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Since her goal was achieved, Yaeger used basically the same method to return.

The only difference was that Shadow Skulk’s cooldown was 8 hours, so it was temporarily unavailable.

Therefore, she spent a little bit more time returning.

The inside of the city didn’t particularly change.

It was weird that there was no unusual change, though.

Kastina’s tyrannical behavior caused the common people to suffer unspeakable misery, their cries of complaints filling the road.

Mm, the rumors are less than before.

But very few people would dare say no to her.

Unless they wished to close shop the next day.

The only ones that could say no to her were all shops backed by great nobles.

However, these shops also signed the contract for some unknown reason later on.

Even if Yaeger was thinking with her toes, she knew that it was the Eldest Princess helping her behind the scenes.

(I owe another favor.

Hopefully, Eldest Princess won’t overdo it and expose her power.)

She shrugged and continued thinking.

With the Eldest Princess and 7th Princess exerting pressure from both the rear and front, the city’s merchants became as honest as trained dogs.

It was to the point that even the bargaining step was cut out, so the progress being made was gratifying.

“Very good, it won’t be long before 50% of the merchants within the city cooperate with me.” It was impossible to have 100% of them agree.

In the first place, the royal merchants wouldn’t even consider collaborating with Yaeger.

Furthermore, there’s also a portion of greatly influential people who also wouldn’t collaborate with her.

If Yaeger wanted the entire city to cooperate with her money-making plan, then she would first have to push the Eldest Princess into power, then carry out a purging of the noble class and concentrate their power into her hands.

If that were to happen, who would dare oppose her

This is on the premise that the Eldest Princess successfully assumes the throne, otherwise it was empty talk.

The success she acquired now was already a pretty good result, so Yaeger had no reason to request for more.

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Opening up the forums, she saw many popular topics on the top.

Sorting through the uninteresting posts, Yaeger took a look at the latest hot post.

《Huadu youngster is brutally beaten and turned into a human form trash can, is this the distortion of human nature or the loss of morality》

Clicking into it to take a look, Yaeger’s eyebrows faintly furrowed because what she thought was game news was actually reality news.

However, it was related to the game.

Because this youngster who was beaten until he had a pig head and had his mouth stuffed with trash was a game player called ‘Scarlet King’.

No one knows the reason why he was beaten.

The reason why it became a hot topic is because Huadu’s player base is huge, so it instantly shot up.

Yaeger closed the post out of boredom.

There weren’t many hot topics worth paying attention to.

After looking through several hot posts and not finding any big news, she closed forums.

It was during this time that Yunuen Lin and Kastina returned from a rewarding journey.

“Princess, half of the merchants signed our contract!” Yunuen Lin bounced over with excitement apparent on her face.

It seemed that she had a good experience this time around.

“You’ve worked hard.” Yaeger softly patted her shoulder.

“Hmph, this princess’s contribution is the best in the world!” Kastina crossed her arms and walked over leisurely with an expressionless face, but her eyes were betraying her inner delight.

One could tell that she had a fun time playing.

Compared to bullying commoners, it was clearly more interesting to bully nobles and merchants.

Kastina’s future spiritual life had one more thing added.

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“Mm, you contributed the most.” When Yaeger gave her a smile, an unnatural blush immediately appeared on Kastina’s face.

“Hmph! I-I didn’t do it for your praise! Anyway, this princess has already solved your worry; come, let’s fight!”

Kastina extended out her lily-white hand to which the guard leader placed a sword into her hand.

“Quick, this princess’ greatsword is unable to endure its hunger!” Kastina drew the sword out of its scabbard and pointed it at Yaeger with an unconcealed feverish expression.

More like you’re unable to endure your hunger!

If Yaeger didn’t know that Kastina had a special hobby, she likely would have thought that Kastina was a militant!

“Sure, I’ve never treated people who work hard for me badly.” Yaeger walked a few steps forward and rubbed her hands.

In response to this, the surrounding peanut gallery decisively retreated and made a large circle for them to duel in.

“Lowly slave, this princess will definitely humiliate you this time!” Kastina instantly flashed over with her dark sword piercing towards her, casting an eerie dark awn.

Watching the sword tip rapidly growing closer in her eyes, Yaeger’s right foot pushed on the ground and shifted her body to the side, thus effortlessly dodging the blow.



At this moment, Kastina suddenly changed her move from one of piercing to one of forcefully sweeping away.

Yaeger had just finished her evasive action and hadn’t stabilized her body yet, so there seemed no way to dodge.

“Fool Haha.” But she remained calm.

Just as the dark sword was about to sweep her away, Yaeger struck out like thunder with a turquoise glove clenched into a fist and smashed downwards, hitting the sword blade heavily.


The next instant, Kastina’s eyes widened and she felt shock in her heart.

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Her sword, no, herself and the sword were blown away by Yaeger’s punch.

The hand grasping the sword nearly let go of the flying sword.

How strong! Kastina exclaimed in her mind.

Before she was even able to finish lamenting, a shadow appeared in front of her.

When she went to look at what it was, she was met with Yaeger’s overlapped fingers raising up high and then fiercely slamming down onto her body.

By the time her body felt the sharp pain, Kastina had already made contact with the ground and the crater created had spider-web-like cracks.

At this time.

Yaeger took out a purple bow, pulled the string filled with arrows towards the sky, and burst forth as if it didn’t cost anything.

“Ah~it’s here!” Kastina wasn’t frightened by the countless purple lightning energy arrows hitting their target, but rather excited instead.

That bzztbzzt feeling from the electrical current and numbing feeling made her feel as if she was ascending to heaven!

Just as she finished bursting forth, Yaeger fell back onto the ground.

“Ding! Kastina’s favorability towards you has risen by 6,000 points, your relationship becomes Trust.”

Even though Yaeger was more or less accustomed to this system announcement, the corners of her mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

Such a ‘top-quality’ pervert is indeed seen only once in a thousand years.

“Ah~I’m full of happiness, going to ascend~” On the floor, Kastina was hugging herself and cheerfully twisting about, making Yunuen Lin speechless for a while.

When Kastina returned to normal, five minutes had passed.

“Lowly slave, you best keep in mind that this princess will surely return this injury back to you tenfold!” Though she was clearly speaking ruthless words, her expression was one of utter delight.

“Finally gone.” Watching the 7th Princess riding the black edge leopard back to the imperial palace in high spirits, Yunuen Lin suddenly shed a wry smile.

Freaks exist every year, but there’s been especially more this year.

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“The preparations are already done, Yunuen, let’s get started,” Yaeger said as she gazed at Kastina’s retreating figure.

“Mm, I’ll do my best!” Yunuen said with a serious expression and an earnestly clenched fist.

“First, refine 2,000 bottles of each job’s Beginner-level Explosion Drug and 1,000 bottles of each job’s Middle-level Explosion Drug.”

“5,000 bottles of Middle-level Life Recovery Drug, 8,000 bottles of Middle-level Magic Power Recovery Drug.”

“This is considering that initial-stage players don’t have high levels.

Furthermore, other shops have a lot of stock, so this much is enough.”

“The demand for ‘Miasma Clearing Drug’ isn’t urgent, so just refine 2,000 bottles so that we have stock.

The quantity for other maps should be about the same.”

“Mm, Yunuen, I’ll be troubling you.”

After hearing Yaeger’s words, Yunuen Lin fell onto the ground foaming at the mouth as she said in an inaudible voice: Princess, you’re the devil……


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