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April 3rd – Morning.

Yaeger opened her eyes, feeling all the bones in her body aching.

The result of sleeping on the floor.

“Goood morning, handsome me.” Getting up, she stretched for a little before going to the bathroom to brush her teeth and wash her face.


A discordant sound rang out as she habitually picked up a glass cup filled with water.

Looking over to the source of the noise, she found that there were several extra cracks on the drinking glass.

The origin of the cracks was around the mouth area while the other cracks were just extensions of it.

“The quality of this cup is really lacking, huh”

After freshening up, Yaeger returned to the room to eat a little something.

Then, she turned on her phone to search for a high class apartment to rent.

Compared to an ordinary apartment, high class apartments are much safer.

Half an hour later, she found a place called ‘Jade Flower Garden’.

“This place is fine, it’s close to me.” The main reason she took notice of this place was because it had the word ‘Jade’ in it.

Yaeger was particularly attentive to things related to the game.

Once Yaeger got dressed, she placed her valuables into her pockets and prepared to leave.

However, she instantly furrowed her brows upon touching the door handle.

An unusual feeling!

Letting loose of the handle, Yaeger’s pupils suddenly shrank upon looking at it.

Because she could see several fingerprints of varying depths on the door handle!

These fingerprints clearly didn’t exist when she expropriated this place!

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Is it possible that someone came in and deliberately left behind these fingerprints as a warning to her!

Yaeger felt a burst of fear within her heart, an unprecedented sense of crisis breaking out, causing her to suddenly jump back.


The height of this jump was much higher and much faster than usual, her head nearly having some intimate contact with the ceiling.

When she landed, Yaeger looked at her own two feet in disbelief: “What the heck is this all about, when has my jumping ability been this strong”

An intense sense of revulsion spontaneously arose.

“Don’t tell me, those fingerprints on the door handle……” Suddenly, Yaeger recalled that strange sensation she had when she went out last night.

Walking back over to the door handle, she compared her fingers to the fingerprints and found that they overlapped perfectly.

“My god, so I was the one scaring myself!” It’s one thing for one person to frighten another, but for someone to frighten the living daylights out of themselves is a saddening thing.

“Hold on, when has my power and jumping ability ever been so strong”

The power she used to grip and release the door handle caused the fingerprints on the handle to become even deeper.

After pondering for a moment, a thought flashed through Yaeger’s mind: “Dream Transformation! Yes, it must be Dream Transformation’s effect.

My current transformation rate is 10%, so that means I have 10% of my female body’s power!”

“Sword, come!” She suddenly yelled with a raised hand.

But nothing happened.

All that happened was the echoing of her voice off the walls and no other movement occurred.

“Ehm, maybe I guessed wrong Let’s try it again.” Yaeger fished out a string of keys with a slightly reddened face and removed a slightly longer key.

“Multi Slash!” She swung the key in front of her, but nothing happened.

Another scene of embarrassment.

“Maybe it’s just strength that was converted” It shouldn’t be though, the 10% transformation rate doesn’t equate to 10% of the female body’s strength; no matter how she looked at it, it was off!

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And so, Yaeger decided to make the movements of each skill once.

In conjunction to that, she also shouted out each skill’s name.

An extreme sense of shame ensued.

Naturally, Yaeger didn’t do such actions without a purpose.

If an attempt was successful, then it would be the equivalent to her gaining an immense surge in power for her male body.

What is shame Can you eat it

Besides, there was nobody watching her here.

“Nope, none of them work!”

Unfortunately, none of the skills could be used.

“Perhaps it’s because it’s only 10% strength that I can’t use them”

As she muttered, Yaeger suddenly remembered that there was one more skill that she hadn’t used yet.

Strictly speaking, it wasn’t a skill.

Rather, it was experience.

She gripped the key with two fingers, concentrated her attention, and steadied her aura.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes wide and brandished the key as if it were a blade.

In the following instant, she saw the metal door handle fall off as if it were sliced and the resulting cross-section was smooth!

“Fantastic, Basic Swordsmanship can be used!”

Yaeger was currently akin to a sword master that bitterly cultivated for 10 years, so it was without a doubt that her strength skyrocketed.

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“Hehe, with this sort of strength, I’ll be able to protect myself even without transforming.” Her strength now was about equal to that of a middle level Martial Artist, so it was nothing difficult to deal with a dozen gangsters.

But if she ran into a high level Martial Artist or even a grandmaster Martial Artist, there would only be the path of ruin open to her.

“Well, it’s not like my male body has anything to do with those monster-like Martial Artists, so they probably won’t search for me.” Chuckling to herself, Yaeger’s mood was as fine as could be.

Leaving with a relaxed heart, Yaeger kept a low profile as she sat on the bus to Jade Flower Garden.

About 10 minutes later, the bus arrived at the stop.

“It’s more beautiful than the pictures showed.” Yaeger left the boarding platform and looked at the nearby flower garden.

The design of everything here was exquisite and the buildings were all newly built, very satisfying to look at.

“What can I do for you” Just after entering the flower garden, a salesperson walked over with a smiling expression.

“I want to rent an apartment, preferably on the top floor, are there any available”

Considering that there was still a slim chance that someone would come to her door, Yaeger’s first consideration was the issue of retreat.

If she lived on a lower floor, then she would definitely suffer some losses when retreating if her opponent were fast and had strong offensive power.

On the other hand, if she were to live on a higher floor, Yaeger could escape with a flight object and make her opponent feel a sense of helplessness.

She didn’t believe that there was a person so foolish as to jump down a dozen floors to continue chasing her.

So long as she could pull some distance, she would be able to use Flash and Shadow Skulk to slip away.

No, to make a strategic retreat!

Of course, if she were able to become stronger within a short time, then she wouldn’t need to retreat.

Invader Kill them.

The problem is that she still has quite a ways to go from that sort of strength.

Therefore, it was necessary for her to plan her retreat route in advance.

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Reality is different from the game; if she were to die, then it would be true death.

The salesperson politely brought Yaeger over to the security room to register, then brought her to see the apartments.

As for the cliche plot of being looked down upon only to be slapped in the face, no such thing happened.

Such plots happening are rarely seen in the first place.

But Yaeger did encounter it before.

When she was still in high school, she once wore sandals to a foreign shoe store to buy a pair, but when she entered the store, she was met with rolling eyes and the ridicule of the salespeople.

Not too long later, Yaeger settled on an apartment.

It was 150 sq.


with 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, and two bathrooms.

The interior was already well-decorated and had the necessary appliances, but no furniture.

The monthly rent was 30,000 with a deposit of one month’s rent.

If it were the past, Yaeger probably wouldn’t have been able to live in such a place.

However, she now had plenty of money to spend, so how could she not find a better living space for herself

After signing the contract, Yaeger received the key to the apartment and an electronic authentication card for the flower garden.


Yaeger, our company provides furniture configurations according to the customer’s preferences.

You can take a look at the style you like and we guarantee that once you select the one you like, we will install them within a day.”

The salesperson took out a delicate book with a smile across her face and handed it over to Yaeger for browsing.

After flipping through several pages, she selected a minimalist style furniture configuration.

Walking out of Jade Flower Garden, Yaeger felt a burst of happiness and everything she looked at seemed pleasing to her eyes.

“From today onwards, I’ll be able to have a place of safety.”


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