was penetrating through time and space.


Suddenly, a crisp sound rang through the space.

Following that, Yaeger’s consciousness was dragged into the Limitless Fairyland.

Summer Country, Sky Eaves County, Meteor Town.

It was currently a hundred years after the recovery of Spiritual Aura.

Humanity left the electrical era and entered the Spiritual Aura era, the world’s development was growing rapidly.

On the other hand, it wasn’t just humanity affected by the recovery of Spiritual Aura, but all creatures of Earth.

Every creature’s constitution obtained a transformation and they all gained increased lifespan.

At the same time, the immortal cultivation spells handed down from the antiquity era were validated; humans could indeed cultivate to become immortals.

A massive wave of immortal cultivation swept through Earth.

However, the ensuing series of chaos nearly brought the world’s order to collapse.

Fortunately, under the iron blood rule of the Five Great Immortal Cultivation Powers, the disorder was temporarily stopped.

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In order for peace to continue, the Five Great Immortal Cultivation Powers formulated an international Immortal Cultivation constitution named ‘Basic Laws of Immortal Cultivation’.

Since then, immortal cultivators entered the immortal cultivation age where there were laws to abide by, laws that must be abided by, strict law enforcement, and violators of the law would be investigated.

Underneath Purple Sun Mountain, Yaeger suddenly raised his head as a trace of confusion ran through his eyes, his consciousness in a state of chaos.

(Who am I, where am I)

In the next instant, a flash went through his mind and his consciousness regained clarity, causing his eyes to fall onto the sky.

The sky’s fiery sun was dim, black clouds pressuring the realm.

A powerful might fell from the sky, as if to thoroughly crush humans.

Looking away, he saw a mountain top in the distance covered in black clouds, silver-colored serpents dancing wildly, thunder creating trembling sounds.

“Which fellow daoist is crossing their tribulation” Yaeger half-squinted as he gazed at the mountain stop filled with thunder clouds with great interest.

“According to the Basic Laws of Immortal Cultivation’s 17th article, illegal tribulation crossing is punishable by a minimum of three years of imprisonment and death penalty at maximum.

Why must this fellow daoist be so foolish and decide to cross their tribulation in a no-tribulation area”

Yaeger revealed his doubt.

At this moment, several lights flashed across the sky in the direction of that mountain peak in the distance.

These people released an unkind aura, clearly not any good people, and were most likely thinking of taking advantage of that fellow daoist’s misfortune.

From the scope and size of the tribulation in the sky, Yaeger was able to judge that this silly fellow daoist was crossing their False Core tribulation.

Though a False Core wasn’t a Golden Core, it was still able to greatly enhance the medicinal property of the resulting product when refining drugs, which is a relatively low level heaven and earth treasure.

Immortal Cultivation is divided into 10 realms: Qi-Refining Stage, Foundation Building Stage, Core Formation Stage, Golden Core Stage, Nascent Soul Stage, Soul Transformation Stage, Void Refining Stage, Dao Unity Stage, Tribulation Traversing Stage, and Mahayana Stage.

Each realm is divided into Nine Layers, Pinnacle, and Great Perfection.

Among these realms, Core Formation Stage is the so-called False Core Stage.

The strength accumulated during this realm decides the Golden Core’s grade and is an important foundation realm for immortal cultivators.

“Even though I want to go take a look, I don’t have much time left.” Yaeger looked at his watch with a sad expression.

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There were two meanings behind his phrase ‘don’t have much time left’; one was that his school examination was about to begin and if he didn’t rush, he would be late.

As for the second meaning……

“There’s only less than two years of lifespan left, if I can’t find an opportunity in Sky Eaves College, then I’ll be majorly screwed.

I hope Elder Sister Jing didn’t lie to me.”

The sound of death’s footsteps was constantly approaching from behind him, placing him under great pressure.

“Screw it, everything will be alright.

In any case, I’m unable to escape it and it’s not like I’m demanding it to not come.”

Yaeger shook his head and took out a very important written notice.

On it were the words ‘Sky Eaves College’s Admission Notice’ and written in large letters on the middle was ‘Exempted From Exam’.

“I’m not really fond of this back-door approach.

Being upright and frank is what being a person’s all about.” Yaeger lifted his head back up to look at the Purple Sun Mountain with a changed expression and corners of his mouth slightly raised to show a light smile.


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