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After buying some food on the road back, Yaeger returned to her current apartment.

“When I leave tomorrow, I guess I’ll leave some money behind to compensate the real estate company.” Looking at the hideous mess of a living room, Yaeger smiled sheepishly.

Now that her housing issue had been solved, she felt as if a big stone weighing on her had disappeared.

All that was left to do was improve her strength and the rest of the burdens would naturally be solved!

Setting herself into a comfortable lying down position, she entered the game.

“Princess!” Just as she logged on, Yunuen Lin bounced over.

“Good morning, you’re online early today as well.” Yaeger smiled.

“Mmhm, I slept well last night, so I was able to wake up especially early.” Yunuen Lin replied.

“Well then, let’s go negotiate with the merchants inside the city.”

There was a large number of players entering the main city in the past two days.

If she didn’t prepare well enough, then she wouldn’t be able to make any moves when more people come.

After all, the other players aren’t pigs.

If they were to discover that you wanted to cheat someone, do you think they would just stay still

When that time comes, should Yaeger kill or kill

“Sigh, my sin of killing is already too heavy, I really don’t want to kill again.” When she was speaking these words, the corners of her mouth unconsciously rose.

(Princess is really bad, but also really handsome~.) Yunuen Lin nodded earnestly.

Because Yunuen Lin studied at Layna’s Item Shop, they had a pretty high favorability.

After a few minutes of negotiation, they settled the issue.

In terms of profit distribution, it was a 50-50 distribution even though Yaeger and Yunuen Lin accounted for the majority of the capital.

This was Yaeger’s way of giving an advantage to Layna.

If she were to give a contract to other people, it would be a distribution favorable to her and she wouldn’t be contributing too much capital.

“Master seems very pleased.” Yunuen Lin giggled.

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“You don’t say! Most of the funding comes from me and most of the profit she gains also comes from me, how could she not be pleased” If not for Layna teaching Yunuen Lin so earnestly, how could Yaeger ever be willing to split so much of the profit

“I hope the other shops will be just as smooth.” Yunuen Lin clenched her small fist as she spoke with anticipation.

Yaeger fell silent with a calm expression.

How could there be more such smooth matters in this world

Three hours later.

“Princess, do these peddlers not want to make money” Yunuen Lin questioned with anger as she sat on the rim of the fountain.

After working hard for three hours, only a few peddlers signed the contract.

A few in comparison to the several hundred that were in town was a pitiful amount.

“In their eyes, you and I are merely drawing a large pie.

It might be nice to see, but it can’t be eaten.” Yaeger calmly replied.

She and Yunuen Lin knew that there would be a few hundred thousand players entering Jade City in the near future, but these NPCs didn’t know this.

Therefore, no matter how they wasted their breath to convince them, not many of the NPCs would believe them.

Furthermore, the profit distribution was also very unsatisfactory to them.

Why should you outsiders take 60% while we take 40%

“You win some, you lose some.” Yaeger sighed softly.

After killing the City Lord Hades, the questline for Eldest Princess was unlocked, but it had a great influence on her money-making plan.

If her Charm value was displayed regularly, then she would be able to gain some favorability.

Even if it wouldn’t be as exaggerated as all the peddlers in town signing her contract, there would be at least 30-40% of them doing so.

If Yaeger were to be asked whether or not she regretted killing Hades, her answer would naturally be no, she didn’t.

Eldest Princess possesses the beauty of a female emperor.

By helping her rise, would Yaeger be lacking money then

But the problem is that this questline can’t be done yet and Yaeger needs some money urgently.

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Water from a far place cannot put out a fire in front of oneself.

Thus, she was distressed.

“Princess, what should we do next” Yunuen Lin asked.

“What else can we do, there’s nothing.” Yaeger lazily replied, feeling not even a strand of enthusiasm within her being.

“How about we kill a werewolf to improve our popularity” Yunuen Lin suggested.

Yaeger fiercely turned to look over at her upon hearing these words and shouted in her heart: Yunuen, you’ve changed!

But it was a change for the better.

In the past, Yunuen Lin was too simple and honest, very much the type to be sold but still counting the money for the one who sold her.

“N-no good” Yunuen Lin asked with a faintly flushed face.

“It’s fine, this idea is pretty good.

Unfortunately, I don’t know where those werewolves live.

Otherwise, I would’ve killed them all off a long time ago.” Yaeger replied.

With how big Jade City is, it’s a very difficult task to find a red-named werewolf or even other red-named NPCs.

What’s more, those wanted criminals won’t easily be exposed to the light.

“Lowly slave, this princess has finally found you! Come, fight this princess!”

At this moment, a young woman riding a black edge leopard barged over, startling the surrounding people into fleeing the scene.

“Not in the mood,” Yaeger said with irritation as she glanced at the comer.

The black edge leopard stopped obediently when it was a distance of about 10 meters away.

It didn’t dare to be unbridled in front of Yaeger, who had given it a hard kick last time.

It was obedient as a puppy.

The young woman flicked her long golden curls and jumped down from the black edge leopard, then took large strides forward, her exquisite light armor shining brilliantly under the sun.

“Lowly slave, it is rare for this princess to be in the mood to fight you.

How dare you refuse, are you tired of living” The young woman, 7th Princess Kastina said discontentedly.

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“Fighting with you won’t earn me any money,” Yaeger replied lackadaisically.

“Oh, lowly slave, you’re lacking money This princess will give you 100,000 gold coins.” Kastina snapped her fingers and the guard leader that had just caught up pulled out a golden ticket from their pocket before handing it over.

It was a ticket that would allow anyone who possessed it to withdraw 100,000 gold coins from any one of the Empire’s banks.

“Do you take me for a beggar” Yaeger disdainfully took the golden ticket and stuffed it into her pocket, “I’m telling you, I am a knight with iron bones and an unyielding heart, a trifling 100,000 can’t buy my heart!”

Yunuen Lin felt the corner of her eyes twitch. Aren’t your iron bones a little too soft

Anyway, if there was someone willing to give out 100,000 for no good reason, Yunuen Lin was willing to gladly accept it.

Who would make some trouble over some free money.

“Grr, it’s a pity that this princess didn’t bring much money this time.” For some unknown reason, Kastina felt the urge to humiliate this lowly slave with money.

“No more Oh, then forget it.” Upon hearing Kastina say that she didn’t have any more money, Yaeger sat back down with a worried expression.

She didn’t lack a mere hundred thousand, but rather many many hundred thousands.

“If I’m unable to buy it before those money players discover that place, then there will be an impact on future plans.”

Yaeger sighed.

The thing known as money is indeed something that people love and hate.

“Looking at your lack of enthusiasm, this princess has also lost her enthusiasm.” Kastina sat down next to Yaeger without any scruples.

“Then stop looking.”

“This princess wants to look.”

“Whatever.” In any case, she was already used to people staring at her beauty every day.

Stare! Stare! Staaaaare!

Ten minutes later.

“Aren’t you tired of looking!” Yaeger tilted her head and gave Kastina a great roll of eyes.

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“Not tired.

By the way, lowly slave, do you have any worries” Kastina asked without paying any heed to Yaeger’s reaction.

“Of course I have worries, you and I are different.

Every day, you can eat whatever you want, drink whatever you want, and occasionally bully some commoners until you’re satisfied.”

“This princess isn’t like that!” Kastina pursed her lips, “This princess also occasionally bullies nobles!”

“Scourge.” Yaeger threw a fair evaluation at her.

“How about having this princess helps you solve your worries”

Kastina said after patting Yaeger’s shoulder.


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